During the car ride I was silent. There wasn't much for me to say to them. It was a really awkward situation so I decided to just throw my ear buds to my I pod in and listen to my music. I could hear the boys joking about god knows what in the background and I really didn't have much interest in what they were laughing about. I was freezing, tired, drained and upset. I think that they noticed some of this because I felt Vinny brush my arm lightly to get my attention. Even though he didn't make a good impression I wasn't going to be a total bitch to him, I couldn't afford any enemy's here.

"Yeah," I asked as I popped out one of the ear buds. I looked at Vinny who pointed to Trevor.

"You cold?" He asked. I looked down at my exposed legs and saw goose bumps.

"Yup," I admitted.

He looked into the rear view mirror then back at the road, "There is a sweatshirt of mine in the seat behind you, you can use it." I smiled, warmth never sounded so good.

"Thanks," I turned in the seat and felt their eyes on me as I reached back and grabbed the article of clothing. I could feel my skirt riding up more so was quick to get it and turn around. Immediately all the eyes shifted quickly and I turned a small shade of red.

"What were you all looking at?" I asked, ready to play with them.

"Nothing," they all answered.

"Do I have to remind you that I'm your half sister?" I asked.

"We'll," Trevor started, "I'm actually no way related to you, just the step brother."


When we pulled up to the house I walked strait to Bill's truck so I could get my stuff. He smiled and passed me one bag then handed the other three to the boys. I walked strait to the house and waited by the door for Karen to unlock it. Soon the whole family was piling into the house.

"Okay, boys would you take the bags up to Camille's room and I will show her around the house," Ryan mutter something to him self, probably complaining, but did as his mother told him to do. I let go of the handle to the suit case I was wheeling as Trevor took it from me.

"Thanks," I told him as he smiled.

"No problem." I watched as him and his brother climbed the stairs heading to my room.

"Come one sweetie," Karen smiled as she started walking. I followed and got a tour of the house.


"And Finally," she said after showing me the whole house, which to my surprise was really nice and quite big. "This is your room," she pushed the door open and immediately I saw that this room was way better then one that I had ever had. The walls were painted lime green and in the corner of the room a bed was placed that had a canopy over it with an opening at the side. The comforter was pink, which isn't my favorite color, but to my surprise it looked really good in the room. A small bed side table was under a window and there was a bathroom door connected to the room.

"We thought it would only be fair to give you a room with a bathroom, since your going to be the only girl. Not counting me."

"Oh, thanks. Really this is great."

I think Karen just won me over.

"Feel free to use anything in this room and the bathroom, it was purchased for you," she smiled and looked around.

"Really, thanks."

"Well I'll let you start to unpack. Come on down when your ready." I watched as she left the room and I took the chance to sit on the bed. I stepped over the suit cases that the boys left laying on the floor and I collapsed into the fluffy blanket.

The first thing I did was start to cry.

I don't want to be here. I feel so out of place, I don't know anyone and I cant even think of how my life is going to be changed from this. And school starts again the day after tomorrow. Ill be the new kid. Everyone will already be settled in their classes and I'll be the odd one out.

"Knock, knock," Trevor said opening the door, "I was just- hey what's the matter?" He asked coming in and closing the door.

I quickly wiped my face and shook my head. "Nothing, I'm fine."

"Look, when a girl cries, something's not right." He walked over to the bed and took a seat on the edge. I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest.

"Okay, well everything is so screwed up, that's it. I don't want to be here, I don't know any of you and I feel like a burden because I know I'm not wanted here." He shook his head.

"Come one, we want you here. Well I do, your hot." I blushed but let out a laugh.

"That's so wrong."

"Naw, not really," he laughed. "But seriously, don't think about not being wanted. You are, your dad was really excited about you coming."

"He's not my dad."

Trevor gave me a confused look. "What?"

"Well I mean, I guess he is, but I don't consider someone like that to be a dad, just a sperm donor."

"So, you really hate him?" He asked and I nodded giving him a look that said, duh.

"Well, to tell you a secret, I don't like him either."

I rose my eyebrow in surprise, "really?"

"Swear," he laughed and placed his hand on the top of my knee, "but that doesn't mean I'm going to be an ass to him. I don't like him for different reasons, but I do like his for some too. You though, never gave him a chance, so you might want to try that soon and if not, fine. That's your choice and your a big girl."

Trevor had a simple smile on his face, I could feel his hand on my knee like it was burning me. He does look really cute, but I can't think of that, its so bad even if he doesn't think so. I'm not here to make relationships with my step sibling. Or anyone in this family.

"Look, some friends of mine and Ryan's are coming over tonight so you should hang out with us, it will give you a chance to make friends with people you will be going to school with Monday."

"Maybe," I answered. "But I still have to unpack and stuff." He nodded and looked at the bags.

"We'll if you want to were going to be in the basement playing pool or something. I'll come back when they are here, maybe you'll come down if I escort you," he winked.

I let out a laugh and shoved his shoulder, "fine, I'll think about it."

A big grin spread across his face. "That's all I ask." He pushed himself off the bed and walked over to the door to leave my room. Before exiting he turned and looked back at me, in the same spot I was during the whole conversation. "And for the record, I'm happy your living with us now."

"Thanks Trevor," I smiled.

"Bye," he finished and walked out of the room leaving me to think.

Maybe it won't be so bad living here. As long as he is here. So, so far I have taken a liking to Karen and to Trevor, now the only people that need to make an effort is Bill, and the other boys. I think Ryan will be the other one that I will connect with because he just seems to be laid back. Vinny, I don't know. I haven't made any assumptions on him and his actions. Bill seems to be out of the question right now. I have to take what my mom used to say into consideration. He was a prick. Once a prick always a prick, that's what I feel. But who knows, maybe he will be able to do right by me, I doubt it though.

After sulking for a few more minutes I finally got up and decided to unpack some things. The first three bags were full of clothing that I brought from home. I couldn't bring all of my stuff because there was just too much so I had to pick all of my favorite things, I hope my aunt won't give all my clothes away while I'm gone, but I trust she was telling the truth about letting me have my stuff back when I get my won place, and if not I will assure her I wont be seeing her for some time.

The dresser that Karen picked out for me was a nice size, nice and big and able to fit everything I brought and more for when I went shopping. I used the closet to hang up some dresses and other pieces of clothing that I didn't want in the dresser. The whole time I was unpacking my clothing I had the radio playing so that it would keep me distracted from thinking because I know once I started that the tears might come again. It took me about an hour and a half to finish the clothing because I was trying to organize it all to how it was back home, keep some normalcy in my life.

The last suitcase is where I kept memory things. Like pictures that were framed of my friends and I, and my mother and I. There was also some posters in there for hanging on my walls. I don't know if they would care about me hanging things but I'm going to anyway, make it more homely. When I was almost done putting stuff around my room there was a knock on my door. I guess Trevor is ready.

I lowered the music and walked over to the door and opened it with a smile, but that faded when I saw Ryan and a few guys behind him. Ryan walked passed me when I opened the door and looked around. I gave a sigh and moved over for his friends to enter.

"This used to be my room, you know," Ryan said looking at the changes. "This is the first time I have seen it since mom started painting. It's different."

"Oh, sorry." I didn't really know what to say.

"It's okay, I offered my room up for you. So don't say I never did anything for you." He laughed.

Maybe he's not horrible.

"We'll these are my friends, they wanted to meet you." I looked over to his three friends and two of them looked similar. Really similar, so they were definitely twins. They both had brown hair and blue eyes. Their hair had a buzzed cut and it fit them. The other boy was standing really tall, his hair had a Carmel look to it and he had nice hazel eyes. That's what stuck out most about him.

"The twins are Ben and Jerry, sad right?" I let out a laugh and they turned a shade of red.

"I'm really sorry." I said for them.

Ben smiled and put a hand up. "It's fine really, some girls think it's cute."

"Oh don't get me wrong it's adorable," I giggled.

Jerry shrugged his shoulders, "not too bad."

Poor guys.

"And this is Robbie, nothing special about him or his name."

"Dude," Robbie laughed and punched Ryan in the arm. "Hey," he said to me with a head bob. I shook my head but smiled.

"Hi," we stood in silence.

"We'll I guess that's it." Ryan sighed and scratched his head.

"Yeah." This was awkward.

"We'll some more people are coming over soon, you want to chill with us?" Ryan asked.

"Your brother asked me already and I said I'll think about it, most likely though, but a little later." I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms.

"Okay, well come down whenever then." He walked towards the door with they guys following. Ben and Jerry waved before heading out, I smiled and waved in return.

No one told me they had extremely hot friends.

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