Dont Tear Her Heart Apart

You threw down yourself,
might make yourself look insane.
but you took a chance, you put up a fight,
but to me, you were just the same.
i couldn't give you my trust,
you wouldn't deserve my respect.
but she wanted you so bad,
I gave you a good prospect.

Break her heart,
I'll burn your house,
Burn it straight to the ground.
Break her heart,
And I'll burn your life,
You'd wish you were'nt hanging around.

Did you show a future,
A future of moving on?
Or were all your plans drifiting,
Until they we're all gone.
Why would you do something,
To someone in your life.
Or is she the only one, extending her heart,
And you're the one, that's, clasping the knife.

Break her heart,
I'll burn your house,
I wont show you the light of day.
Break her heart,
I'll burn your life,
Cause you shoved her heart away.

What was about her,
You couldnt stand?
Not face to face,
Hand to hand?
Couldnt stand to be without her,
And now you shoved her away,
I tell you now, I'll burn your house,
And I'll burn your life away...