Plasma, pine tree, perturbed, pinch, pleasure

The photograph is faded.
A boy with a pinched scowl and wrinkled sailor suit
Posed for a memory
Of a miserable childhood, an overbearing mother
And a bizarre idea of what looks cute in a Christmas card.

The card is faded too.
The pine tree, once a vivid green
Is now a muted sickly gray.
How perturbing that this scowling imprint
So resembles the boy in the next room
Playing video games on a plasma screen
Demanding Lucky Charms
And scoffing at Sesame Street.

That's me in my hand
And my boy in the next room.
Will he see himself in a faded photograph
Or in outdated fragmented pixels?
Will he have the pleasure of hearing
His own boy in the next room
And hoping he never changes?