The dungeon radiates such a pained aura. Its dark depths are filled with anguished cries and the rattling of chains. The smell of blood and tears fill the room as if it were a poisonous gas. It pricks at your nose and gives your stomach that nauseated feeling. And just as the dungeon intended, you feel pain. You immediately sympathize with the person who has to spend the whole day down here. Without even knowing, you feel his pain. And as the tears start streaming down your face, you run faster into the darkness to try finding him. Even though you know it's useless. The darkness has already claimed him.

You run faster down the winding halls. Ignoring the guards and their disapproving looks, you run even faster. You twist through the pathways with God's speed in hopes that you'll reach him. You HAVE to reach him. Because you know, he still has time. As little as that may be, you can't- no, you won't, give up on him.

With the speed of God at your side, you finally reach the door. Yanking it open you stare into the dark depths of the cell, and as you continue to stare you see it: a shadowed figure, chained to the wall and in pain, and blood. It's everywhere! It reaches your feet as you start tracing its source. It pools around the figure on the wall and seeps through the cracks on the floor. Pity washes through your system again. All this blood, you start to wonder if this person is still alive. A spark of hope overcomes you and you look up.

The air immediately becomes tense, and pity takes over again. Mr. Figure on the wall, what have they done to you? Your face is marred. Your skin is burned. There are whipping scars on your back! Your legs and arms, they have cuts all over! And your wrists; how long have they chained you there? You're bleeding so much! And your head looks like it opened! Oh Mr. Victim, this must be hell for you. Please, forgive us. What have we done? You were innocent. Yet, here you are- chained to a wall and wounded. Oh, Mr. Sufferer, hold onto life just a bit longer. I swear I'll get you out of here. But I have to do something real quick. I'll be right back, I promise.

Past the figures, the winding halls, and the eerie cells; you continue on back. You finally reach what you've been aiming for and run all the way back to the lone prisoner. This time the guards give you the disapproving glance and the 'What the hell?' stare. You ignore them again and continue on your path. As you near the door, you take out the item you retrieved and open the cell once again. You enter and the sadness comes back full force.

There he is, as miserable as ever. He continuously groans in pain as his death nears him. Chained to a wall and wounded beyond repair, you know what you must do. Casting him a look of sympathy, you begin to work. You pull a block from the floor and smash it into the chains with all the strength you have, trying your best not to hurt him during the process. The chains shake but resist your attack. You try once more. Again and again till the chains shatter. The figure on the wall falls into your arms and you revel in the feel of it. It's been a while since you've held him like this. You've been separated for months! Though you've both been imprisoned, you've been praying that he wasn't put through what they did to you. Finally escaping from your cell, you broke out and here you are: holding your love within your arms, both of you near death.

Pushing all thoughts aside, you again revel in the feel of him within your arms. You brush back the hair from his eyes and sigh. You've missed him so much! Everyday without him brought you deeper into your own hell. You bring him closer and beg him softly to wake up. Answering you, he slowly opens his eyes and looks at up. His expression is one of disbelief and astonishment. You smile at him and bring him closer, assuring him that this isn't a dream. He lets out a relief sigh and hugs you back weakly. You spend the next few moments holding each other close. Then, you confess your plan to him. He listens while clutching onto you with his remaining strength. After you explain to him, he nods in understanding. You gently brush your lips against his and smile. He responds tiredly and kisses you in return. The kiss is soft, a peck really. One of exhaustion and dread, for this is your last kiss with your love.

You then pull out the item: a jar of poison. That's right. You're going to pull off the classic Romeo and Juliet. They separated you for having the 'wrong' kind of love. They imprisoned you both for sharing the most 'un-god worthy' kind of affection. Your families disowned you because they considered your love 'shameful'. They hate you because you're both men. And because you love each other so much, you'd pull a Romeo and Juliet just to be together. Even if that means you'll both be dead. You bring the poison to your lips and sip it quickly. Your love takes it and mimics your action. Holding each other closer and smiling one last smile, you both enter the other world. Together.


'We'll be together forever, my love. Even past eternity.'

Author Note: I hope this touches you more than it touched me. I hope you feel what all people with forbidden love feel. I hope you understand how it feels to love someone so much, yet not be able to be with them. No matter how much you want to. I know I'm not in that situation, but that doesn't matter to me really. So, to all those who are pained with their most unfortunate fate, I hope everything turns out well. May the world give you a second chance.