Dreams were supposed to be the place for escape. No—sometimes, dreams took you on the road, even when you tried to stop them. No—your real escape was a day dream. The kind of dream you had when you just wanted to escape your real life.

I'm having one now—I know—one where he was not here. One where my life was back to the horrible way it was. Even that life was better than this one right here.

I know that I've got everything I ever wanted, but yet I'm still not happy. Maybe because I may have gotten what I wanted, because of the reason that everyone I know had to get hurt.

"Stop that," I heard his dark voice call to me. He had pulled me from my dream.

I looked into his eyes and shut them tight again.

I never thought that the day I would die would come so soon—for the reason that I was in love with a certain person. I never thought it would be the person I was in love with that would kill me. If I had known this, would I have done things differently? Would I have been less likely to fall so hard, and yet, so quickly for him?

I shook my head. No, I needn't do that anymore. I need to ask myself what I am to do, now that I was in this certain situation in which I stand.

My mom always told me that life was part of death. So it was easy to know that if I was willing to live this life, then I had to be willing to die as well. I should have known that the day that I met him—that when our lips touched, my fate was to be set into play.

He was the one that I had loved—the one who had given me a new life. So, why not let him take my old life? It wasn't as if I really needed it. It was my entire fault he had the power to kill me. I should have never allowed him to do this to me.

I was in love with him, and he gave me the one thing that I wanted most. The one thing I thought I would never have. I never knew that I wanted this so badly…until now, but that didn't mean that I should have allowed him to do these things to me.

Now, I had to go through with this. I had to gain back the life that I so easily gave away. I was going to have to face this darkness on my own; and I hoped that I made it out alive—made it though this darkness, so I could finally see the light.

He wasn't going to take my life without a fight, and I didn't care what he thought about it. I wasn't going to die without saving the one I loved. He wasn't going to take the only other person in my life that I really loved. He wasn't going to hurt my other love. No, I would die if I knew he would live.

I knew it was my fault that he was even brought into this world; but he wasn't going to die because of my mistakes and I was not going to let others pay for it any more.

It was time to take a stand and stop letting others push me around. It was time to face him to let him know where I was coming from. The things I would do, if he ever dare hurt him. I may have loved this demon and I may not have any idea on how I was going to defeat him, but I know I have to find a way.

One thing I do know is, if I had ever stood up to people before all of this had happened, this would not be happening at the moment. If I had ever spoke my mind before, then I wouldn't have to be fighting for my life.

And it was the first thing I noticed that was right. If I acted the same way I am now, my life would have never taken this wrong turn.

I walked toward him, watching a smirk spread across his lips; a smirk that I've come to love. I stood there, waiting for him to make his next move—a move that I know may become the very last thing I see.

A/N: Thank You Jonnah Marie for editing this chap.