He didn't know why he loved her.

Her hair was long and wavy and always flowing in fifty different directions. She wore old, vintage clothes and neon belts and star sunglasses that one must assume was either acquired from a thrift store or a dollar store. The air around her always smelled like nail polish or nail polish remover, probably because she came to school everyday with nails differently colored than the day before. She read on Friday nights and went bowling on Saturday mornings. She smiled at complete strangers across the street. She sang along to the radio, and stuck her hand out the window in the car.

She dances in the rain, quite literally. She has a camera in her hands constantly, one of the old, clanky kind. She stutters when she gets nervous and she rolls her eyes at the thought of settling down. She kisses people on the cheek, no matter their relationship. She cries when her friend becomes heart broken and she takes in the whole world with her big brown eyes.

She wears big bracelets and scarves and leggings and formless dresses. She curls her hair and attaches ribbons and bows as if she were still five. She has a thing for super heroes and plays with action figures. She loves kids and gives them piggy back rides. Zebra print Converse were ever present on her feet. She even wore them to church.

He didn't know why he loved her.

He only knew he did.

"Because if you jump, I will jump too. We will fall together."

Love, Jessy.