Written for some random English assignment that I did back in September or October. I don't even remember what it was. Describe a color. Or something.

Reviews would be appreciated. Putting that out there. Even though they are nonexistant. (:

Go Green

Green is a glowing envy, eating away at your conscience and throwing it aside.

Green is greed, flaunting dollar bills before those who have none, filling them with a yearning unknown to its possessors.

Green is the vegetable that a child refuses to eat, instantly rejecting it for a food of a less horrendous color.

Green is not the most desirable of all colors on the spectrum.

Then again, there is a flip side to every negative perception.

Green is the scent of fresh-cut grass in the early morning.

Green is the first sight of spring after a grueling winter.

Green is the one planet we have, the recycling bins we've dragged out in this desperate time,

To save Green.