Scarlett Wynter

The soft flakes fall upon my shoulders

And mask my footprints upon the ground

Moving soundlessly across the terrain

A knife concealed within my coat

The wind slashes my face like a blade

I pull my scarf tighter around my mouth

Trudging onward is all that matters

Soon I will have my revenge

I approach my destination

A fire burns within my soul

My heart beating fast with excitement

My knife yearning to break free

The night is black as a raven's plume

I move stealthily like a cat across the porch

The door is left unlocked, why bother?

Who would try to break in, anyway?

I flash by the many rooms

Until I drawn near to the place I seek

She lies there in her malleable bed

Dreaming peacefully without a care in the world

I pull a fatal toxin out of my jacket

And pour the tiny bottle down her throat

She will die of poisoning,

But not before I draw her blood

The knife slashes across her throat

Blood spewing across the walls

Her body hacked to little pieces

Life seeps out of her crimson wounds

In the morning her blood is discovered

But no body can be seen

She is sleeping under a blanket of snow

Not to be found until Scarlett Wynter turns to Claret Spring