Lucas again glanced down at the ridged form of the tiny elf walking beside him. Many members of the pack had come to greet their return but now stood away, staring curiously.
Connor was not going to like this little surprise very much.
The idea of his elder litter-mate frowning with an annoyed face managed to give Lucas a lopsided grin. It could work out if things where done carefully. Plus if his alpha did manage to pull this off the pack would be free from the elve's constant interference. But still he felt sorry for the slip of a female and so once more he glanced down at her.
She was walking with small steps that forced him and the others to slow their own pace. He did not blame her though, she was trapped in a rather uncomfortable looking dress. Endless bunches of cloth sprang all around her and she was covered from neck to toe. The strange, formal elf clothing had indeed helped to hinder her pace but Lucas knew it was their breed's differences that truly lingered them.
Elves where small, had no fur, tiny feet and hands, seldom travelled, and of course they always walked upright. Canius Lupus were tall and full-bodied creatures that could easily drop and run on all four limbs. Built to be able to survive harsh wilderness they had heavy fur coats to guard them from weather and powerful fangs and claws to fight with.
Elves had lived in their cities for too long and had grown soft and languid in Lucas' opinion. He also knew they considered the Canius Lupus to be slobbering, wild beasts. Which was why he felt a measure of pity for the little elf beside him. How terrified she must be walking into a den of creatures her people viewed as savages.

"Why is she here?" a voice called out and Lucus glanced up, many of the pack had gathered, peering at her.

"The Leung alpha-king sent her along with us. He wishes for the alpha to make her his mate." he called out in the voice he normally used to tell stories. Knowing there was nothing he could do to help her out of her current situation; he resolved to at least do his best to get her a warm welcome.

"If the alpha is pleased with her and takes her, then the elves will leave the RedEarth pack alone. The alpha-king promised so and wrote it on paper. The elves never go against a written agreement." he boomed out, holding the small scroll he had been charged with delivering up for his people to peer at. Voices murmured and many peered at the petite elf with a measure of interest.

No one wanted to make war with the elves.

While Canius Lupus were physically the better, they lived in small packs by nature. RedEarth was a well known and powerful grouping and had a large number of 65 members. The single elf city Lucas had visited held more the three thousand elves. No one wanted to make war when the outcome was clearly
not in their favor.

"Where is the alpha?" Lucas asked, and immediately many jumped to answer. The hunting males were not present, so Lucas had a good idea where his litter-brother was. He allowed the people to inform him however, and with a brief glance at the tiny elf, he walked off with some young males eager to help him locate the alpha.
Although she had cursed her heavy robes during the long journey here, Mai was now thanking the great dragon gods for them, for they hid her shaking rather well. The only male who had spoken to her during the month-long journey was gone now and an endless sea of wolves stared at her. They were truly terrifying beasts and she was to live among them, be the wife of one even. Most of them had wandered off after the red-furred male, but some hung back and stared at her with clear judgment. Finally, when Mai was sure she could not handle the thick silence and unnerving eyes a second longer, a tall, black-furred male moved closer to her.

"He will not like her." he grumbled. Mai could only guess he was frowning from the way his muzzle seemed to pull down a touch.

"She's too small and weak to be the alphas mate." he added, with a clear disapproval in his rough tongue, making the words seem harsh in his deep throat.

"He prefers white-furred females too, she doesn't even have fur." a white female agreed, moving closer to Mai as well. Both of the speakers circled her as if they wanted nothing more than to strike her down where she stood.

"But he does like small, weak females. You're the one who dislikes them, Nicholas." a new female voice rang out and a few wolves moved aside to allow a tall, broad, brown female access to where Mai was standing. At least, she suspected it was female, for they all wore long, leather loin cloths around their hips and no tops. But she distinguished that they had full chests, even if they were covered in thick fur. Also, they were a head shorter than the males who remained behind. Sweeping her eyes about the group, she noticed the small ones wore a smidgen more beads and decoration than the taller ones did.

"Off with you two. I have a new mate and a family on the way, war is the last thing I want." she snapped in a decidedly rude manner, but a chorus of agreement rose around her.

"Come now, do you have a name, female? I've heard elves treat their females very poorly." Even as she spoke she leaned down a bit to peer at Mai over the tip of her muzzle.

"Princess Mai, fifteenth daughter of King Xynas the fourth and lady Mia of the house of Jade Dragon." she recited brown female blinked, frowned, and cocked her head to one side as she looked down at Mai.

"What part of that was your name now?"

"A-all of it." Mai replied feeling silly and foolish before so many eyes.

"So when one speaks to you they call you by all that?"

"No..informally I'm just called Mai." only her mother and aunt ever called her by her given name. No others where allowed or interested in doing so.

"Ah. Well little one if your goin' to live here you'll have to learn to live without a long name or strange binding clothing." as she spoke the female frowned again at her, but her gaze was currently puzzling the elaborate dress Mai had been sent off in.

"I would not mind that." Mai whispered and her head ducked, speaking so boldly was very rude.

"That's good, there's hope yet then." the female announced and Mai noted the way her ears peeked and her shoulders lifted in a positive gesture.

"Come then little Mai, I'm Lillian and we need to get you cleaned up if your gonna' be seducing Connor." she spoke in such a commanding, powerful way that the elf immediately admired her.

"Seduce?!" Mai suddenly cried when she realized the word had been spoken and covered her face with her hands, which where hidden under elongated sleeves.

"Of course! How else you suppose your gonna' make him yours?" Lillian laughed and the white female from before scoffed and followed. Lillian led Mai up the embankment toward a large cave with wooden doors thrown open in invitation.

"Not all females are so wild like you Lillian. A female from the elves would not be the kind to know anything about seduction. They are completely submissive at all times." The white female grumbled out as she came to walk with them.

"Where's the fun in that?" Lillian blinked and both females glanced down at Mai who felt trapped between the two tall female wolves. She did not even reach their shoulders.

"I'm not sure...I've never been married." she stammered out and the two blinked and shared a long look.

"Married means mated?" the white female asked with mild interest and Mai knew there was a difference to elves of lower status but she nodded her head anyway.

"You're untouched by a male? Well now, that may be a problem." Lillian frowned, reaching out a paw to wrap around Mia's shoulders.

"You hips are very small, Connor may not be able to take you without tearing you up." she stated in a matter of fact voice.

"That's not something to be speakin' so openly about!" the white growled in a scandalized tone.

"Ah hush up, Rose." Lillian snapped back and tugged Mai through the heavy doors into her new home. The little elf was pale and far too stunned to do anything but follow.

Connor frowned with no small amount of annoyance as he pulled the heavy cloth of his door way and ducked into his private chamber. Pushed into the farthest part of the mountain, his chamber was one of the largest rooms carved out of the stone. Straightening himself he blinked then frowned at what greeted him.

She was indeed tiny.

Lucas had warned him the elf was petite but even for her own kind she was small. The pile of furs that served has his bed currently held her. A heavy fur was pulled up around her shoulders and she was sitting up. Her back to him as she peered at the back wall in what he guessed was thought, as there was nothing but stone to greet her eyes.

By the mother what if she was slow of wit?

Connor had no interest in mates during previous years and now he was answering for it. There was no way he could send her back and then watch war unfold. But nor did he want to be tied for life to this meek creature. Damn Lucas, that hair brained male was a complete fool for this nonsense. Connor knew that his younger litter mate was behind this. During previous visits Lucus had enjoyed the lusts of elf females and often encouraged Connor to do so also.

They where attractive beings he supposed, some of his males had liked the smooth skin and long limbs they possessed. At some point he recalled admitting that a quantity of them where rather delectable looking. Now he was straddled with one for life because of a mere lustful glance.

"Ah." the tiny sound caught his ear and he blinked his eyes onto the female, now turned and looking at him. Once he met her eyes she straight away dropped her gaze and did not look up again. The room was all that separated them and both wished it far longer.

"You're the elf, Mai." He asked and nearly rolled his eyes at his own nervous stupidity. Of course she was, why else would a naked elf be in his bed?

"I am." She answered, and tugged the fur closer to her bare skin.

"Lady Lillian and Lady Rose took my clothing." She whispered, hoping he would have them return them or anything for her to wear.

"Do not call them ladies, it is a term that means meek and feeble, an insult to the females here." He growled in a rougher voice then he had intended. The female ducked her head and seemed to want to slide completely under the fur to hide.

"You may not like it but you must learn the ways of my people." He tried to explain, more to himself then her.

"I never said I didn't like it." She spoke in a soft tone meant only for her own ears.

"You should know I can hear you as if you where right beside me. We hear much better then your kind." He warned softly, slowly moving closer toward her while making a point to have no hurry to reach her.

She offered no reply but he noticed her face flushing, a sign of embarrassment among elves.

Her skin was a dark brown color that reminded him of fall leaves. With no fur she was endlessly smooth. Her facial features where in proportion to her kind so he guessed she was considered beautiful. Long black glossy head fur hung about her shoulders and pooled around her on the furs. It was well groomed and he found himself pleased with it.

She also smelled very fine, he noted. Canuis Lupus females had a hard time scrubbing scents out of their fur, while skin was much easier to clean. It was her own scent too, not a mask of flower smells her kind often wore. Just her scent and he found himself fond of it.

He focused on the positive things and tried to image her moving beneath him during mating. He needed to make this female his for his people, and having a physical want for her would help.

"Did Lillian explain anything of this night to you?" He asked, knowing Rose would never have. Nicolas reported that those two had taken care of her. The little elf shook her head and he huffed a breath of annoyance.

"I'm going to scent you and we shall see if physical want can exist between us." He had been moving closer to her and was now at the end of the bed, not a foot from her.

"Y-you...what?" She still had not looked up at him and Connor placed a paw on the bed and ducked his body low to peer up into her startled eyes.

"Look at me when we speak. I will scent you now." He told her and in a firm tug, yanked her fur blanket from her.

Mai swallowed a cry as the fur she had covered herself was suddenly pulled away. He had distracted her with his eyes on purpose. Blinking tears she covered her nude body with her arms. Staring down at the furs she was laying on, she knew none where large enough to make proper covers.

She could see his paws from the corner of her eye as well as the edges of knees has he leaned against the raised bed in a half kneeling position beside her.

"Drop you arms." He ordered in a firm voice that made her wince. Trembling she obeyed and let her arms fall to her sides, her body exposed to his eyes.

Still staring at the bedding rather then the male she could feel his gaze on her, examining her.

"Look up at me." He rumbled again and his exasperation was in his voice.

Peeking up at him she was thankful he was busy looking at her body and not her face. That was when she noticed his eyes. One was a bright almost white shade of blue while the other was a hot golden yellow. His fur was an off-white grey color, and he had small beads woven into his mane, which fell about his shoulders like hair. His ears sat half way up and his body held a little tension. Possibly a sign that he too was uneasy with the situation?

She finished the thought just as his eyes travelled back up her body to meet her own. It took her conscious effort not to bow her head as she had been taught. Back stiff, she sat before him nude and did her best to ignore it. Carefully she folded her hands on her lap while making sure not to obscure his view.

"What is scenting?" she asked softly, needing to speak and break the heavy silence.

"This is scenting." The wolf replied and moved close, fully kneeling on the bed now. Placing a paw beside her ankle, he carefully put weight onto it has he moved his upper body closer to her.

Like a curious but cautious animal, he slowly moved closer to her and craned his neck forward so his muzzle was inches from her naked shoulder.

Mai congratulated herself when she managed to keep eye contact the entire time he moved toward her, but now she seemed unable to break it. He took sniffs of her skin and moved his body closer to her, shifting his weight and moving behind her. His breath felt painfully hot on her skin has he moved around her,
sniffing and breathing her in. Mai was glad he was behind her and she could not see him while she tightened her trembling hands as he circled around.

"How can our union be decided by you smelling me?" she managed to ask as he moved to sit in front of her, his long hind paws crossed over one another.

"I can tell by your scent if you are enjoying my attentions." he stated easily and placed his paws on her hips. Mai sucked in her breath at the touch while he tugged her up. Fumbling and still very aware of her naked body she struggled to kneel in front of him. With his head bent low and her body forced to bend
forward to sit up, she jumped when the moisture of his nose brushed the curve of her breast.

"So your kind are sensitive on their chests?" the male asked slowly as she placed a tiny, delicate hand on his forearm to steady herself and settled into a kneeling positioning in front of him. On her knees and with him sitting while bending low, their faces where level.

"Well?" he asked when she offered no answer and once again she was looking off to the side.

"Yes, we are." she mumbled out and he felt a measure of hunger begin to stir. He liked soft mates, enjoyed timid attitudes within the mating process and found himself comfortable with the elf.

Bowing his head, he scented her again, this time at her neck, then bending low to smell the curve of her breast, his eyes still staring into her face.

"I'm not going to tell you again." Came the warning and ever so reluctantly her eyes slid to meet his again. Pulling his legs out from under him and placing them behind him, he moved lower on his knees and his nose paused at her hips.

Her tiny hand that had held his arm had slid up when he moved and now rested against his shoulder. She held him there, refusing to allow him to go lower.

Connor could easily break her light grip but rather, decided to coax her.

"I'm scenting you. I'll know now if you enjoyed my attentions." He mock growled in a low voice and watched her face flush ever so slightly. Truth be told he was well aware that his near touches has excited her, he could smell her strong clear scent from across the room if he wanted. But he wished to dip his head between her thighs and be embraced by the delectable smell.

Looking down at the wild animal in front of her, Mai shivered and looked away from his eyes but also dropped her hand. His breath washed her thighs and her small body tensed. Never before had anyone been between her legs, and she felt short of breath and very light-headed. Although she had done nothing
physical, she could feel sweat gathering all over her body.

"Your scent is very strong." The male rumbled, his muzzle ever so lightly brushing her thigh has he spoke.

"It became very potent when I placed my paws on you." he added lowly, his voice tightly bound with an emotion Mai did not understand.

How could an elf understand the power of its scent though? He knew she did not have any real knowledge of his people's, maybe even her own, sexual stimulants. Another thing that made female elves worth while was their scent. In mere seconds it could suddenly become as powerful as a Cainus Lupus female in full heat. And damn if it did not drive males into lustful need.

Moving back suddenly he heard her expel a soft breath of relief and smirked. Without warning he gripped her behind her knees and yanked hard. Shocked, she fell onto her backside but the furs took the sting from it.

"W-what are you doing!?!" she half cried, half whimpered and the raw fear gave him pause.

"Hush your worries, I'm not going to hurt you, little one. I'm merely placing you into a position to scent better." The wolf explained for her as he tugged her legs apart and lifted her small feet to rest on either of his shoulders.

"...You could have asked." she finally replied with a weak frown, her face turned to the side again as she spoke so boldly to the male.

"I am an alpha, and I do not ask. Now we'll have to break this habit you have of not meeting my eyes." he told her as he pulled her feet up to slide past his shoulders and onto his back while he lowered himself to her thighs once more.

"You should watch female, you'll want to know what I'm doing." he coaxed with a tease and her head snapped to look at him while he gave the inside of her thigh a long slow lick.

Without warning she gave a startle whimper that held little fear and Connor decided then and there that they would manage this mating fine, for he adored vocal bed mates.

Her breath was uneven and her body was shaking terribly. The back of her thighs and legs seemed to burn with the heat radiating off of his shoulders and back. Wide-eyed she watched him run his long tongue against the other thigh and she trembled harder.
No one had ever touched, or even looked at her like this before. A princess did not take lovers, and anyone who courted her spoke to her politely from across a table with a chaperone present.
Mai knew nothing of this male except that he was the leader of his people. They had been in each others presence no longer then a few moments and his head was between her thighs.

"Pease stop. " the petite female whimpered as she struggled to slide her legs from him.

"Stop squirming about." he replied evenly, his attention fully focused between her legs.

"Please, I'm not ready for this." It felt far too good and unlike anything she experienced. All too fast her heart was pounding and her body sweating but she had done nothing to make them so. Everything was feeling out of place and this sudden pleasure his tongue caused was too much for her to handle.

"I assure you, you are." he smirked, and his eyes glanced up to meet hers. Mai thanked the dragon gods he had done so for her tears seemed to make him pause.

Releasing her thighs he crawled up her body, his own brushing hers while not putting any weight onto her.

"What is wrong little Mai? Why do you cry so?" Connor's voice held genuine confusion as he rubbed the side of her face with his paw. The contact made her shake more but he persisted to try and sooth her with his touches.

"I'm scared. I'm not used to this. Where I come from males seldom touch females, even those who are married give little contact." The tiny elf sniffed weakly and wiped her face.

"How is that possible? A husband and wife who are married will join and there is much contact in sex." she felt a measure of comfort when he tried to use elf terms. Shifting he sat up and pulled her into his lap.

"The husband just moves between her legs and places his seed with in her. Other then that they do not touch." Mai had expected a cold marriage her entire life. No one had ever shown her genuine interest and her title could help some noble man become more wealthy. So Mai had always assumed she would marry for no reason beyond politics.

When Connor seemed to scoff at her explanation she told him her parents marriage had been so. The king visited her mother six times, four for sex, once on the day she announced her pregnancy and the sixth on her birth. After he discovered a daughter he turned and did not look back.

"It bothers you he did this?" Connor asked abruptly and the female in his lap blinked up at him with mild surprise. She had calmed considerably and sat perched in his lap with some relaxation in her form.

"He is the king. He wanted a son and when he did not get one he was disappointed. Many men in my land are so. With the wars we are fighting on the other boarders raging, sons mean more warriors and heirs in case of death." Mai explained in a factual voice, her mind disturbed that he had seen her hidden pain.

"None the less, any child abandoned will have anger for its parent." The Canius Lupus replied and shifted her around again. Mai allowed him to do so and obeyed his tugs and pulls until she found herself on her back while he rested on his stomach beside her.

"Our union will be a good one, little Mai. I cannot promise you love but I know it grows between two who are honest and willing to try." he rested his head on a paw and looked down at her with ease. His free arm reached out to rest upon her chest so his paw was gently rubbing the side of her face.

"Why do you do that?" she asked when the tension in her body from the sudden touch eased.

"My mother used to rub my face to calm me. It's common among my people. The same with rubbing ones neck and back. Or legs, thighs, paws, arms. Touching in general is common." he replied with a laugh before lifting his arm from her.

Mai blushed when his eyes swept down her body and she was surprised she had forgotten her bare body. But the furs were warm and Connor's body gave off endless heat. The caves were not very cold to begin with either.

"Roll over." The male told her and she blinked back in alarm at the strange male.

"Why?" she asked and he merely looked back at her. So with a shiver of apprehension, Mai rolled slowly unto her stomach as he was and felt hesitation when he moved out of her sight. She felt his paws brush her neck when he gathered her long hair and pulled it to one side, exposing her back to his view.

Thankfully she felt the heat of his paws just before he gently rested then on her upper back, for if not she might have jumped at the touch.

He simply began to rub her shoulders back and forth. Raising her arms, she crossed them in front of her and rested her face in their shelter. There had been places in her home where other females would do this to help lessen stress. Mai understood this and relaxed as the wolf above her eased some of the past month's tension from her body.

Connor shifted above her and swung his leg over her to have her legs between his spread knees. Resting on the tops of his hind paws he easily but carefully rubbed the small elf down.

It surprised him how easily she had accepted the attention but he did not question it. The silence between them was much more tranquil then earlier.

Connor intended to rub her down and hopefully have her drift off to sleep. If not he would eventually drag the cover over her and they could lay to rest. Either way he had no intention of trying to touch her sexually again. This was the night he was to scent her, not mate with her.

If Mai told Lillian or Rose he had even licked her a couple of times he knew the wrath of the females would come looking for him. Scenting was a ritual of two who had never met before, not a prelude to sex. He had over stepped the boundary with the little elf and any female Cainus Lupus was going to be affronted that he had touched her and even made her cry.

With a lofty sigh for the many angry female complaints he was going to have to hear tomorrow, Connor's mind was miles away. Therefore he felt badly startled when he caught a whiff of excitement from Mai. Glancing to her face he found it still hidden within her arms.

The smell was wafting up from her between her sweet thighs. Looking down between the hidden area, he leaned back and peered to catch a tiny glisten of moisture. Blinking up at the female again he felt bewildered by her sudden change, bewildered and undeniably excited. Still massaging her lower back, he let his paws fall lower and cup her backside with strong rubbing motions.

Mai had not meant for it to happen. When he had licked her thighs she was barraged with far too many emotions to deal with. Pleasure had been among them though and when he had begun massaging her back she had relaxed and allowed her mind to take some peace. When it was finally ready to examine what had happened, the fact that it felt good was at the top of the list. Trying to push away such thoughts had been hard and the memory of his smug eyes staring her down while he ran his tongue along her leg was not about to be forgotten. The wet feeling of it and the texture where something to be scrutinized, her mind decided. More so he had stopped when he saw he fear. Stopped to sooth her and make sure she was alright. A crying woman was a weak one, more so during her first night with her husband. Every story she had heard of first sexual encounters where the woman cried involved the men doing one of two things. Either ignoring the tears and thrusting on or pulling away and leaving in disgust. Connor had not even thrust into her yet and she had burst into tears. But he had been so kind to comfort her fears and even do something to help diminish her tension. Unbidden the sight and feel of his tongue returned.

Above her, the wolf paused in his rhythmic motions and Mai felt her heart jump, did he know? He began again and she allowed the anxiety to lessen with in her.

Sex was not something Mai knew. Husbands taught their wives all they wanted them to know and nothing more. All she had ever known about sex was that her husband would place himself in her and give his seed to create children with. Some unions where pleasurable, they could feel good while others where harder and felt painful.

Mai knew something of her body's pleasures though. When she had summered in her mother's family house she had been allowed to wear pants to ride her horse. Somewhere in the years where her body had became a true female's she had discovered a secret pleasure.

The material would rub against her thighs and when she pushed herself high on the leather of the horse saddle she felt a pressure against her body. She would roll her hips sometimes when the forbidden pleasure mounted. But never too long or too much for fear of being discovered.

Mai was so far away in her mind recalling how good it had felt to push herself against something hard and ridged that she barely registered her present state.

Connor's paws had travelled down at some point and she could feel him rubbing the inside of her leg while the other paw massaged the curve of her rump.

Buried in her arms Mai struggled to keep herself in control of her body. She had always been able to pull herself from the pleasure when ridding. But then she had also been in control of the pleasure itself.

His paw abandoned her rump and without warning cupped her most intimate part. Mai jerked her head up and gave a startled gasp at the contact. It was unlike anything she knew. No brushes or half touches but a full strong pleasure. His paw rubbed back and forth and one finger kept accidentally brushing the small bud above her opening. Mai moaned long and loud at the brazenly delightful gratification.

Connor tried to keep a semblance of calm as he explored her flesh but she was defiantly enjoying it far more than earlier. He wanted to lick her like before and taste the mouthwatering scent she was giving off. But he did not want to frighten her again either. Well aware that she was heating up under him, he was conscious that once again he was going too far.

Still rubbing her, he noted she liked his fingers to touch the small piece of flesh about her slit and he made effort to give it attention. Removing his other paw from her thigh, Connor quickly undid the lacing of his lion cloth and let it slide down.

Grasping himself, he stroked his length with long, tight movements and gritted his teeth when his hips began to jerk. By the mother her scent was strong and her moisture was coating his paw as well.

Shifting his weight he pulled his paw from her and replaced it with his other. Raising the paw, he dipped his head to lick the glistening moisture and felt his unattended cock jump at the taste of her.

The small elf tasted delightful, looked enchanting, and felt pleasing. Everything was definitely satisfactory. The need was rising wildly and Connor felt common sense slip as he pushed his paw roughly against the female beneath him.

Mai had begun to jerk her hips against his paw and he watched her rump's movements with no small amount of hunger. He again began to stroke his length in fast, hard jerks as he stared at her backside with lustful want. The beginnings of a small release were starting to course though him. Once he had a release control would return.

He gave Mai's tight pussy a rough squeeze as he ground his palm against her opening and his fingers wildly danced over clit.

The little elf threw her head back and moaned again, much louder this time. She could feel something mounting and beginning to break.
Her hips jerked but it was not enough for her, so she lifted her hips high and pushed against Connor's paw, only to moan again and bury her face in the furs.
Fumbling, she started to jerk herself to his movements and pushed herself to her knees to move better. Not fully understanding what she had just signalled to the male above her.

Beneath him the small elf was moving oddly about. He moved back to give her room and lifted a leg for her to slide her own under it and then wider. Connor watched her lift her rump and felt his cock twitch at the offer she was giving. Still using a paw to play with her, he pushed her other leg out and she went up higher, unto her knees, giving her silent permission to him.

Jerking himself still he pulled her hips back and she fell back against him. The momentary touch leaving long strands of her slick moisture between them.

Her breath was coming in short hard gasps and he took a moment to rub her. One paw from behind while the other slid around her front to rub her flesh. He pressed a single digit against her opening and his elf cried out as her scent peeked and her hips jerked wildly with abandon of a female in complete pleasure.

Connor did not understand how she could climax without him in her but he did not intend to wait to ask. Pulling his paws from her he grasped her hips and pushed himself into the tight opening. Never in all his life had he felt any female so tight and hot before. His hips shoved forward and he grunted at the feeling of it.

Mai's little body felt so good against him, he shoved at her without restraint, looking for release.

As his thrusts grew less timed and more born of frantic need, he gripped her hips tighter and felt a good long release rising.

He could almost feel it within her and he looked down at her smooth back and long black hair. One paw left her waist to grasp some strands loosely. She had her face buried in her arms again and Connor knew he would teach her to be more open during sex.

Her arms where crossed tightly and her fingers were buried deeply in her upper arms. Blood was dripping from the gouges she was making and for the first time Connor felt a sense of wrong touch him.

He stopped moving even though his body demanded carelessly to finish and the crest he was so close to fell back disappointedly.

"Mai?" The wolf panted out, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Resting a paw above her arms to hold himself up he called her name again and then he smelled it.

His body went very still and Connor suddenly felt very cold as the smell of warm fresh blood filled his nose. The small cuts on her arms were too little to make the strong scent and Connor's sensitive nose knew it was coming from a different place on her.

"Mai." he hissed her name in a panicked voice and pulled free from her body. She fell onto the furs and her small body coiled tightly together.

There was blood everywhere. It coated his cock and was smeared all over his thighs. Her own thighs where similarly smeared and her tiny opening was ripped. Her flesh was torn apart and the sight forced Connor to jump back and fall off the bed in panicked movements.

"Lillian!" he roared for the female once and turned back to Mai.

Fumbling, he crawled to where her head rested and gentle placed a paw on her hair.

"Mai, please answer me." he whispered furiously and stroked her hair tenderly to try and sooth her.

"Please little Mai, talk to me, say something." he begged and clutched the furs with his free paw in a painful grip.

"Connor?" A soft voice beckoned to him and he looked toward the door, the cover still in place.

"Mary said you called?" Lillian called again.

"Come in here, call a healer immediately, a female one." Connor answered in a low voice that made the fur on her neck rise. Lillian's smile faded as she glanced at the young wolf who had summoned her.

"Go, find Anna." she instructed and then ducked under the flap of the doorway to her alpha's room.

"What happened?!" Lillian cried and rushed over to the female elf on the bed. She was bleeding from her slit and Lillian felt her heart rise to her throat. There was blood everywhere, smeared on her thighs and rump and all over Connor's front.

"I don't know, she won't talk. We mated, I tore her badly Lillian, badly." Connor's voice held raw emotion and he was petting the female to calm himself more than her, Lillian realized.

The alpha had never hurt a female before. In fights, genders tended to fight the same gender and even so a fight was very different situation. Nor had Connor ever done anything to receive a female's physical wrath before either, they were both in bad shape.

"Mai?" she asked the female once before yanking the elf's arms from her face.

"Don't hurt her." Connor snapped in a snarl and Lillian's ears went flat.

"I'm not trying to." the female wolf hissed back and peered at the small female's face. The little elf was crying and her eyes where tightly shut.

"Mai?" Lillian asked again, still holding her arms from her face but the female gritted her teeth and pushed her face into the furs.

"Clearly you're hurt Mai. We need you to explain this, we don't know anything about your people."

"Alpha?" a soft voice called out and Connor raised his head and called the healer in. The small brown female entered carrying a tray of assorted herbs and various powders that made both wolves noses twitch. She quickly moved to the bloody mess on the bed and crawled onto the furs to peered at Mai's back side. Taking a damp cloth from the tray, she pressed it against the torn flesh and Mai let out a low, weak whimper.

"Mai?" Connor asked softly while he stroked her face with a warm paw.

"My name is Anna, Mai and I need you to explain where it hurts for me." she calmly asked and was met with the same silence.

"...Connor, Lillian could you please leave?" the experienced healer asked of them as she dipped a cloth into warm water to soak.

"What? No!" Connor growled back but Anna looked up sharply toward the alpha male of her pack with a will that few showed their leader.

"Please give me some time to talk to her and try to coax her." she request in a tone that clearly stated she was not asking.

Lillian looked to the floor and reaching down, she yanked a fur from the ground and handed it over to Connor.

"You need to bathe yourself. Anna can watch her while you do so." she said as she placed a paw on his shoulder. They had been childhood friends and she hoped he would heed her.

"Out." Anna commanded, and uncharacteristically but thankfully Connor obeyed. The alpha sighed deeply but followed Lillian out, still glancing back at the elf.

"Tell me Mai, did Connor rape you?" Anna asked in a calm but direct tone and the elf jerked to life at the question.

"No! I let him." Mai fiercely answered and frowned at the wolf as she realized the intent was to make her speak more than accuse Connor of any sins.

"I thought so but I needed to know." the old healer replied in her demure tone but with a slight smirk along her muzzle.

"Does this sting much?" she asked as while pushing a wet warm cloth against the torn skin between Mai legs and the elf winced.

"It does. May I have something to cover myself?" the tiny female whispered as she tried to hide her obvious discomfort and Anna laughed out right.

"You are the alpha female now, you don't ask for things you command." Was her advice as she pulled the abandoned blanket from the floor and held it up so Mai could wrap it around herself. With the blanket to warm her Mai laid down on her side and allowed the healer to lift the blanket and peer at her body again.

"Do you know what happened?" the healer asked and watched Mai nod her head in positive as she hid herself in the large fur, a sign of anxiety.

"Will you explain it to me then?" the wolf gently prompted when she did not begin elaborating.

"Females bodies tear sometimes during their first time." came a tiny voice as the elf sank deeper into the cover, embarrassed at speaking of such things while the old wolf hid a smile at the young females silly antics.

"This was your first then?" Anna asked, knowing the answer already but enjoying her light teasing of the elf and her new alpha female. The little was sweet and would be well received if she would open a bit.


"Well, I can see where you have torn and the flesh is very thin. It almost seems as if it was meant to tear since the opening itself is very small, a superficial wound at best. You may show some soreness at first but after that the skin will heal on its own." speaking in a soft tone the wolf reached out to squeeze Mai's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Now wipe your face up and explain where the rest of this blood came from." she instructed lightly while she handed Mai a damp warm cloth and the elf obediently wiped her tear stained face.

"It's from inside me. During a female's first time the male breaks a thin barrier inside her as well. The bleeding comes from that. Now I'll have regular blood moons every month." Mai explained quietly as Anna stood up, walked to the edge of the bed, and looked around.

"Blood moons? Pray tell what those are?" came the genuine interest from the wolf that was eager to learn more about elves.

"On the full moon I'll bleed out like tonight, it's my body is cleansing itself. I'm also capable of bearing young now." Mai watched the female kick about furs on the floor, seeming to search for something.

"Such a strange nature your females have." the old female mused while she held up a fur before discarding it as too small.

"Yes, it is odd but we can also breed outside our species with ease, which is seldom ever seen." the little elf answered with a hint of what could have been pride.

"Ah? You'll have to tell me more about that another time. Was it very painful to bleed?" Anna questioned as she inspected another and seemed pleased by it, the blanket on the elf was now smeared heavily in blood and would trail a mess if she used it to cover herself while walking.

"No. It hurt to have the barriers breached but the actual bleeding isn't painful, nor should future sex be."

"Why where you so embarrassed earlier?" the wise healer inquired as she approached the bed again and beckoned Mai to sit up, which she did.

"You noticed? I was embarrassed because most females have a healer break the inside barrier so they don't bleed out like I did during the first union. Many men dislike it and are rather disgusted." Was the whispered confession as the elf looked down and watched the wolf's feet approach. Silently Anna held the fur and after a pause Mai realized what she wanted, sliding from the bed she stood up and let the wolf drape the fur over her shoulders.

"Come now, hold this around you, we need to take you to bathe all the blood off. Are you afraid Connor was disgusted?" the other female spoke so calmly, like she was asking about the weather and the elf was not sure if it comforted her or made her uneasy.

"He was very upset." she admitted, recalling his emotional voice as had called her name. But he had tried to comfort her by petting her? Mai was fairly certain he was since he mentioned it was common behaviour for his kind.

"He was wasn't he?" Anna mused lightly and tugged the fur tighter around the tiny female. It hung around her feet and covered the bloody mess about her waist but the scent was still strong.

"Come on now, I'll take you to the river." she held a paw out towards the door and Mai nodded before stepping towards it. The pain immediately made itself known but it was not something that over powered her. With careful steps she moved to the door and Anna pulled the cloth covering back. Lillian and Rose as well as a group of females where gathered all peering at her with wide worried eyes.

"What happened?"

"Will she be alright?"

"What did the idiot male do?!" someone cried and Mai blinked at the females gathered, not expecting such a huge fuss over something so trivial.

"Why do I smell blood?" Rose even asked with honest worry.

"You best take a moment to comfort them; they're your people now." Anna whispered in her ear so low Mai barely caught it.

"I'm fine." she announced and the growling females fell silent to hear what she had to say.

"What happened?" Rose asked and reached out to rub Mai's neck and Lillian had also reached out to grasp Mai's tiny hand in her paw.

"We mated." The elf replied and immediately the females bristled. Mai then learned that Connor it seemed was not supposed to lay a single paw on her body. If anything he was supposed to keep a very formal distance rather than being too aggressive.

"Ah, well he did touch me and we mated. He tore my maiden head so I bled a bit." was her attempt at a casual explanation and the group suddenly fell very silent.

"He tore your what...?" Lillian asked and Mai glanced worriedly at Anna, the healer was hiding a smile behind her paw. The old wolf offered no help to the little alpha.

"It's a...well....the ..flesh...a part of me between my..." Mai pointed to her crotch, red faced with humiliation as having to talk about something so personal to a group of relative strangers.

"He was so rough he tore you?!" Rose screeched and the elf blinked up when the entire group started raging about Connor and many very rude phrases.

"Well, he wasn't overly rough, I allowed his attentions and he tried to be gentle, he was very kind." She tried to defend him when they made his action out to be so cruel but many of the females just looked at her with a mix of sympathy and pity.

"Mai, sweety, he tore your flesh. That is not being gentle." Lillian explained in a slow voice that annoyed the female, the wolf had rested her paws on her the elf's shoulders and peered down at her like she would a pup.

"Well it's not like anyone explained to him how elf female's bodies worked." The little female finally snapped back. Lillian blinked in surprise at the hostile tone and so did Rose, a new light coming to their eyes as Lillian smirked ever so slightly.

"Ah, well your right. Where the hells is Lucas? That horn dog mates with anything and everything. Why did he not explain anything to Connor when he damn well knew it?" Lillian announced and the females all seemed to disburse in various directions, only Rose, Lillian and Anna stayed behind.

"Come now, Mai let us go clean you up?" Anna inquired and Lillian stepped back dropping her arms from the elf's shoulders.

"Go wash, you can explain everything in detail later." Rose announced before the two females walked off together, head bent toward one another as they whispered furiously.

"Detail?" the meek female asked in a weak voice and glanced at Anna who looked mildly sympathetic.

"You're their alpha female now; privacy is a thing of the past." was her only council as she gently pushed Mai into motion.

Connor ducked his head under the water once more. He had lost count of how many needless times he submerged himself in the river water. The ice cold temperature bit at his body even through his fur.

Mai's blood was long gone from his body but the male could still see it. As he moved about he could occasionally smell it, even though he knew it was an illusion.

Why had she not said anything? Why did she not tell him to stop or alert him he was hurting her?

Lucas had mated with elf females easily and stated they could always handle a Canuis Lupus and so Connor had not even had a thought if he would fit within her. Running his fingers through his hair, he exhaled and could see his breath. Looking to the waters reflection he stared at himself until the unwanted images of Mai's torn body and tear stained face burned his eye sight. Once again the wolf ducked his head into the chilling night water to try and wash something he knew no amount of scrubbing would clean.

"Oh my, he must be feeling quite guilty." Anna mused as she and Mai came upon a river bank, Connor was a little ways into the river facing away from them.

"Guilty?" the elf worried and watched the male shake his head as if trying to banish some thought.

"Our females bodies are strong Mai, a female only rips if the male is brutally rough. Connor no doubt thinks he did that." Anna elaborated and helped the sore female down the steep embankment.

"But I told you-" Mai began but the healer silenced her with a raised paw.

"Yes and now you must tell him. He needs to hear it from you before this wound cuts too deep." the healer advised and left her on the river edge, walking a ways into the cold river water.

"Connor." The elder wolf called once and the male turned towards them. His eyes found Anna and then quickly jumped to elf on the shore. Quickly he looked her over once and dropped his gaze from her, ears falling low on his head.

Mai felt her hoped fall flat then, he was disappointed with her after all. Silently she watched Anna wade out deeper and Connor moved to meet the other wolf. They conversed too far for Mai to hear them over the moving water.

"I need you to take Mai up to the hot water pools. She needs to bathe and the rivers chill will certainly kill her." Anna announced and the male seemed uncharacteristically hesitant.

"Lillian and Rose can take her up." Was his solution but the female shook her head against it.

"You need to do so, she's upset and so are you. If this mating is to work then you must
communicate with her, not run away with your tail tucked low every time something bad happens." Anna sternly lectured the male as if he were still a young pup.

"I should send her home." Connor replied and the female bit her lip and frowned full force at the melancholy male.

"Please Connor, the female not going to bleed to death or anything, what happened had to happen, it's part of her people's bodies." came the quick explanation as the female turned to go back to shore.

"How do you know? Did she tell you so?" Connor immediately asked the older female and felt some new emotion spring to life within him.

"Talk to her, she'll explain it to you. You need to help sooth her shame, because she is very ashamed right now." Anna held up a paw when he opened his mouth to speak, another deep frown marring his features.

"And she will help you put this groundless self loathing you have to rest. If you sent her home now Connor she'd be forever in her shame and you in your loathing." again the female held a paw to stop the male from talking as she turned and started for the water's edge.

Mai has seated herself on a large boulder and sat with her feet dangling over the river. The small elf had lost interest in the two wolves and was watching the water with a measuring look. Although she probably did not know it she looked adorable as she dipped a toe into the water and pulled it back sharply. Connor watched her wince and shiver, tugging her furs closer around her petite form. Heaving a deep sigh he dunked his head in the water one last time before following Anna.

"Connor will take you up to the hot water pools in the mountain Mai. The water here is much too cold for you." Anna announced as she approached and the elf looked rather relieved to know she was not bathing in this particular river. Reaching out, the healer patted her once on the head in a soft gesture before making her way back up the embarkment.

"Thank you!" Mai called after her and the female's ears twitched as she lifted a paw to wave without looking back.

Connor came to shore and the elf turned to face him slowly, her eyes downcast. He was dripping half the lake it seemed as he shook off like a wet dog would. Mai had to hide her smile in the fur wrapped around her as she felt drops of water hit her exposed leg. The wolf quickly pulled on a loincloth and shook once more, making her hide more to avoid the water, though he was a way from her to avoid soaking her.
The male frowned at her; so hidden in the fur around her he could not gauge her emotions properly. Unsure what to do he took a step towards the mountain and then paused. Turning he walked over to where Mai was seated.

"I'll take you to the hot water pools." he muttered needlessly and gently began to pick her up. Anna said she was not seriously wounded but she must still be in some pain. The least he could do was carry her to the pools. When Mai gave a small start and he felt his ears and spirit drop. He yanked his paws from her as if she had burned him.

"I'm not going to hurt you Mai." he quickly told her and the elf blinked up at him with genuine surprise on her face.

"Your paws are very cold." she simply stated and Connor felt like a fool. He had never been very good at dealing with females. Bed games where something he knew well enough but outside it he felt insecure and had little idea what to do. It was a big part of the reason why he had never taken a mate.

"Are you angry with me?" Mai whispered when he remained silent and her eyes chanced a quick glance into his.

"Angry?" Connor repeated dumbly, why would he be angry with her? Should she not be the one enraged by his actions? The petite creature sat perched on the stone and seemed to wait for an answer.

"No, little Mai I'm not angry, why would I be? I'm not angry." he scuffled through the words and the small female nodded her head once he was done. An awkward silence fell between them and Connor felt his nerve running out.

"I'll take you now." he muttered finally and reached down to quickly grasp her around her waist and under her knees. Her weight was nothing and he easily lifted while careful not to let her fall against his still wet body.
Mai felt her face burn as she struggled to deal with the situation at hand. Connor was not angry with her. That was a good thing for sure. Anna had mentioned he felt guilty? Did he truly believe that he had hurt her terribly? Glancing up at him she noted he avoided eye contact now. With a slight blush on her face she shifted herself and her body slid against his chest. His fur was dripping wet and Mai shivered at the cold contact but the sting immediately receded as Connors body heat seeped passed the wet fur and wrapped around her securely. He stopped in mid step and did not move as Mai rested her head against his shoulder, her brow brushing his throat.

"I'm cold." she whispered finally and his heavy body seemed to sigh as he pulled her furs up closer around her and continued. Mai berated herself for making excuses while Connor continued to try and figure something to say.

"You said you like it here? Earlier I mean. Do you? Like it I mean?" he nearly bit his tongue when that particular sentence fumbled out. The male felt so out of place in the moment he would have preferred fighting wars then having to stand there holding her delicate frame against him.

"I do." she answered easily and Mai felt the beginning of a smile on her face. The small female could swear that he was nervous! Where had that confident seductive male gone?

"I'm enjoying it here very much; your people have been very kind and helpful." Came a more thorough reply and they drifted into a light conversation.

Mai explained that she had little fear of his people, if anything she was more fascinated then afraid. The elf had always adored animals and had often watched wild feral wolves. The beasts were a quarter of the canius lupus size and not quite as smart, but close. They where respected cousins the male explained to her and she listened interestedly.

"Anna said you felt ashamed." Connor suddenly stated and Mai blinked up at the grey wolf.

"She said you felt shamed little Mai, why would you?" he asked quietly and tucked her more closely under his chin, the gesture comforting.

"I'm sorry Connor." she wanted to say his name, hoped he felt a thrill like she did when he spoke hers.

"Sorry for what? You have done nothing to apologise for. Anna said..." he hesitated and she sensed he was struggling with the words again.

"What happened this night, with your bleeding. She said it was something all your people do. But regardless I saw your body Mai, I know I tore you. I must live with this now." His tone was formal and held a bit of bite to it that was self directed.

"But you have done nothing wrong. All the crimes of this evening are my own." the male finished with a solemn tone and Mai flushed against his fur. He was not angry with her nor was he upset with her. The negative emotions rolling off of him where directed towards himself. The wolf thought he had hurt her terribly and felt bad for it. The elf did not know how to reply to this and so she remained quiet, trying to find the right words to explain the situation to him fully.

"We are here." Connor muttered and stalked into the darkness of a cave they had been approaching.

"I can't see very well so hold on." were his soft instructions that made Mai slid her arms around his broad neck and secured herself to him. The fur blanket around her shoulders fell away and her bare body was pressed against his damp but warm fur. Connor paused only for a moment when she shifted and quickly regained himself. With slow steps he carefully moved towards the distant sound of dripping water.
The little elf was feeling upset; she felt shamed and had asked forgiveness from him for some crime she believed she had committed but what? The female had done nothing wrong. He had seduced her, gone too far and then taken her. He had been too lost in lust to even realize he was committing a terrible crime.
The light came slowly and he carefully began to pick out shapes. The moonlight coming down from the open holes in the large cavern lit the way. Walking upward towards a slight opening he moved away from the distant sounds of other wolves. Ducking into a narrow cave he knew, they stepped outside again.

Mai glanced about and found they were on a high ledge. The full moon had lit their way in the open woods and now it lit up the small area for them. Mai's eyes where sharp and could see far, she guessed Connor's people had similar night eyes. He set her down with care and Mai pulled the blanket around her shoulders again and peered around her. The ledge opened to a spectacular view of her new home. She could see the large wood doors to the main home of the RedEarth pack. The forest was spread across a wide valley with large open fields tossed about. A single lake was in the center of the valley and she could see streams from the mountain flowing toward it. Every now and then she could pick out wolves running about or laying in open areas.

"Cainus Lupus seem very active at night." she commented gently to make conversation and the wolf snorted.

"Young pups mostly. The adolescents always stay late into the twilight and sleep late after the sun has risen." The male grumbled, clearly less than impressed. Mai smiled and bit her lip to swallow a laugh at the mirror image of her own people's youth. She recalled a time when she too would stay up late reading in her room and then sleep passed breakfast.

"Come." he called and she turned from the valley spread out before her to see the wolf gesturing to a large pool she had not even noticed. Mai walked over to him and she dipped her fingers into the water.

"It's hot?" she exclaimed in wonder.

"Yes, the volcano on the other side heats the water here. Just take care not to go too deep into the caverns; the water becomes dangerously hot there." was his stern warning before he wrapped his paws around her waist. The elf started but then let him help her up onto the ledge as her feet slowly slid into the water.

"Is it too hot little Mai?"

"No, its fine, splendid actually." she answered with a small smile and sat with her feet in the water. Blushing heavily again she told herself that mates were like married couples. With a deep steadying breath she dropped the fur from her shoulders and slipped into the water up to her shoulders before she reached a stone ledge to sit on. Connor watched her closely and he noted her face held a slight wince when she sat in the water.

"Are you aching still?" he inquired lowly with a tone that made Mai worry.

"Yes, many females are sore after their first union among my people." she whispered and stared at the water solemnly. The elf had to explain this to the wolf; she did not want to leave him thinking he had committed a terrible crime to her.

"What happened tonight isn't something horrible or wrong." she rushed out and felt her face burn red, men always knew the facts of a females body and women never had to explain it to them.

"When joined with me it tore a small barrier I have, all elf females have...and it also tore a barrier hidden deeper that held blood... With both barriers broken it let out all the blood. It will keep doing that now... bleeding every full moon. Never as bad has tonight but a little blood will flow. Its....its how we cleanse ourselves. You did nothing wrong." The elf tumbled through the words and her voice fell below a whisper at some point as she hid her face with her hair and stared at her own embarrassed reflection.

"Why were you upset if it was natural?" the large wolf asked as he slowly stepped into the pool and sat beside the hunched over elf. With careful but firm paws he forced her head up and her watery eyes met his own.

"Your tears bother me; you must learn to curb them." he spoke softly with a small smile and she returned it timidly, glad he was not annoyed with her inability to explain things clearly.

"Now why were you so upset?" again he asked and the small female grimaced, recalling her over reaction to the evening.

"Men...they find it disgusting when a female bleed all over them..." was her hesitant explanation, she glanced at his calm eyes and then her own darted away.

"You seemed so disturbed when you realized it was blood...I thought maybe..." the soft timber of her voice trailed off and her tears came all over again.

"No little Mai, I was not disgusted, I was distraught and fearful. So much blood was coming from you and I knew I had hurt you terribly." The wolf hurriedly tried to sooth her, stroking her damp hair gently as she hid her face in her hands.

"But you didn't!" she quickly exclaimed and her face jerked to meet his while her hand reached out to rest against his full chest. Mai felt like a great fool, she rarely cried and now she seemed unable to stop.

"It is sore because the barrier ripped but not horrible so, no more than a scratch or some minor sting." The words where half truths but Mai spoke them fiercely anyway, wanting to comfort the male.

"Please understand that you did not hurt me in some monstrous way, just a little sting that was necessary. Please don't be mad at yourself." was her emotional plea with fresh tears and the male looked beside himself.

"I'm sorry" Mai said with disgust as she scrubbed at her face, annoyed that the tears would not give it up, but knowing the real reason why.

"This isn't your fault, I've need to cry for a long while now and I've been keeping it buried. I'll never see my mother again or live the life I knew....I may come to adore this new life but right now I'm still morning my old one..." the elf sobbed and felt more embarrassed and mortified then she had ever in her life. The tears refused to stop despite her best efforts to restrain them; she seldom ever cried she told herself over and over as she tried to think of things other than her lost life.
Connor's deep laughter barked out suddenly and she looked up startled to see him watching her with soft affection even has he chuckled. The mirth was infections and Mai broke into giggles and then soft laugher as well, even as tears slid down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Connor. I didn't mean to..." she tried to apologise once their laughter died down and the two caught their breath.

"It's fine little Mai." The wolf spoke before she could get her words out.

"Your words are true, it must have been hard to leave all you've ever known and end up with a pack of wild savages." came his soft tease that carried tones of genuine understanding.

"No! Don't say that, I don't think of you or anyone here like that. Not now, not one here is truly like that." The elf protested with a soft tone.

"I like it here." she muttered and looked out over the beautiful scenery with calm eyes.

"I like you here too." Connor replied and gently lifted Mai into his lap once more. The elf readily accepted the action and settled onto his lap with the water lapping around her stomach.

"We'll be ok I think" the female decided softly more to herself then him.

"I can come to care for you." Mai admitted and the male holding her tightened his grip ever so softly.

"We both can I think." he replied and nuzzled the side of her face with his muzzle. Allowing the action, she turned her head up and offered her throat to him without realizing the trust it offered to him. With tender nips he bit at her collarbone and then lapped droplets of water off her warm skin. His left paw reached up to hold the small weight of her left breast and he heard her sharply breathe in.

"Your sensitive here?" the wolf inquired and the elf nodded her head. Connor carefully squeezed the soft flesh once and ran a claw carefully over the peak of her nipple. Lucas has mentioned elves and their sensitive breasts before but Connor never realized how responsive they were. Mai sighed and leaned into him her hips shifting on his lap.

The elf never knew it could feel so good to be touched. Now Mai understood the lure of being free with affections, to have men worshiping your body each night. The feeling of his fur pressed up against her side and the soft brush of it underwater made her skin tingle. A soft gasp left her mouth when the wolf ducked his head to lap at her taunt nipple. Each stroke of his hot tongue made her feel more and more dizzy. Arching her back she reached up and tangled her hair in his mane, lifting herself closer to his mouth for more attention. The wolf seemed to understand her gesture and began to suckle on her, making her cry out. Weakly she recognized the feeling of his stiff erection pressing into the back of her thigh and she blushed heavily. Leaning back she whimpered when he let her nipple go with a soft wet sound and lifted his head to peer at her in question. With her eyes downcast she shyly took his paw and sat on the ledge out of the water, praying he would follow and thanking the dragon gods when he did.

Seated on the ledge Connor watched the small female with curious hunger. He pushed back her long wet hair to expose her face and stroked her cheek with his palm. The female turned her head slightly and her lips brushed the sensitive area between the pads of his paws. With a mounting lust he watched her tongue peak out to gently taste his wet fur.

"Little Mai. You cannot be new to mating." the wolf accused her.

"You seem to know exactly what to do to heat my body too well." he elaborated and she flushed heavily and hid her face but not before he caught a glimpse of her smile. He pulled her closer again but this time she placed her hands on his thighs to prevent him from pulling her across his lap again. With her head hung low, her hands meekly crept up towards his loin cloth. Connor watched her move breathlessly and in agony as her hands drifted so slowly. With feather light touches she ran her finger over his covered shaft and gentle examined each curve and dip.

"Mother be merciful little Mai." The male groaned and his hips jerked at her fingers brushing the tip.

"Do..Does it feel good?" she whispered and her eyes chanced a quick glance at his own.

"Does it feel good? Does rain fall downward?" he laughed weakly and took her hips in his paws. Lifting her weight easily he moved them to a longer ledge and laid her upon it. Stretching out the other way he let his hips rest by her shoulders while his own muzzle brushed her damp thighs.

"What are you doing...?" Mai asked a bit breathlessly and the wolf smirked at her.

"Showing you how good it feels." he answered before his tongue reached out to stroke the curve of her thigh. The elf jumped slightly but then relaxed into the laps and with wide eyes gazed at him dipping his head closer to the junction between her thighs.

"Connor." she cried out when the scratchy texture of his tongue ran over her moist nether lips. The wolf seemed oblivious as he began to lap more eagerly and reach with a paw to spread her wide to his invasion. Moaning and sighing the female would look at his licking her most intimate part and then drop her head with a whimper. Her hips swayed and grinded with the steady laps of his tongue, jerking every time he included her tiny bud in the long strokes.

"Oh heavens." The elf cried and her hips began to move with more abandon as she felt the need rising to a point. His fingers suddenly pinched her clit while he buried his tongue deep into her slit and she nearly screamed as her body jerked and writhed with her first climax. His tongue slowed and turned to more lazy strokes as she came down from her high. There was still a dull ache from her earlier sexual experience but the new sensations Connor had given her made up for them indefinitely. Turning her head and resting her cheek on the warm stone she slowed her breathing and tried to rein her body back into control.
Dipping his tongue deep into the sweet nectar he found Connor relished shamelessly in the sweet taste of her excitement. As she began to pant again he used his free arm to undo his loin cloth and quickly wrapped a paw around himself.
Mai watched with utter fascination as he stroked himself in front of her. His paw held his shaft firmly and slid up and down at a leisurely pace. His hip brushed her arm when he began to sway in time with his paw. Without even considering her actions she reached up and softly ran her finger over the tiny slit at the end of his member. When his hips bucked and a loud groan burst from his muzzle she pulled her finger back as if burned.

"No.. Again Mai, touch me again." he hissed and she fumble to obey. With trembling fingers she ran her hand up and down his length and marvelled at how smooth it felt compared to his sleek fur. His paw left his shaft and caught her hand, carefully wrapping it around the base and with his paw over her own soft hand he helped her stroke himself.

"Mai, your hand is so soft." The wolf hissed and buried a finger into her tight slit suddenly, making her jump at the sexual attack. Not to be outdone Mai, without thinking about it leaned her head to his hips and let the tip of his cock rub against her cheek.

"Mai." The wolf groaned and she whimpered as her hips twisted on his finger and arched into his tongue.

The tip kept gently rubbing her cheek and the pre cum dribbled down across her parted lips. A little surprised at the sticky fluid she darted her tongue out to catch the warm liquid. It was salty with an indescribable but not necessarily bad flavour. Curious, she opened her mouth and twisted her head to lick the tip as it rubbed her lips. The feeling of her little tongue made the male growl long and loud before he pulled away from her. Surprised she observed him sliding off the ledge and felt a measure of disappointment. Licking her lips she watched him watch her for a moment before he stepped close and grasped her hips with his paws.

"Are you to sore to mate.." came the near desperate question in a deep voice and Mai shivered in delight.

"No. I can mate again if you want." she replied quickly, part of her well aware there would be pain but unable to deny his need.

"I must defiantly want." he growled back and she let herself smile warmly. Wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders she felt him lift her from the stone. He walked back a few paces and turned to set her on a higher shorter ledge. The stone wall was high and she rested her back on it as the wolf lifted her legs and settled them on his hips.

"Are you sure Mai?" Connor asked again with concern, no doubt recalling earlier and the elf replied by wrapping her tiny legs around his waist and pulling him to her. The male smirked and nuzzled her neck as his wet shaft rubbed against her thigh. The wind held a cold whip as they stood up but Connor made sure to keep her against the heated stone to prevent any chill to her sensitive female lifted her hips slightly when the tip of his cock found her dripping opening. Her fingers gripped his fur tightly as he carefully pushed himself in, spreading her willing body to his lustful need.

"Can you handle it? Does it hurt too much?" each question was panted out and he tried to focus on anything but the tight ring of muscle squeezing his throbbing cock.

"I can take it." Mai whimpered into his chest as her legs tightened around him. The pain burned but she ignored it and focused on the feeling of his warm body against hers.

"Thank the mother. I doubt I could pull free." he replied and she gave a weak laugh. Slowly her body began to adjust and the tense feeling within her began to give way. Connor shifted himself and carefully pulled back a few inches and sunk back in. When the base reached her slit Mai winced as the ripped raw flesh was rubbed but the sensations of him sinking his shaft deep inside her over powered the pain.
He moved with care at first but she could feel him begin to lose the gentleness as his own lust began to take hold. Clutching herself to him as tightly as she could she whimpered when he began to thrust into her.

"More, I can take more." The elf cried out and the wolf groaned and increased the tempo and allowed his body to push against hers with each thrust. The pain hissed at her but the new found sensation of his shaft moving through her was something she needed to feel more of.

"Mai." The wolf gasped out, his hips jerking as he shoved into the tiny elf's tight stealth over and over.

"You feel good, so tight and hot." he told her and felt his excitement rise at her answering moans. His tongue snaked out and he licked her neck and cheek with lust as he began to slam into her. Every harsh shove making her body bounce as he clutched her hips to yank back into every plunge. Mai turned her face to him and opened her mouth to allow his tongue entry. Feeling so deliciously forbidden she wrapped her fingers in his mane as she licked at the tongue assaulting her mouth.

His pounding movements took on a frantic pace as she licked and sucked at his tongue. She could actually feel his shaft throbbing as it pummelled home into her. Connor yanked his head back suddenly and growled out as his clenched his eyes closed, feeling the high over taking him.

"Mai, I can't hold off, allow me to put seed with in you." The wolf suddenly asked and Mai felt her face and heart warm as he bothered to even ask the right to do something few males would.

"Yes Connor, please do so my mate." Came her husky answer as she threw he arms around his neck and buried her face in his fur as he climaxed in her. The feeling of him spurting hot seed into her as his hips ground into her and rubbed her clit was too much for the elf. With a deep moan and shiver throughout her entire form, she gripped him as hard as she could and came with the wolf.

Mother earth." Connor swore as her body gripped him, milking his member for all it could give her. The small female clutched at him as she gasped in his ear, her hips still rocking weakly.

"Heavens above." Mai sighed and the wolf leaned wearily into her for a moment. Stepping back he carefully pulled from her body and she flushed as hot seed gushed free and ran down her thighs. Connor watched it run down her leg to drip from her toe before carefully reaching to pick her up from the ledge.
He stepped over the high ledge and sank back into the water once more. As he cautiously submerged her body he felt her tense briefly as her slit sank into the warm water.

"Are you sore?" the male asked and the female gave a negative shake of her head but he sensed her lies.
With the female wrapped in his arms he leaned against the ledge and glance up at the approaching dawn.

"Connor?" the small elf asked around a hearty yawn that looked adorable on her.

"Mhh?" was all he managed in a lazy replied as he felt his own weariness sink in.

"I thought you were only supposed to scent me tonight." came the innocent teasing and the male tensed in turn.

"Ah...damn, I'll hear it tomorrow from the females." he mock sighed but still held her close in the warm water.

"I'll protect you." The tiny elf offered and the wolf smirked at the petite creature curled up in his lap.

"You will, won't you?" he chuckled and nuzzled the elf that readily turned her face to receive his affection.