In the Beginning, There Was…


This diary is the first in a series of diaries ranging from when Lily was eight years old, until she reaches seventeen. As such, this volume, written when she was eight-turning-nine years old, has been edited somewhat to be, how you say… legible.

Chapter One | Lucy Walters is a horrible, horrible girl! And I HATE her!

Wednesday 1st September

Today was the first day back of school and I am going to write a diary, because Lucy Walters has one, and hers will be bad, but mine will be good.

I am officially in year four now! So I get to be in the senior building, haha! But the only problem is, now I'm in year four, we have to do 'trust exercises' because Miss Thompson just got back from one of her courses.

And it goes round in a circle, and my last name is Adams, and Lucy Walters' is Walters!


Today we had to spend all of the morning before lunch with our feet tied together – to get to know each other better.

So I told mummy that I didn't want to get to know her better. She has nits! I don't want to catch nits! Because then mummy gets that horrible, horrible shampoo that burns my head and gives me a rash on my ears! AND she steals all the best coloured crayons. And I know she does. Because she puts them in her knickers and then goes to the toilet and takes them out and puts them in her bag. I saw her do it! I put my head over the top of her cubicle and SAW her!

But mummy says I'm not allowed to talk about it.

Or put my head over the cubicle again.

But I don't think that's fair! I don't want to be with a thief! Because I'm not a thief! Lucy Walters should be with Aalish Harding! She actually managed to get off with the entire Monopoly game!

All in one go as well!

She didn't even do it a piece at a time!

That's what I would have done, if I were her. Just steal it in instalments – that way no one would know.

But then again, no one knows except me and the others that it was her who stole the Monopoly game. I told mummy, but she said not to talk about it.

I wish she hadn't stolen it though, Monopoly is one of my favourite games, ever.

I hate Lucy Walters.

And Aalish Harding.

Thursday 2nd September

Today, in assembly, Lizzy and I were sitting next to each other, and when we starting singing, "Morning Has Broken," Jenny Greenbank was shuffling and then stood on her own shoe laces and fell over.

Onto the stacked chairs.

Which then fell over.

And nearly killed all the reception kiddies.

We were laughing so hard!

Well, we were, until Miss Brown came up and started shouting at us. But then we saw that Jenny had a nosebleed and I started laughing again, even though I was being told off. Miss Brown said she was going to tell mummy, but I don't care. I hate Jenny Greenbank. I hate Jenny Greenbank as much as I hate Lucy Walters.

We had Literacy first lesson and my story was the best, because I had THREE gold stars next to mine – and everyone else only had one or two, or in Aalish Harding's case, NONE.

We had Arithmetic after that which I hate. I can't do numbers. And Lucy Walters and Jenny Greenbank sit next to each other, which I suppose is a good thing since they don't sit next to me, and they always know all the answers. I hate them. And Arithmetic.

Lizzy sent me a note today saying she heard her mum and my mum on the phone together last night and they were really serious and then Lizzy's mum told Lizzy to "go away and do her homework."

So Lizzy went upstairs and listened through the baby monitor and apparently Lizzy has to go on HOLIDAY at Christmas, so I won't see her for like TWO WEEKS.

I don't think that's fair. Lizzy is my best friend, and I don't want her to go. I'm going to tell mummy later when she gets home from work. She's working late tonight, because it's a Thursday. So daddy and me are going to the chippy!

I love it when it's just me and daddy.

He never tells me what I'm not allowed to talk about.

Thursday 2nd September – still

Mummy came home and was sat at the table in the kitchen, so I went in and asked her what was going on with Lizzy being taken away and she got all angry with me and sent me to my room, so I went and hid under the stairs in my den.

I don't think she knows I'm here.

Thursday 2nd September – in my room

Mummy found me and dragged me into my room and locked the door, so I can't get out.

She was shouting that I shouldn't listen into other people's private conversations. And I was shouting that it wasn't me. BECAUSE IT WASN'T.

IT WAS LIZZY!!!!! I didn't ask her to listen in!!!!!

Mummy and daddy are shouting now. I can't really hear what they're saying.

Thursday 2nd September – on the window ledge

Mummy and daddy are in the dining room with the glass doors open, and I've opened my window, so I can hear what they're saying now.

"For God's sake, Rose! If she's old enough to go on holiday herself, she's old enough to know about it!"

"That's not the POINT, Kevin, as well you know!"

"No, Rose, no I DON'T know. Now you've gone and bodily LOCKED her in her ROOM!"




"NO! NOT EITHER WAY! I will NOT have this! It's not fair, from all I've heard, WHICH IS A LOT considering it was after all, MY eight year old daughter being dragged kicking and screaming into her room, screaming, as I recall, 'BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN IN!! IT WASN'T MEEEEEE!' before you slammed the door in her face and locked it so she couldn't get out! All she did was ask why Lizzy had to go away at Christmas and apparently you just FLIPPED. What the hell!?"

Then there was a silence.

"It was meant as a surprise for her, but she went and ruined it."

"No, no she DIDN'T, Rose, and you KNOW it. You over reacted."

"And YOU!? You're too bloody soft on her, she'll grow into a spoilt brat at this rate, you let her have everything she wants, and NEVER punish her if she does something wrong. I am always the one who punishes her! Never you!"

"YES, and now you've punished her when she's done fuck all wrong! Just because you've had a bad night!"

"It wasn't-"

"Don't. We'll talk about this later. When I've let her out of her room."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH. Just go and let her out, let it ALL be for NOTHING!"

I closed my window and am now hiding under my bed with my torch.

Daddy's at the door.

Friday 3rd September

Told Lizzy all about last night when we were in the cloakroom. That stupid Lucy has got the coat I wanted. It's all shiny and purple and now I can't get it because she'll say I copied her.

I hate her.

Mr Smith is here today, I can see his coat. He's the vicar. He's a bit weird, he's always talking about God. I like God, but I don't know. There's something not right. I keep thinking I'm not being told the whole story – especially when we're told about how He has a plan for all of us. I don't know if I believe it…

Friday 3rd September – playtime

Lizzy and me are hiding in our secret place, down at the bottom of the field on the step that leads to the secret gate that we're not allowed out of.

Lily is my best friend forever! She is really funny and always listens to me! She is coming to my house tomorrow! And we're going to ride the ponies and go to the stables!

That was Lizzy!

Friday 3rd September – lunch time

Miss Thompson just came in to tell us that we'll be doing trust exercises again.

I hate her.

Sunday 5th September

AH! I forgot my diary on Saturday when I was at Lizzy's. I had so much fun, I love her house. Her family is so big – I wish I had siblings…

We just went out on a hack with the ponies and then did the stables and groomed and fed the horses. Can you imagine Jenny Greenbank on a horse! Hahahaha, she would just fall off, she's so spindly and inflexible.

I wish she would ride a horse now.

Just so me and Lizzy could laugh at her.

I'm back home now, and it is… 2:31pm (it says so on my new digital alarm clock). I'm so bored. Mummy is being really nice to me now, but I know it's only because she locked me in my room for no reason. I told daddy and he said I should forgive her.

But I don't want to.

I bet mummy wishes she had Lucy Walters as her daughter. They're both horrible, so they'd get on together really well, I think.

I don't think I should tell anybody that though.

Just incase she tries to give me away.

She always says that she will if I'm a bad girl.

But she's a bad mum.

And I don't say I'll give her away.

I can't get rid of her.

I don't know who'd want her.