Burning burned quiet consuming
People fall and battles losing
Burning burning burying the hatchet
On that grave that you spat at

Where'll we be when we're both dead?
Where'll I be when you're through with me?
I'd rather kill you then let roam free
I'd rather you kill me then do it myself

We build a pyre
I carve your name on the wood
The gasoline is really my blood
But you'd never tell
But you'd never tell

I'll let you wrap me up your plastic hands
And I'll put my hands across your throat
And let the rigor do its work
And I'll bury right on top of me

Where'll we be when we're both dead?
Where'll we be when we're both dead?
Cause even as you're killing me I know the truth

I won't go anywhere without you

So I'll grab onto your cracking
I'll split open your already-stiff skin
And pull out your heart
You're coming with me.

What's so wrong with loving you
That you decided to kill me?
What's with these subtle hints to pull the knife out of your heart?
And what makes you think it's fine to kill me
And send me to hell alone?

I don't think so.
I don't think so.
I don't think so.

Where'll we be when we're both dead?
Where'll we be when we're both dead?

I'll be in hell, holding your hand.

I'm not going anywhere without YOU.

Author's notes: Yes, the authoress is insane. Clinically so, I believe.

You know, I wrote this for reasons that will hopefully make more sense in the future (I.E when I stop being lazy and work more on Her Nightmare.), but all that needs to be said is that this is a poem about obsession and love and murder, all blurred into one shape, each impossible to distinguish from the other. It describes a feeling of love with an unhealthy fixation that eventually spirals into killing someone. And the so-called 'victim' (which is who, really?) saying that even then they'll still cling on to their loved one because they will not, under any circumstances, leave that person.

You want to know the sad thing? I empathically absorbed that whole myriad of obsession to the point where it makes sense to me. God, I need counseling.

Reviews are, as always, loved and appreciated!