Finding meaning in the clouds
Drifting placidly along over the mountain
Sleepy eyes in the sky
The wind- a yawn, a sneeze
The trees sway sullenly in the breathly breeze
Out here, there is no sanctity
No deprivation to satisfy
A tormented soul, willing to be willing
Can find old footsteps 'neath oaken boughs
Find new stories just above the hill
Can swim in lakes unsheltered
Can ride the fierce night storm

A haven, a hovel
A sin-free-fall brothel
Dusty paths blowing dry in the wind
Follows, eager, to arrive
Follows, needing, peace of mind
So much senseless noise pollution
Mental wedlock to solutions

Would I, could I, leave today?
Leave the sentence, turn the page?
What is left here to knock down?
It all needs help-
Hand-up from ground

Figments here, a fade-in there
Another turn, a twist, a scare
Finds me anxious, running bare
With leaves carousing through my hair
Not enough, but still, I'd share
With one who'd come here on a dare
With those who will, with me, be fair
Encompass meaning from still air
Ignite the mind with just a stare
Wear it well, their innate flair

So sorry, I, they cannot be here
They hear not the words that we hear
As wind arises, through the trees here
It's only us- the world, and me, here

Published: 3/10/09