A long time ago, at a small town that was seldom visited by outsiders, there lived a lone, young marionette maker in an old wooden house. He was not famous nor was he well known at his own locale. Even so, he could make the marionettes beautifully, almost as if they were alive. He would spend his time sitting at the window everyday, watching the passing young women silently and would use them as the models for his marionettes if he saw the beautiful ones. He had made hundreds of them, yet none of them had satisfied him ever. And so, he spent his time at the window, waiting for the right one to come out.

After waiting for a while, he noticed a young woman sitting alone on a bench in front of his house. The woman had a mysterious aura surrounding her. Her figure was hidden with her black coat and her face was hard to be seen because of her hood. The only things that were revealed by her were her pearly white hands and her long, silky, light brown hair. The woman would sit there all-day and vanished at the wee hours and reappeared again at the next morning. The marionette maker watched her intently from day to day and instantly fell for her when their eyes were locked to each other.

The woman was in fact an elf, who was running away from her race. For what reason, the marionette maker did not know. He loved her very much that he did not care about his surrounding, even his marionettes anymore. His life became more colorful and meaningful each day, for the elf taught him how to value the life, how to love someone. People were starting to notice him as he went out of his house and befriended him. He also began to be popular with his marionettes and some people even bought his for a high price. Both of them live their life joyfully and deeply in love with each other.

However, their relationship didn't last long. The elf's family, one day, came to take her home to marry her with her own cousin, whom she had been betrothed to far before she was born. They strived to be together, but what could a human and an elf do against the most graceful and mightiest clan of elf in the world? Ultimately, the two of them were separated for good. Brokenhearted, the marionette maker locked himself inside the old house again, refusing to see the sun and the villagers.

A month had passed, but the marionette maker still hadn't recovered from the sorrow. He decided to make his last marionette, which was resembled to his beloved. He made it with all of his heart, pouring the memory and her sweetness into it. The marionette was finally finished in a short time. It was the most beautiful marionette he had ever made and it extremely looked alike with her.

Unlike the other marionettes, the marionette maker put his last creation on a luxurious chair, which was old and had been there since he moved there, instead inside the cabinet. He moved out of the village the next day and went to the isolated place, where he would live quietly for the rest of his life, leaving the painful memory behind…

Sometime later…

The elf. After she had given birth to a baby girl, she died, killed by an unknown force of evil. Her spirit flew back into the old house of her sweetheart, which had been unoccupied for a long time. Searching and searching, she could not find anything left by him, except the marionettes and her replica. Saddened, she entered the body of the marionette and remained there forever, waiting for him with a tiny hope.

It doesn't say that the spirit is evil itself, but most people avoid getting near to the house. It is because they will hear an eerie, soft voice—a cry of the spirit, who was still waiting for her love one to return until this day...

elf... evil... magic... fantasy... what the hell happened to me?