Pickup Lines

"That's too boring!" I said, giggling like a mad schoolgirl. Ugh, the alcohol was getting to my system. Usually, I was good at holding my liquor, but I felt so giddy and lightheaded this time.

"Celia, you're being annoying," Taylor, my best friend, huffed. Taylor was telling us a story on her date with Hayden, her new boyfriend, but it was strictly G rated. Seriously, not even a make out session? That was too lame to be true.

Rosette, my other best friend, giggled. "I agree with Celia, where's the fun in it? No kisses? I say I'd hump the guy on my first date if I were you. That guy is a fine specimen."

"You two are sluts," Taylor said matter-of-factly, tossing her blonde hair backwards.

"Not really, honey, I won't consider myself a slut . . . yet." I grinned, causing Rosette to laugh along with me. I took another sip of my beer. "You have a great body, Ty, but you're not good at choosing guys. Your guys got great looks; I'll give you points for that. But in bed? A big zero, my dear. When was the last time you got laid, baby?"

Taylor scowled at me. I got her where I wanted her. Taylor had always been the baby of the group; she was too naive for her own good. On the other hand, Rosette was the splitting image of me, except that she was saner than me in some ways. She was a blonde bombshell whereas I was just a pitiful redhead. As far as I knew, she had gotten laid five times more than me.

I chugged down another glass of beer. The night was depressing; the good looking guys were either taken or not interested in a one night stand. Boo.

I looked at Taylor who was now bickering with Rose. I met both of them during my freshman year in college. The story was rather hilarious actually. Taylor was pushed by someone, causing her to spill her coffee all over me, and Rose, who was standing in front of me since we were queuing for coffee. All three of us fell to the floor and began a hysteric fit of laughing. It was the start of our weird friendship which lasted throughout the years.

My eyes scanned the room looking for a prey. I spotted him then: brown hair, sipping on a glass of cocktail alone. He was wearing long sleeved dress shirt and black pants. Not extravagant, but good enough.

"Now that's what I call a nice piece of ass!" I hooted. Both Taylor and Rosette followed my eyes to see whom I was referring to.

"Boy, that guy definitely screams sex. You gonna talk to him or what? Or should I?" Rosette asked enthusiastically.

I took a sip of my vodka and frowned at the taste. I'd never been a great fan of vodkas, but it was good for distraction. "Nope," I said, popping on the P. "And Rose, I recall you're still going out with Nate. Remember our rule: classy bitches." I laughed.

"Jeez, I'm just kidding, C. Don't go all sour on me, you're getting more like Ty each day." Rosette let out a tinkling laugh.

Taylor scowled. "Are you two plotting something against me?"

We laughed and got another round of beers. I didn't order vodka again this time; I'd had enough of it to last for a week. The three of us were almost wasted, but still sane enough. At least Rosette and I were. Taylor was definitely drunk.

"C, I dare you to use the cheesiest pickup line ever to that guy!" Taylor pointed at the hottie from previously. I shook my head at my best friend. Taylor tended to dare us on stupid things when she was drunk, and somehow we could never deny her.

"Go, Celia! If you don't leave in ten minutes, I'll take Ty back home." Rose giggled. I guess she wasn't as sober as I thought. My head was all fuzzy as well, but I'd never back out of a dare.

I stood up and hitched my skirt a little. Maybe if I was lucky, I could get a good lay tonight. My outfit was seductive enough: a V neck which showed a decent amount of cleavage, a black mini skirt which showed my underwear if I bent down even just a bit, and last but not least, a red fuck-me heels.

I went up to him and sat beside him. He was even hotter up close. His eyes, I noticed, were a dark green color. His face was angular, accentuating his strong jaw. Red freckles ran over his nose, which was cute. The two top buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a perfectly toned muscle.

"Do you have a map? Because I seem to be lost in your eyes," I said. Oh God, did I just say that? This was worse than I thought. Rosette and Taylor had to pay for this later. Add up the fact that I wasn't a cheesy person and that I was more or less wasted and you got a moron called Celia Vargassé.

The gorgeous guy grinned at me when I was about to leave since I had completed my dare. He gripped my wrist to prevent me from walking away. "Did it hurt when you fell down from Heaven?"

I gave him a sly smile. Two can play in this game, baby. I wasn't really humiliating myself after all; his comment was cheesier than mine. "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?" I remembered a guy using that line on me once, which resulted in me giving the guy a hard glare.

He seemed thoughtful for a second, amusement dancing in his eyes. I was mesmerized by his eyes, if only I had such eye color . . . "Can I get your name? I'd like to name a multiple orgasm after you." His voice was husky, and it was dripping with sex. He smirked.

Fuck. Did he just say that? I could feel my panties dampening upon his words. This guy was good. I was never turned on by someone talking dirty to me before. "I'm Celia, you? By the way, nice pants there, can I test the zipper?" I asked in my most seductive voice, my hands trailing up his legs, settling on his thigh. I swore I saw him gulped. Ha!

He coughed, trying to compose himself. "I'm Reed. Well Celia, do you happen to have Benadryl, because I have swelling down there every time I look at you," he whispered to my ears. I shivered at his voice. How did we get to innuendos from cheesy pickup lines?

He glanced at the dance floor and then back at me. "Wanna dance?" he asked.

I gave him a wicked smile. "Sure. Come on." I dragged him to the dance floor. I had a feeling that I would be getting some tonight if I could keep this flirting up.

The music was an upbeat one, so I began swaying my hips to the beat. He put his hands on both sides of my hips, with my back to him. I smirked and grinded against him. He groaned. I was enjoying the fact that I had this kind of effect on him. He kissed my neck as I grinded to him. It was pure bliss, but it wasn't enough for me. I took a step forward, pulling out of his grasp. I turned around to face him and gave him an innocent smile. As I swayed to the beat, I began feeling myself up, massaging my own breasts, eliciting a moan from my lips.

He pulled me to him and pressed his erection to my stomach. "You know, you're exactly my type: nice hair, beautiful eyes, amazing body, but there's still one problem: your clothing."

"And why is that?" I asked, rubbing myself against him as I put my arms around his neck.

"They're still on," he said as he bit my earlobe. Fuck. This was getting on my nerves. I needed him more than I ever needed someone before.

"Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I could see myself in your pants," I purred. It was the encouragement he needed to begin kissing me. His lips were soft against mine. His kiss was urgent, full of the lust he harbored towards me. He nibbled my bottom lip slowly, causing me to part my lips. His tongue dance in my mouth and it was sweet. I wanted to devour him completely. His hands trailed down my back until he finally cupped my ass. He gave me a slap on my ass which was more than a turn-on for me. I moaned in pleasure as I pulled him closer to me. Who cares if people were watching us?

"Ready to get out of here?" His voice was pure velvet.

"Lead the way," I commanded, licking my lips.

He didn't waste any time on complying with my wish. He dragged me outside of the club and to a slick black Ferrari. Boy, not only was he a good kisser and devastatingly handsome, he was loaded too. How much better could Reed get?

He pinned me to his car suddenly, capturing my lips with his once again. His hands found way to my lower region and I was bubbling up with excitement. He trailed up from my thighs, lingering on it longer than necessary. Jeez, he was such a tease. He moved his hand upwards, rubbing his finger to my aching center through my soft cotton underwear. I was dripping wet for him.

"Hmm, I wonder if your pussy tastes as good as your lips," he whispered. I couldn't hold back my moans again, this was too much.

However, just as we were about to move to a more exciting action, a cab skidded to a stop right in front of his car. I was still wrapped up in his heavenly taste when Rosette yanked me away from him.

"Shit! What do you want, Rose?" I yelled at her, struggling to free myself from her grip. Ugh, I never knew she was this strong.

"No time to explain. It's a long story and I need you now." She pushed me into the cab as she entered after me and told the driver to move. I looked back and I noticed Reed looking at the cab with a dazed expression.

"Rose!" I gritted my teeth furiously. She put a hand up, telling me to keep quiet, and pointed at my left side. I turned to see a wasted Taylor, her eyes red and puffy, sobbing quietly.

"Oh my God! Ty, what's wrong?" I asked concernedly. She looked horrible, her face blotched with tears and her blonde hair tangled up.

"After Ty dared you to talk to that hottie, we were on our way to the restroom when we say Hayden kissing a girl. Long story shot, drama ensued," Rose told me. I gasped. Oh, poor Taylor!

"Please tell me you dumped him," I said. Taylor nodded meekly. I put my arms around her shoulder, pulling her head to my chest. "Ssh, it's okay, Ty, he's a jerk. It's a good thing you found out, better now than later, right? A girl like you doesn't deserve pigs like Hayden," I soothed her.

"Yeah, C's right. Come on, we'll stay with you tonight, even though all of us are wasted," Rose said, trying to hug Taylor as well, which put us into a weird position.

"I know. Thanks, Rose, Celia."

"But you guys owe me one. Damn it. I almost got what I wanted." I groaned.

Taylor and Rosette chuckled lightly. Shit, I had to stick with pleasing myself for tonight. Well, friends came before guys, but still . . . that guy totally screamed sex. Aw, shucks.


A week had passed since my meeting with Reed, but I never saw him again. I didn't try to go to the club again though; I knew I was only going to embarrass myself. I was too damn busy with college and helping my sister with her wedding also. Tonight was her bachelor party and somehow I felt like it wouldn't be too fun. She forbade male strippers and insisted on just going to a club. She was such a kill joy, just like Taylor.

I was sipping my drink slowly while the others were being crazy. Some of my sister's friends ended up on the stage, drunk, while singing as a tribute to my sister's bachelor party. It would be alright if they had beautiful voices, but unfortunately, they were tone-deaf.

I had to be the sensible one tonight, keeping an eye on the drunkards. I had to be make sure that when the night ended, they were safely back home, or else my sister would throw a fit about her friends not attending her wedding.

Since her wedding would be held tomorrow, she had to be sober or else she wouldn't be able to walk down the aisle. My sister was only three years older than me, but she was the opposite of me. She was always the sensible one, the less reckless one. She was that type of girl who dated a guy from high school and ended up marrying the guy. At least Taylor switched from guy to guy, not like my sister.

Yeah, I'm a bitch, who cares?

"Do you mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the room?" A familiar voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Reed, smirking at me. He was clad in similar clothes like the one I saw him in a week ago, but with different color. His dark green shirt went well with his eyes, emphasizing his green eyes.

"Why, hello hot stuff." I smiled flirtatiously at him. Ok, I was ready to make a fool out of myself again tonight.

"I think you owe me something." A small smile played on his lips.

"And what might that be?" I asked, playing dumb.

"A trip to my bedroom."

Shit. I needed him now, but this was my sister's bachelor party. What should I do? I groaned inwardly.

"Go, honey, I'll take care of things here." Laurell, my sister's best buddy, winked at me. I mouthed the word thanks and got up immediately. I turned around to face Reed.

"You'd better take me now before I change my mind." I was wrong, tonight would be a lot of fun after all.


I was right: Reed was loaded. His apartment was located in an elite area of the neighborhood. We were in the elevator now and he couldn't keep his hands off me. Luckily, there were no other people in the elevator. As we reached his floor, he stumbled on finding his key in his pocket. He looked flushed and very cute, if I might add.

"You're hopeless," I said, brushing my hand against his groin before proceeding to his pocket. I found the key easily and gave it to him.

As we entered his apartment, he slammed me against the door and began kissing me forcefully. I moaned to his mouth, pulling him closer to me. His hand trailed to my breast and squeezed it. I rubbed myself against his strained erection, desperately needing the friction. Here he was: the guy I'd been dreaming about for a whole week. I didn't admit it to anyone of course, it was too embarrassing.

"Bedroom. Now." He growled as he pulled apart from our fierce kiss, his breathing heavy and labored. I didn't have the time to look at his apartment since he took me to his room with an inhuman speed. Before I knew it, I was already lying on his bed. My, what a beast.

He climbed to the bed as well and we resumed our previous make out session. His hands tugged on the hem of my shirt before slowly moving his hand underneath my blouse. His hand found my breast but he didn't touch it like I expected. Instead, he trailed his finger along the lace of my bra, making me groan in frustration. He chuckled before pulling his hand out of my blouse.

"Patience, baby. Now, that shirt must go." He lifted my shirt and I arched my back a little to help him removing my shirt. "Lacy pink? I thought you were more like a black lace kind of girl."

I didn't have a chance to reply because he was already attacking my breasts. He had his mouth on my left breast, gently sucking my tits through the thin fabric, while his right hand massaged my right breast. I let out a moan of pleasure.

Soon, his lips were back on mine as he tried to unhook my bra. I had to let out a low chuckle when I noticed that he was still trying in vain to unhook my bra. Guys, no matter how experienced they were, were always clueless on this kind of things.

"Let me help you." I unhook my bra easily, letting the fabric slip off my arms, giving him a front view of my naked top. I noticed that his eyes were glazed with lust. My nipples hardened as it came into contact with the air.

"Perfect," he said before assaulting my nipples with his mouth. His other hand played with my other nipple, touching and twisting it in his fingers. He switched to my right breast, lavishing it with the same attention. I had my hands in his hair, pulling him closer to me.

I was aware suddenly that it was time for me to take control. I pushed him away from my breast, even though I still desperately needed him there. "You have too many clothes on," I said. "Strip. Now."

In no time, his shirt and pants were on the floor, so was my skirt. He was left in his boxers. I ogled his chest longer than necessary, unconsciously licking my lips since he looked so tasty. He had a perfect sculpted chest and toned muscle. Not burly, but good enough. He must be a regular visitor to the gym. I'd love to see him working out. Hmm, a sweaty Reed . . .

He resumed to kissing my neck, trailing down to my chest and to my abdomen. His kisses left blazing trail on my skin. The skin his lips touched felt like it was on fire.

"Now shall we remove this as well?" he asked as his finger tugged on the hem of my panties. I could hear the smile in his voice, he was enjoying this too much. He let out a groan all of a sudden. "You're so wet for me, baby."

He removed my panties with his teeth and in a swift moment, his tongue was already on my clit.

"Shit! Reed!" I cried in pleasure. He licked my core, causing me to go into a trancelike state. I had my hands on his head, urging him to go deeper.

"I'm going to fuck you with my tongue, baby." And just as he said it, his tongue darted into my pussy as he inserted a finger to it as well. It was nothing like the sex I had before. He sucked, but, and licked my pussy, while my moans came in pants. He rubbed circles on my core with his thumb and suddenly pinched it, unknotting the knots in my stomach. I screamed out his name as I came into his mouth. He lapped the juice pouring out of my pussy, licking it clean before kissing my lips, letting me taste myself. I was breathless from the mind-blowing orgasm I had just experienced.

After I managed to compose myself, I let go of his lips and moved my body to straddle him. "My turn," I purred. I kissed his chest, marveling on his abs. I eyed his erection which looked very obvious from the thin fabric that was his boxers. I began to pity him because it looked so painful, strained by his boxers. I pulled down his boxers slowly and gasped when I saw the size of his cock. Shit, he was huge, and I wasn't exaggerating.

Slowly, I lowered my lips to his cock, kissing the tip of his length which already held a pre-cum. I licked it heartily, earning a groan from him. It was the only encouragement I needed to proceed on doing what I was intending on doing. I took him in my mouth until it reached the back of my throat. Even so, I still couldn't take him all, he was too big. He began thrusting deeper to me and I had to pull back a little to prevent gagging. Soon, we fell into a steady rhythm; I would pull back when he thrust and so forth. I wrapped my fingers around his uncovered length, massaging his balls.

"Fuck! Celia, I . . . I –" I could feel his muscle tightening under my touch. I grazed his length with my teeth and it was his limit. He shot his liquid to the back of my throat, which caught me off guard. I almost gagged, but I prevented myself from doing so. Instead, I swallowed his semen, licking clean his length. It was a bit salty, delicious nevertheless. I gave him a smirk when I saw him looking at me breathlessly.

He pulled me to him and I rested my head on his chest, feeling happy for an unfathomable reason. We lay there, our breathing labored, until he recovered from his orgasm. He kissed my lips again and then he was on top of me. His lips left my mouth, trailing to my neck. He bit me hard there, which I was sure would leave a hickey.

"You're such a naughty girl, aren't you?" His voice was low and husky, sending a shiver down my spine. "A naughty girl needs to be punished. Now, lay on your stomach."

God, I just loved it when he was dominating this way. I did as he commanded and lay flat on my stomach.

"What do you say if I give you a spanking, Celia?" Before I managed to answer him, he slapped my ass hard. I moaned.

"Hmm? What did you say? I can't hear you." He spanked me even harder. I couldn't find my voice to answer him. Damn, he was good, this kind of thing never happened to me before.

"Answer me, bitch. Do you like it when I spank your fucking ass?" He growled. Fuck. Reed talking dirty was more than a major turn on to me.

"Y-yes," I croaked.

"I can't hear you!" Another spank. "Tell me, do you want me to fuck you senseless that you'll be so sore you won't be able to walk again tomorrow?"

"Yes, oh, yes! Please, Reed!" I cried. He turned me around, and his lips attacked mine again as he pressed his cock to my entrance. I groaned in frustration, I needed him inside of me. Now.

"Yes what, Celia?" He bit my nipple.

I gasped. "Fuck me, Reed!"

"Gladly." He parted my legs and positioned himself at my entrance. Without warning, he thrust into me, causing me to sputter a round of profanities. He stood still for a moment, letting me adjusting myself to his size. He began moving in and out of me as I arched my back, needing him to go deeper than that.

"Faster," I urged him. He did as I asked him to, thrusting into m so hard that I could feel his balls slamming into me.

"You're so tight," he moaned as my walls clenched around him. I was close to my second orgasm for the night. "Come for me, baby." He pinched my clit with his finger and I lost it. I screamed his name in ecstasy; the pleasure was too intense that it hurt me.

He didn't last long as well, I could feel him stiffening inside of me. He thrust into me once again and he let out a guttural moan, spilling his seeds inside of me. He collapsed on top of me. We stayed in silence, both of us trying to recover from the inconceivable orgasms we had just had.

"That's . . ."

"Amazing," he finished for me. He moved to lie beside me and cradled me in his arms. Amazingly, I felt blissful in his arms. Had I lost my touch? But this man beside me was extraordinary, the best fuci I ever had. However, something in the back of my mind told me that he was more than that. I refused to acknowledge that stupid voice that was my conscience though.

"So, ready for the second round?" He smirked.

"And the third and the fourth." I smiled confidently.


I knew it was only a one-night stand, but it was really hard for me to leave his place that morning. I had to remind myself that it was my sister's wedding day. If not, I wouldn't want to get out of his place. I learned a few things about him that night, like the fact that he was an only child and that he was two years older than me and was in medical school. Surprisingly enough, he liked the same bands and books like me. And here I thought my taste was quirky.

That didn't mean anything though. He was only a one-night stand, just like the guys before him. However, I still couldn't shake off this bitter feeling inside of me.

Three days had passed since my sister's wedding. She was somewhere in Hawaii right now, enjoying her honeymoon. My parents decided to crash in my place until the week after. I moaned and bitched about it, but only managed to reduce the stay to three days. They would leave tomorrow morning, and I had to keep up with my mother's nonsense on having a big dinner tonight, she even invited my two cousins living in this city. Ugh.

I was in the grocery store right now, with Rosette on the phone with me. I was complaining to her of how much my life sucked when I saw a very familiar face.

"I'll call you later, okay?" I told Rose in a hushed whisper and hung up. I tried to busy myself by looking at my grocery list, hoping he wouldn't notice me. God, since when did I become such a wuss?

"Celia, right?" Dang, he noticed me. Why didn't I run the moment I saw him? I pretended to look surprised though.

"Hey, Reed, isn't it? My, what a surprise." I smiled sweetly.

He grinned. "No need to look surprised, I'm a hundred percent sure that you saw me." Shit, he called my bluff.

"What do you mean? Of course I didn't see you. If I saw you, I wouldn't be so surprised to see you just now." I gave him an innocent look.

He smirked. "Don't play dumb with me, Celia. So, do you have time?"

I shook my head, deciding to ignore his previous inquiry. "I'm busy, I really have to hurry."

"Me too." He sighed. Why did he even ask if he was busy? Stupid guy. Suddenly, a playful smile crept to his face. "Do you know that I can predict your future?"

"Really?" I asked nonchalantly. He had a mischievous smile on his face now. He took my cell phone from my hand and typed something on it before handing it back to me.

"Now that you have my number, your future is set in stone." He grinned.

I blinked, but couldn't help the grin from spreading on my face. "Really, what's with you and pickup lines?"

He gave me a grin as wide as mine. "So, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?" he asked.

"Perhaps," I said playfully.

"And does that lead to your bedroom as well?"

I couldn't help laughing on that.

The End

Author's Note: OH MY GOD!! I'M SO DEAD!!! -pukes-