I see your outline in the mist
Is it moving my direction?
Lost and found, my soul is bound
To seek your interjection

What you want is never what
You will find when you just wait
It must be stolen, bought, retrieved
Before it brings your soul reprieve

What to do when it slips from reach?
When you're left half-empty, purpose breached?
Is there a right time to reach again?
If knew not before, how know you when?

Can it be brought back at-hand?
Of course it can!
Set your masts for that distant land!
Bring it closer by demand!

…But I get the feeling that it's lost
A hopeless battle for-gotten cause
I must move on, I cannot stop
The lines of destiny rank top

Must follow goals before resetting
One-by-one, that's how, I'm betting
Maybe when I'm back, she'll be there
Laughing, waiting, to meet me there

These coming weeks will clear my head
It's what I need, yes, this, I've said
I take one truth, breath, at a time
One moment, meaning, stapled rhyme

With mind hell-bent and path set clear,
A way, it must, it will appear-
And if I'm right, perhaps right here-
A rope of hope, from me to you, dear…

Published: 3/10/09