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I wiped away a lone tear as the plane started to land, It was really happening. I had left everything I known, flown across the country and did it on my own. No one was really there for support since the accident, except for my eccentric aunt who doesn't know one thing about taking care of a teenager. That's the reason for coming here, moving to New Jersey from my home state of California. A year ago I had no idea this was going to happen. I didn't even have a relationship with the person or people I was coming to live with. Maybe I should explain the reasoning for all this whining. A little less then a year ago my mother got into an accident, and it caused her to be killed from a drunk driver. That's when my world really stopped. And being any normal child I still have not really come to terms with her death. Not one day goes by when I don't think of her and I never will stop. I never knew pain until my mother died. She was all I had. My father wasn't in the picture. He never was. He was just a man that sent money once a month and that was because he was forced to by law. He never wanted me.

My mother was twenty when she met my father over spring break in Cancun, they had one night together after many drinks and exchanged numbers the next morning, both not expecting to hear from the other again. But then my 'father' got a call three months later from my mother telling him she was pregnant. Of course my father denied me being his but six months later he couldn't deny the DNA test that firmly stated he was indeed my father. But that's all he was, someone who shared my DNA, I never met him and didn't plan on it until my aunt gave up. I was too hard to take care of, at least that's what she said. What did she expect, some perfect sixteen year old teenager? I guess so buts that's not what she got. Finlay after one night of me sneaking back in drunk she had enough and contacted my 'father' and gave him an ultimatum. Take me in or I get thrown onto the streets. He obviously choose to take me.

And that brings me to being here. In Jersey, a place I never even thought about going to. So now I'm moving into a house with the father I never met, who we shall call Bill. I don't think I will be calling him daddy any time soon, and you can believe I will give him hell for not sticking by my mother in the first place. But how could he have, he was married when they conceived me. And now I heard he has three sons. Fun, now I get stuck in a house with all boys. They sent me a letter about a month ago explaining a little about them. It turns out that Bill did good for himself, he's a well known lawyer in New York, that means he travel a lot there and stays nights sometimes to so hopefully he wont be around too much. His wife Karen is a nurse at the local hospital and she is usually on call so who knows how often I will see her. But they made their children out t be perfect. The oldest is twenty, being three years older then I am now and he is going to a local college, staying at home. They didn't really mention much about him but that he's not really my fathers son, he is just his wife's child that she had with another man before they even met. The next son is my age, and in my grade, his name is Ryan. He is on the football team and is planning on going to the same college as his older brother Trevor. His grades are keep up at all times and he has a job at the local pet shop in town. Then the last son is a year younger then me and named Vinny. He's a sophomore and getting his permit soon. I don't know why they would mention that, is it supposed to impress me? So now I know that I have to half brothers and one step, what fun.

"You are now in New Jersey, thank you for flying with LAX."I rolled my eyes at the flight attendant who looked like she had a pole stuck up her ass.

Now all I had to do was find this family and get the hell out of here. I hope its not to hard for them to find me, or on the other hand maybe if they can't I can just go into foster care, I'm sure that would be better. It shouldn't be that hard to spot me though. I have bleach blond hair, green eyes and am very tan from the Cali sun. I get my looks from my mother at least I think so. I never knew what Bill looked like but my mother told me he had brown hair an green eyes, that's the only thing I got from him.

I looked around and didn't see anyone that would look like the family that was described to me, maybe they forgot about me. I waited for a few minutes before heading off to baggage claim. I watched as bags started revolving and spotted four purple suit cases. they were coming at an medium speed but it would be hard to get them all off in one round. I got myself ready as other peoples bags circled around until my bags got closer. I grabbed two, one with each hand and haled them off. Jeez! their really heavy, more then I remembered. I had to wait for them to come around again and when they did I gripped the other two and lifted. They were a little less heavy. This is all I was able to bring with me here, everything else was at my aunts house, she said she would keep things until I was older and could bring them to a house that I owned. Seems good enough for me, I would only be a year away from getting the stuff because no way in hell was I planning on staying with these people once I turned eighteen, that's when I would try my hardest to move out. It's not like I had no money. My mother did pretty well for herself when she was growing up with me, she had a savings for her and for me that she would put one hundred dollars in each pay check since she had me. Now when I turn eighteen I get both so I will use that to move into a small and cheep apartment.


"Camille," a different voice shouted with no enthusiasm. Then more people started to call my name. People in the airport started looking around and I turned a shade of red but quickly composed myself. Here goes nothing. I turned slowly and one of the boys who was calling my name was close enough to hear me if I said something so I decided to go to him first. He looked like he would be Vinny or Ryan because he defiantly didn't look like he was twenty.

"Yes," I asked with my eyebrow raised. He stopped, looked at me and smiled. I saw him check me out up and down and give my outfit a raised eyebrow. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a red tank top. I immediately felt self conscious, other people around me were wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts. Some even in zip up sweet shirts. I was not dressed right but it was different in California, it was really hot today!

"A little underdressed?" The kid asked with a smirk.

I crossed my arms over my chest when his eyes landed on my chest. "I came from Cali, the weathers different there," I explained. He laughed and walked off leaving me alone. I looked on confused. Prick, he just left me here! Well I'm sure as hell not following him. I waited a minuet and looked through my purse so I wouldn't look like a total idiot standing in the middle of the air port by my self looking off to space.

But soon enough five people made their way over, two of them holding smiles. My breath stopped as I saw him, for the first time. This was the man that helped to create me. My mother must have had a really bad eye because this man looked just like me, we had the same exact facial structure, I always thought I looked just like my mom but I guess it was just the hair.

I didn't say anything as they walked closer, everyone was silent and Bill looked to be in shock like me. He was the first to move closer to me and was about to open his arms out for a hug when I shoved my hand in front of me for a shake. This was all he was getting. He looked taken back but took my hand none the less and shook. He smiled and gripped it tight. When he let go I let my arm fall to my side. That was awkward.

"Camille, it's really nice to finally meet you." He sincerely said but I snorted.

"Yeah, right." Karen's jaw dropped slightly. "Look," I sighed, "Let's make this easy on everyone." He lifted an eyebrow up. Ryan and Vinny looked on stunned and Trevor looked amused.

"I know that you don't want me here and I sure as hell don't want to be here, you have zero interest in getting to know me and that's fine, I have been able to live with knowing that my entire life and I have gotten by just fine. I'm only going to be here for a year so after that we can go back to the way it was before. But then you don't have to send me shit because I will be eighteen. And as soon as I do turn eighteen I will be on the first flight back home. So try not to get attached, even though I now you don't want that. Okay?"

He looked pretty pisses. "Look I know that I never showed an interest before in getting to know you but I have every intention on getting to know you now, I think we can work around everything that has happened."

I rolled my eyes, "I don't think so."

"Boy's get her bags." He stated and then started to walk away. I grabbed one of them as the other three each took one. They could be wheeled so it was easy to get them through the airport. There is definitely going to be a lot of tension in this house. I followed behind the family as we made our way out of the airport. And as soon as we got outside I was hit with the chilly weather. Shit, I hate the cold.

"Trevor, you can take the kids in your car and I'll but her bags in the bed of my truck and ride home with you mother." Trevor nodded and I rolled my bag to Bill's truck where he grabbed the bag from me and tossed it into the bed.

"Hey, watch it! There is important stuff in some of these bags!" Vinny laughed.

"Like what, your precious makeup?"

"No actually," I seethed, "Framed pictures of me and my mother." He immediately looked like he regretted what he said.

"Look I'm-"

"Save it, I know your not." I walked to the car that Ryan was sitting in and assumed it was Trevor's so I opened the back door and hopped in. Ryan had the window open so he heard what his brother said.

"Look, sorry for my brother, he's really dense sometimes." I nodded and looked out the window to see Trevor hit Vinny upside the head. Jack ass deserves it.

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