Mary was driving in her car.
Just ten minutes until she would arrive at the airport. She'd welcome her loving husband, the one she was still fond of.
Life was hard as a soldier's wife.

It was fifteen years ago when they first met, at swimming.

Mary always loved swimming, it had been a hobby of hers. She did it professionally for some time, but she never made it to the Olympic Games. She stopped five years ago.
She had a coach, Johnson. He trained her in everything, but he also gave lessons to normal people. One day, when she left the swimming pool, he was about to enter.
She liked him, she found him handsome.
The next week, they met again. The week after that one, they met yet again.
Until, after five weeks, he finally gathered his courage to say something to her.

She remembered that first line so well. It was around Thanksgiving and she had just had her morning training. She walked over to the showers when she suddenly heard whispered in her ear: "Happy Thanksgiving."
After that, contact went much easier and they greeted one another every time they met.

Johnson was ill, one week, and couldn't coach her. She had been through this with her coach so she decided to go to the swimming pool herself and go through the training they had the day before.
When she was done, she went to the showers and met him yet again.
This time, they had time to talk, because they were both done. He introduced himself as Wade Hanson, and she introduced herself as Mary White.

Next week, Johnson was back again, but they greeted one another anyway.
The week after that one, Wade asked her out. Mary happily accepted it.
That was the day of her first kiss.

She loved Wade, but the position his profession put her in wasn't easy.
Every time he left, she was concerned about him and every time he came back, she was nervous, afraid something would happen to him.
This was the fifth time he came back.
She remembered the first time Wade went out to another country, to restore peace. Mary didn't like it, but she accepted it nevertheless. The whole time he was away, she was concerned, she felt alone.
Wade chose freely to become a soldier because, he said, he had always liked the profession. And he didn't think there would be so much risk in it.
When he came back, she was so concerned she didn't prepare anything, she just waited for him to come home. Wade didn't show it too obviously, but his disappointment was clear to her. So, the second time, she already made dinner and she picked him up from the airport. She was still concerned, though. That was also the time things went a little wrong.

You see, after the dinner, they went upstairs, doing the things husband and wife do when they had been parted for a long time and have missed each other very much. But the walls were a bit thin. The day after that, her neighbour walked over to her and commented: "You were busy yesterday, weren't you?"

She laughed when she thought back to that. This time, however, she made preparations.

She knew the neighbours their tastes. Every day her husband was about to come back, she bought some concert tickets, or for the cinema. Out of politeness, her neighbours never refused the free tickets. This way, they could make as much noise as they wanted.

She was almost at the airport. She felt the concern getting the better of her again, but she suppressed it.
Everything would be all right with him, he was always all right anyway. She loved him a lot. As usual, she bought tickets for her neighbours. Everything was ready.

Finally, she was there. She parked her car and walked over to the central hall where people were coming and leaving.
In the corner of her eyes, she saw a blonde woman falling in the arms of a blonde man, greeting him so loudly everyone knew the name of the blonde man – Sascha.
In another corner, she saw a child, at the hand of her grandmother, kissing his mother goodbye.
She looked on her watch and saw the plane could arrive any minute.

She walked to a seat and sat down, trying to put herself at ease.
Of course, everything is going to be all right. It always is, why should today be any different?
Finally, she recognized the face of a friend of her husband. She jumped up and walked towards the door.

Slowly, every man and woman who had fought in the country far away with Wade came in. She looked at them, very carefully, not wanting to miss her husband. But he would see her immediately, that was for sure.

She remembered the third time she picked him up at the airport.
Man after man after man came in, but Wade wasn't there. She checked them yet again, but no one there. She didn't dare to ask anyone.
She looked around carefully, but she couldn't find her husband.

She walked over to the door and all of a sudden, Wade appeared from behind a wall, smiling. Mary laughed, fell in his arms and made him promise he would never, ever, ever do that again.

Perhaps he hadn't learned. Yeah, that was probably the case. But, the constant stream of men from the army didn't stop and Mary grew a bit nervous.
She checked all the faces, but she recognized none of them as her husband's.

Finally, the stream of men stopped and the doors were closed again. Mary, in pure confusion, checked all the walls, but no one there. Until she heard her name.

"Mrs. Hanson?"
In pure relief, she turned around, but not to find Wade. Instead, she saw a friend of him whom she never really knew by name. She always forgot.
"Yeah, what's up? Where's my husband?" The man took off the hat he was wearing in respect. It startled Mary.
This is a joke, this is just a desperate attempt to be funny…

"Wade Hanson has been shot the day before yesterday," A short silence fell. "I'm sorry. He didn't survive." Mary shook her head and felt tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.
"No… no! That can't be!" She shouted in tears, after which she just collapsed on the floor, crying loudly.
Things had gone horribly. She didn't want this, she never asked for this. She just wanted to be happy with him, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Apparently, fate chose another way.

She was back home again and cried loudly.
The preparations she took were for naught. They now worked against her.
Because, no matter how hard she cried, no one would come and cheer her up, or just be a shoulder to cry on.
Everybody was gone.
She cried. He had become a victim of the war.
But now, she was a victim too. She was a victim of love. The victim of her love for her husband.
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