warmth suffusing lungs
long shut up and dusty from the holidays,
stale and frigid beneath their carapace
of ribbed cartilage;
this season speaks of breathing wonders
for the breathless.

Eyes dilate,
soaking in the sunshine brine
saved up from summertime
to flood away snowy dregs of brittle apathy
born of cold rain
and tepid showers
wetting down our indolence to freeze
when the sun went down.

Today is new,
untouched by unapologetic blasphemy
hedging bets against monogamy
as you lie about dying
while my back was turned,
when I know you walked aloft
same as always;
smooth, unblemished love
like children,
that's what this dawn brings
to slide inside our chastity.

Thaw reluctant hearts
with spring-sprung delicates
opening to greet our feet
and hands and knees
where we crawl,
reborn in sacred forms
to sacrifice.

Brush away clichés,
rotted autumn leaves clinging
over tannin tinged fingerprints—
each unique and seeking graves
in which to while away,
skeletons rescinding, bending backward
to the whims of maternal limbs
awash with life anew.

And it's all for you.