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Tor let himself drift in the warm water of the cove he'd discovered when barely more than a kit. Completely isolated, there was no risk he might breach the Great Divide by being Seen. Surface water felt so much nicer than the chill of the deep. It was alive with tiny beings, whose chatter made a pleasant, lulling roar. The long frills that spread from either side of his head twitched constantly, tracking shoals of fish and the scuttle of crustaceans beneath him. He sighed softly and opened his primary eyelids. Sky, blue and bright and filled with…. Well he wasn't sure what sky was filled with. But he knew about sky, and that was enough. He flexed the long coil of his lower body slightly and rose until his face breached the surface. Bliss. Cautiously his inner lids opened, tearing and sting at the feel of sea breeze.

With a final expulsion of water, Tor closed his gills and filled his lungs with a dizzying gasp of air. It was practically sinful.

Most sea dragons couldn't do this. Well, more like wouldn't. All dragons had three forms, dragon, land dweller and mix. But with the Great Divide in place there were few who practiced. Probably because it really, really bloody hurt to shift the first few times. Not that it stopped Tor. Land dweller/dragon mix was his favourite shape. Not only did he get the speed and senses of a sea dragon, but he got to breathe the heady intoxication that was air. He shivered in pleasure and licked at the salt drying on his lips. Nir said he was a pervert and a hedonist and that one day he'd be Seen, Mother forbid, and then he'd be in real trouble.

Tor hid the guilty thought that maybe he wouldn't mind being Seen. More than once he'd followed land dweller ships from a distance. He'd listened to the echoes of their voices rippling, so different from the squeals of dolphins or the clacking of lobsters. The only time he ever paid attention to his schooling elder was to learn reading and speaking in the land dweller tongues. Slowly Tor clenched his lower muscles and a familiar cramp shot through his body. His face ached as it shifted and his belly twisted. He grunted and suddenly bobbed upwards, the weight of his body drastically reduced as he went through the final transformation. Now instead of the thick coils of a tail and spurred feet he had two long legs. And some very exposed sexual parts.

It was an effort not to laugh. Land dweller legs were so odd looking and how unsafe to leave their delicate organs unprotected. Still, there was something to be said for the feel of warm ocean water tingling around your privates. Tor felt himself harden a little bit. Thank the Mother there was no one else to see. He laughed, sound, he could make loud sounds with this body. If he wanted to he could even walk on the shore. Sometimes, when he felt especially bored and rebellious, he would wade to the surf and play. It was a rare risk, but worth the effort that learning to use the funny legs had been.

The council would just die if they found out. Ever since the Great Divide had been placed two centuries ago all contact with the land dwellers was to be forbidden. It was a terrible sentence.

Like all kits, Tor was taught that the Mother had created sea dragons to be a help for her more difficult children. The dragons brought balance, knowledge and understanding. But soon the land dwellers had ignored dragons. Then most awful of all, they made slaves out of them. The poor dragons they abused were under oath to never do harm, so lived in silence and servitude until the truth came out. The council ordered all dragons return to the sea. But the sea dragons still craved their land dweller companions and long to fill the role the Mother gave them.

Tor kicked and splashed around for a while, he wondered what it would be like to live away from the ocean. To speak with the people his race had been formed to guide and protect. He sighed and breathed water up his sensitive nose. Spluttering and coughing he slipped back into his mixed form. It was lucky he did because his unfurling frills told him there was a human ship approaching his cove. Frantically he opened his gills and dove, his feet flat to his long tail and arms at his sides as he sped through the water. He forced the full change until his body was all dragon, sleek and broad headed. It was time to return to Deep Haven.


When Tor reached his home there were dragons everywhere, far more than should have been about. He swam to a familiar golden shape.

Ror, what's happening?

Tor? Where in the seas have you been? The council called a full meeting, apparently there's been a message from above!

Tor stopped still in shock.

A message?

Oh Mother, let it be true!

That's what the rumours say! Come on, it's going to be announced!

Tor raced with his friend to join the swirling vortex, hundreds strong, of sea dragons forming inside the grounds of the council amphitheatre. It the centre a single silver form glittered, Fir, the council leader and one of the most delicate and gentle sea dragons ever birthed.

My fellows, we have received an unusual item. Fir voice was soft as it rippled through the minds of the assembly. It appears that for a number of weeks land dweller ships have been dropping small boxes into the oceans. When opened they reveal the same thing, a letter encased in glass.

Tor felt like his heart would burst in excitement. Sweet Mother, get on and tell us! He wanted to plead.

I shall read it out so that we may all know the request.

"To The Gentle Lords of the Deep, Dragons of the Goddess.

I write to entreat that you put aside your anger at our past wrongs and to beg for your assistance. We were a young people when we cause you hurt, arrogant and remorseless. But we have always needed you. It is a desperate need, that can no longer be denied.

A terrible pestilence has covered the surface lands. It brings rage and pain to those afflicted. They pass to the Goddess in agony no more than a month from first infection. The best of our healers remain impotent to do more than ease the passing of the sufferers. Our priests tell us that it is a plague sent as revenge for our crimes.

I cannot believe this is the case. The Goddess was ever kind and we have long told legends of your great capacity to love and to forgive. It is my greatest hope that these traits run true. Please find it within your mercy to grant us aid in this time.

I have taken residence on the southern most point on the border of the Arrank Sea. I implore that you send a representative bearing your response as soon as possible. I swear to the Goddess that they will be treated with the respect your race was once denied but is rightfully entitled to.

Your Humble Servant,

Finran Khul

Overlord of the Four Kingdoms of the Goddess

Stunned silence greeted the final words. Tor couldn't contain himself. This was exactly what he had prayed and hoped for.

I'll go! I offer my skills to the council as the best shifter and speaker!

Fir regarded Tor softly as he separated from the others and approached.

We must first decide a course of action, but your offer is noted.

Tor nodded. Oh Mother let the decision be quick and favourable!

I say we help. Spurred by Tor's quick actions the other dragons seemed to wake from shock and contemplation. Soon there was tumult of opinions echoing in the fray.

Too dangerous, let them come to us!

It's time to forgive, let us give aid.

The Goddess tasked us to help the land dwellers, we have shirked too long.

What if they seek to steal us away again, will we be slaves?

Can this be trusted?

If there is a sickness we must go to them, this Finran is right, it is our nature to save, not condemn.

Fir stayed at the centre, a spec of silver in a vast churn of rainbow colours. The little dragon listened to each voice in turn until each had been heard and counted. Tor twitched his frills in nerves. Let him be sent to help. Let him go to this Finran.

I have heard. Finally!

By majority, we will send a representative to the land dwellers. Many have expressed concerns, therefore caution will be exercised. oir will not travel alone to meet this Finran Khul. We will send three of our strongest to accompany him, but they will stay hidden in the deeps while Tor goes to shore. If there is danger or deceit, there will be punishment for the land dweller. We will not be abused again.

Yes!Yes!Yes! Great, perfect, merciful, loving Mother! Tor's heart thundered with elation. He was going to walk on the surface. And not in a secretive, you'll be maimed if anyone finds out what you've been doing way. No, in a fully sanctioned, please go and mingle with the land dwellers way! If he'd still been a kit Tor might have peed in happiness. Instead he swam loops around Fir, tumbling and twisting.

Fir touched his muzzle to Tor's in an affectionate warning.

Behave Tor. I'm letting you go because of all of us you are the most skilled in language and change form easily if there is trouble. Don't run off with the natives, and whatever you do don't bond.

Bond? Tor hadn't even considered it. Dragons bonded for life and Tor was far too young, at eighteen years. Don't joke Fir, who in the oceans would I bond with?

Fir eyed him consideringly.

Just be careful, I didn't birth you to see you pass to the Mother before me.

Tor rubbed against his parent reassuringly. Fir must be worried to play the birthing dragon card, Tor hadn't expected it. He felt guilty for a moment.

I know you want to help them as much as I want to go, I'll be careful and back to the ocean soon enough. After all, I'm going to see if we can help, not to stay. No, staying would come later. Tor wouldn't mention that now though, better to keep the plan to himself. It would only hurt Fir if the gentle dragon thought his offspring was planning to leave the ocean and see more of the surface. Sea dragons had close family relations. Parents and young stayed together until the kit had reached adulthood and made a bond. Tor and Fir were especially close because Fir's bond mate died shortly after Tor's birth.

I will select guards for you out of the others who change easily. You leave in the morning after preparations have been made.


Tor was practically dancing through the water as he and his fellows reached the southern point of the Arrank Sea. The four stayed deep, watching the coast as best they could without risking exposure. Even with sharp eyes it was difficult. Nir was the one who spotted the turrets of a structure, half hidden over a hill. He also spotted the watchmen stationed on the cliff and beach.

If Tor could have grinned he would have. Instead he wriggled his frills and flipped his tail. Wonderful. Perfect. There wasn't a second to lose. He felt Nir brush his side in reproach. Stupid Nir. He was so irritating, fusing over Tor all the time. He acted very much like a parent. Tor suspected that Nir was interested in Fir and that the concern arose from ingratiation. Well bad luck. There was no way his delicate, beautiful birth dragon would ever choose such a prissy dullard. Anyway, Fir still loved Tor's seed dragon and would never bond again. So there.

Cor and Rar pulled Nir away. They would sink into the depths near by, remaining hidden unless Tor called or failed to return once a day. To the land dwellers it would look like Tor had come alone and was vulnerable. Not that Tor couldn't defend himself well enough, thank you very much. But maybe it didn't hurt to be a little cautious.

With a final breath of cold, deep water Tor sped into the wide cove. Now it was time to put the careful instructions of the council into action. With an immense burst of energy Tor propelled himself towards the surface. He breached the waves, leaping like a porpoise. A clear advert to any that might be watching, here be dragons. He gambolled and twisted elaborately through the surface water until the land dwellers began to gather at the beach. Tor watched them carefully while displaying his prowess. There didn't seem to be any signs of aggression. The few weapons carried were tiny and would prove ineffectual on dragon skin in any case.

Cautiously he began to draw closer. One land dweller in particular stood in the surf, well in front of the rest and watched calmly. Surely Tor could go to meet them now? He'd done as the council said and showed himself in the water. It was getting boring, and a bit dizzying, to keep swimming in circles when there were people so near.


When a watchman had galloped into castled grounds, shouting that there was a dragon off shore, Finran had been in a meeting with the healer's guild.

"A what?" Lord Ranul spluttered.

"Sea dragon sir, first sighted in near two hundred years. Big bastard sir, if I may say so, though I wouldn't hazard a guess at just how big yet. Bloody thing all but threw itself clear in the sky."

Finran leapt to his feet and ran from the chamber, shouting for a horse. Thank the Goddess and every sacred! He'd had letters dropped for nearly a month by every ship that left every port, hoping that just one would be found. Now there was a dragon at his doorstep, so to speak. With a curse he mounted and kicked the horse into a frantic gallop.

He feared he might be too late by the time he reached the beach, but as he drew towards the sand there was a flash of violet in the water. Leaping from his steeds back he walked through the group of onlookers and towards the sea.

"Is there just the one?" Finran addressed his watchmen.

"Yes sir, surfaced no more than a half hour ago. Just keeps swimming around the cove like it wants to get our attent- Ah! Have a look see!"

Finran's head snapped around in time to catch sight of the most glorious thing he'd ever seen. The beast was a mix of iridescent violet and silver. Its body was solid with the vibrant purple while its underbelly nearly glowed with silver. And it was enormous. Dear Goddess. The creature must have been 40 feet long from nose to tail. Its length was almost serpentine, sleek and finned but with clawed feet and a wide, squared head that was framed with fanned membranes. It seemed to be, well, if he didn't know better he'd say it was playing!

Finran wondered how anyone could have ever kept such magnificence collared and controlled. It wouldn't do to take such a stunning beast captive. He walked into the breaking waves and realised that although the dragon seemed to be oblivious to its audience, it was gradually closing the distance to the shore. Then, and this was the real jaw dropper, it's shape began to twist and morph. It was…. well frankly it was kind of morbidly fascinating.

Finran watched with astonishment as the head and upper body kind of melted away and were replaced with something close to the torso of a man. The face was wrong, though. The jaw was elongated and framed with smaller versions of the fanning membranes it's dragon head had been covered with. It's upper body was mostly skin coloured, but mottled with patches of purple. There was still a long tail stretched far behind it, rippling like a snake as it moved. But then, less than 20 feet from the shore, it was no longer a dragon or a beast that swam towards the amazed onlookers, but a man.

Shitting bloody oceans! It turned into a man! Actually, now that he was wading through the shallows, he wasn't much more than a boy. An extremely beautiful boy. Finran knew every inch of the boy was beautiful because he was naked.

The dragon boy was toned and slender, his skin pale. While he wasn't tall, his legs were long. Hair as silver as the underbelly scales fell in a long tangle over the boy's chest and shoulders. It was tipped violet, but was by no means the most unusual feature he possessed. No, the prize would go to his eyes. Set over full lips, high cheek bones and an almost unnaturally straight nose they were absolutely hypnotising. It was like someone had taken polished amethysts and set them in precious metal. They were huge, dominating the face, the irises much larger than in any human eye.

When those eyes met Finran's he felt his cock twitch and couldn't help but glance at the dragon boys own equipment. Gorgeous, as pale as the rest of his body, but with a soft blush of pink around the head and balls. Not a bad size either, full and heavy. Framed with silvery curls. Finran's flesh rose to half mast and he mentally berated himself. This was a peace mission to make amends and save his people. It wasn't time to gawk at exotic young men that weren't really men at all. Not that his brain had told his cock that.

The dragon stopped a few feet in front of him and spoke.

"The sea dragons have heard your plea."