Yes, I'm not dead. I just kind of lost inspiration for this and life's been busy. Moved out of my parents home, moved in with a coworker, regretted moving in with said coworker, and now I live with my new boyfriend and happier than ever.

To be honest, I think I've forgotten where I planned on going with this story. As I think on this a bit, here's the new chapter that's been sitting on my computer that I left at my parents place, but have it now.


Cole stood still, baffled at the person before him.

"Lobo," he said, "What are you doing here?"

"Now, is that any way to treat your former partner? In fact, as I recalled we were rather close friends, no?" Lobo stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Cole then raised his hands and ruffled his hair like one would do to a child. "How have you been?"

"I don't know . . . why are you here?" Cole pressed, pushing him away. He patted his hair down.

"Am I not allowed to see the one who saved me from a barrage of bullets, Lupo?"

"After two years? You disappear for two years, not to mention betraying ECHO at the same time, and you just decide to show up now?"

Lobo sighed, "I thought I'd help you in return for not turning me in. Your girlfriend June, right? Rumour says that someone took her. I recognized her name and thought I'd snoop around a bit in your neighborhood. What I'd like to know is how a girl like her knows a powerful guy like him?" He pulled up one of the patio chairs and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "She must be real cute if she caught the attention of Eric Hunter. That or she did something to piss him off." The look on his face was of genuine interest. Cole examined him closely. Lobo had changed. He no longer looked like a playful teenager. He had grown into an adult, his personality and features hardened by the bitterness of the world. But even as Cole thought that, Lobo acted as if nothing had happened between them. His tone of voice sounded as if they had never parted.

"You know him?" Cole asked eagerly. Lobo paused with a sort of curious look on his face.

"Know him? Everyone knows him. Even you should have heard of him."

Cole shook his head. Lobo stared at Cole, unsure of what else to say. Of course Cole wouldn't know. He left the agency with no intention of coming back. Eric Hunter was still fairly new.

Cole interrupted the silence. "You'll help me bring her home, right?" Cole asked.

"You think I'm crazy enough to risk my life for you?" Lobo scoffed. He watched as Cole's face turn from hope to confusion through his words. "I'm joking, kid." He held it out for Cole to shake. Cole grabbed it and pulled him in for a hug.

"It's good to see you, Lobo." Cole stated. Lobo stepped back from the hug and laughed. He patted Cole on the back.

"I'm not the one that left the world we both know you belong in, Lupo. Or should I call you Cole? Never thought I'd call you by your real name. I think I still quite like Lupo."

June stared at the food longingly, refusing to give in and accept the food in front of her, even if it smelled delicious. She hadn't eaten since she left home. This was probably her third day of no food; the third time he had sat her down at the table and watched her starve her self. She looked up at Eric from across the table who was watching her as he ate, almost mockingly. Looking back down at her plate, she licked her lips subconsciously.

"Would I have any reason to harm you through food, June? You haven't eaten in days. I think that's harming enough. You're starting to look pale." He said as he put his cutlery down, picking up a napkin and wiping his mouth. She responded with only an empty stare at the ceiling. "It's rude to ignore others, June."

She scoffed. Every time she acted obstinate, he treated her like a child and stated the obvious rules of mannerisms.

"I'm not hungry." She stated. Her stomach growled quietly as she spoke. She prayed he wouldn't be able to hear it and attempted to silence it by pressing her stomach. The action only made it louder. June looked down at her lap in shame. She scolded her stomach for giving in so easily. Eric sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"Look, I'm tired of you being stubborn like this. So we're going to sit here until you eat everything off that plate, yeah?"

"What if I don't like the food?" She challenged.

"Don't be difficult. I know what food you like and dislike. You can't lie to me." He chuckled. She froze and examined the food. He was right. All of the food in front of her was some of her favourites. Well she still wasn't going to give in.

"This is completely ridiculous." June stood up and turned around to leave the room. A tall man blocked her exit. He looked like a bouncer you would see at a club. He obviously wasn't going to let her pass unless Eric allowed it, so she fell back in her chair, arms folded across her chest. Eric took a sip of his drink then motioned one of the maids over. They cleared his side of the table and then brought a few papers and random folders over. June's mouth dropped. He was being serious.

Looking back down at her food, she contemplated her actions. She'd rather be left alone in a room than sit here then be watched like a caged animal and starve. But then again, that would mean one more step to giving in to what he wanted.

Her stomach gave a low moan. She glanced up at Eric, who was now ignoring her, busily writing on the documents and sifting through the sheets. She lifted her hand and grabbed the fork. Eric stopped what he was doing and looked at her with interest. She poked and prodded each item, still hesitating. Eventually June lifted a slice of meat to her mouth. Chewing, June felt the colour flow back into her face as she ate, but with each bite, she felt guilt ridden at the fact that her parents were probably distraught at her disappearance. The pieces of food suddenly felt like they were lodging in her throat at the thought of her parents . . . and Cole.

"Why call your little friend instead of the police?" Eric asked after June had finished half the plate. June stopped eating, fork in front of her mouth. She replied with an unattractive sound of confusion drool out of her mouth. Not that she cared if she was attractive to this man. He continued. "When you called your friend, you could've phoned the police, but you didn't. Why?"

June felt a slight lump in her throat at his question. The look on Cole's face as he crawled over the top of the fence for her, hit her like a ton of bricks. Guilt ran through her entire being. She could have put him through so much danger by calling. At the time she wasn't thinking, but of course Cole would come instead of listening to her warnings. Her eyes began to burn as tears threatened to fall out. "Sure, he was closer, but did you really think he would have been able to do anything?"

"Fuck you." June spat.

Eric smirked. "Want to know a secret?"

"I'm sure you'll tell me anyways." She retorted.

"Straight to the point. I love it." He took a sip from his glass, "I've known you for a little longer than I've lead you to believe."

June blinked. "Impossible. I've never met you before."

"Do you recall one night about a year and a half ago, I believe you were eavesdropping in on your father's study?"

June did remember.

It was when her father had decided to stay home for a week. They were in the middle of dinner when a stranger had knocked on the door. Despite her protest, he had left the dinner table and answered the door, leaving his dinner to become cold. It had been particularly stressing for June because she had insisted that she cook dinner in her mother's stead.

The conversation at the door seemed to become heated so June had begun to stand before her mother grabbed her hand, stopping her. As she began to protest, she heard her father and his guest retreat into his office. As her mother had forced her stay until everything on her plate had gone, she quickly shoved everything into her mouth, hardly chewing. She took her father's plate before her mother could throw it, determined to make him finish it.

She had come within a few steps before she heard the voices. She pressed herself against the wall, looking into the slight opening of the door. Unfortunately, at her angle, there was nothing to be seen but the bookshelves on the side.

"Don't think I'll forget this, Fox. You owe me." She jumped as the door opened abruptly. The man looked at her.

"Don't walk away from me, Stephen," Her father called out. He came up from behind the man and noticed June, "Oh, June. What are you doing?"

She held up the plate of half eaten food meekly. Her father never failed to intimidate her. The man scoffed before heading towards the door.

Her father never did finish his dinner.

"I don't understand." June said.

"Well obviously I haven't ever given your father my real name now." He pondered. "I was planning on messing with him by taking you, but I have to admit, you intrigued me. So what was supposed to be a small kidnap and dispose, has turned into this."

"Into what?"

Eric grinned. "I plan on keeping you, dear Junie"