Note: Okaay. So this is my first story. Hope you'll like it. And by the way, Shane and Ashley are still 6 years old here :) Sorry if there are wrong grammars or any typographical errors.

11 years ago.

It was another day in the playhouse. I spotted Shane on a corner. I knew his name since he was introduced to us by Mrs. Morrie when he arrived.

"Hey Shane." I beamed at him.

"Hey, uhhh?"

"Ashley. My name's Ashley."

"Oh." he looked down shyly.

"It's okay. Do you want to play?"
Shane's eyes twinkled with excitement as he looked at me.

"What would we play? I don't really play girly games, you know."

I laughed.

"Of course we won't. We could play tag, hide-and-go-seek…"

"I hide, you seek."


"Ashley! Where are you? You're good at hiding. I can't find you." He said, laughing.

We played for 10 minutes straight until Shane's mom came to pick him up.

"Hi there, little girl. What's your name? I'm Susan Parker, Shane's mom." the lady said as she smiled.

"I'm Ashley!" I grinned.

"Hey, Ashley. You're here! I was looking for you. Oh. Mommy!" Shane hugged his mom.

"Hey there, sweetie." said a voice behind my back. I turned around and saw my mom. It's kinda weird isn't it? I didn't recognize my mom's voice.

"Mommy!" I kissed my mom and she was smiling when she saw Shane and her mother.

"Susan! How are you? I haven't seen you for awhile! Is that your son? A very handsome young boy. I heard you had a daughter?" my mom asked the lady who was actually Shane's mom.

"Oh. Yes, I do have a daughter, Mary Anne. She's at home right now." Shane's mom smiled. She looked really pretty, just like my mom. I told my mom that I already knew Shane and we played hide-and-seek awhile ago while waiting for them. After how many minutes, our moms said goodbye to each other, so that also means I have to say goodbye to Shane.

"Shane. We're gonna go, okay? Bye!"

"Wait. Ashley." He said, I turned around and looked at him curiously.


"Can we umm.. still play together? I mean, go to your house or ours so we could play?"
Our mothers were smiling while they were looking at us.

"I have to go and ask my mom first……Mom, can I?" I asked, looking at her.

"Of course you can honey. We could go to their house or they could go to ours. That would be great!"

"Okay! Shane! Mom says it's great! We could play together!" I smiled.

"That's good! So..umm. Are we bestfriends?" he asked, shyly.

"Of couuuurse we are! I mean if that's what you want."

He nodded and again, I said goodbye to him because we are still going to fetch my little brother, Toby, who is at our aunt's house.

While mom was holding my hand, I realized that it is fun when you have a bestfriend, even though we just played for a day. I think we could become really good friends. I mean, me and Shane. I smiled while I was imagining those things. They could happen, right? :)

How was that? :] In the next chapter, they're all in high school :)