Ending of my new world

Today was an important day, and I was supposed to be very happy about this day, I knew. It was after all my birthday, my mom had told me as she woke me up early. I could not even believe I had forgotten a day that I would normally be happy about.

My mom wasn't going to know why I wasn't happy on a day that everyone else would have been happy on. Without Krad it all seemed so pointless.

I hadn't seen him in almost two months, but his face still remained with me. I could still see his beautiful face and even remember how when his lips touched mine I wanted to melt. But the thought of how he would make me feel was the strongest.

Would I ever stop missing him, or would my new life be nothing more than a reminder that he was never coming back?

"Happy Birthday Minnie." I heard Jena yell, running down the hallway with Mindy following very closely behind her.

"Thanks." I smiled.

"Happy birthday." Mindy said when she was right by me.


"So what are we going to do for this very great day?" Jena bubbly asked. "This is after all the first birthday that we are going to spend together."

"I don't feel like much of a partier right now, sorry."

"Minnie, Jake said we all should go to that new restaurant that is opening today. It will be so nice." Mindy responded to me with a grin.

I saw her slight blush across her face when she said Jake's name. I didn't know why I had been so blinded to the fact that she liked him before. Maybe it was because I was much to involved with myself to really notice anyone else.

Jake had tried to go out with me, and knowing that he had never been the guy Krad had made him be, made me happy, but he wasn't Krad and Krad was the one who had my heart.

Krad may always have my heart. I may never love again.

"Minnie please." Mindy begged as did Jena.

"I'll think about it, but I need to get out of here before I miss my bus." I told them as they smiled. They must have thought my saying that meant a yes.

"You sure, I can so take you home."

"Mindy I tell you ever day, I like catching the bus home right now."

"Okay, well, call us when you get home."

I walked out of the school and began to walk to the bus stop that was only a few blocks from the school building. It was a nice day and the wind wasn't blowing as much as it does normally. As I walked I saw Kate and Stephenie outside. They looked happy and with their two new honey bees with them.

My eyes caught Kate's and for a moment I thought she smiled at me.

Neither Kate nor her honey bees had been mean to me or Jena as well as Mindy. Something I had thought they would be. No she didn't say much of anything to me and I don't think I would ever know why.

Looking at her I could still remember how her eyes looked different, to the fact that I and Mindy hadn't sat with her or Stephenie at lunch. It had been the day after I told Jena how sorry I was. I was so sure that she was going to yell at me and tell me as well as Mindy that she was going to ruin my life.

But she didn't her eyes just stared into mine and she just waved her hand at the two of us as we got up. When Mindy and I sat down by the now smiling Jena I noticed that she quickly got two new girls to take our spots.

"Happy Birthday, Minnie." Kate yelled as I walked passed her.

Thank you." I said and saw her honey bees eyes look ready to yell at me, but not a happy birthday I could tell.

I just kept walking until I got to the bus stop and sat down. Krad came to my mind again. I began to see him standing right by me. Smiling his beautiful smile and wishing me a happy birthday.

I knew I had told myself I would never live in dreams again, but I could not help but to live in the dream of him. It felt like if I stopped dreaming of him then he would go away and I would forget. That was something I didn't want to do.

"So silly why does he like her?" I heard a voice say and this made my eyes open.

I turned and saw a pretty girl staring right at me. Her face was inches from mine. Her blue eyes where wide as she looked to be examining me. Her long blond hair was falling passed her shoulders in a waves. She was very pretty and seemed to know it, but her eyes looked angry at me for whatever reason.

"She isn't even that pretty. I am prettier. So why her?" She said her eyes still looking at me as if studying me.

"I'm sorry, can I help you?" I asked moving my head back from her face.

Her eyes went wide and she jumped back from me as if I had poison coming out of my mouth. She ran her hand though her hair and looked at me harshly.

"You can see me?" Her voiced seemed amazed as if she was shocked. I wasn't too sure if that was a question or not. I thought she was dumb if she was asking such a question.

"Yes." I answered feeling even dumber for answering her.

"You're not supposed to be able to see me." She said shaking her head. "What has Krad done?"

When she said his name I froze.

She knew Krad? My eyes stared at hers and I nearly fainted when the next thought came to my mind. How did she know Krad?

Krad wasn't human and humans could not see a spawn unless they were under contract with one, so did that mean that she was now under a contract with him.

"How do you know Krad?" The words left my mouth with every emotion that I felt when Krad left me.

Her eyes stared at me and then she stared laughing.

"It doesn't matter. Here he is taking all the pain and trouble with the other spawns all on his own." She began and then begun to walk from me down in the street. "It seems that maybe you and Krad aren't as over as he thinks."

"What do you mean?" I almost cried. Krad thought we were over as well. Did that mean he no longer loved me like how I loved him?

"Don't worry Diamond, your fate is yet to be seen." She told me with a smirk on her face.

Just when my bus was about to pull up she vanished and I knew that my new lifeā€¦.my new world was about to be over.

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1. What is Minnie real name?

a. I was going to say Minnie real name in the last chap, but now I feel like I should just wait until I get published. But if I never do get published I will tell you what her real name is. It does not have anything to do with the plot. Her name is just a name of some of my fav authors put together. lol (it is a really nice name)

2. Why does Minnie think she is plain?

a. Minnie thinks she is plain because she gets teased at school all the time. The only real reason she gets teased is because people know they can walk all over her. I would say she is not at all plain, more girl next door in a way.

3. What does Minnie look like?

a. I have to say I know what Minnie looks like in my head, but I never put it in the book because of the fact that Minnie does not see herself clearly so the reader can't see her clearly. But now that I have had many people telling me what they think she looks like (and Minnie never looks the same to the same person) I think I won't say until way later in a great moment when no one would have thought it to happen. (I have already wrote this part out)

4. Will Krad come back?

a. ha-ha you will so see once we get into book 2. Or just read my spoilers.

Here are five spoilers for Angel in My Arms

5. Minnie so called new life is going to end very soon.

4. Minnie meets someone who had a crush on Krad.

3. Minnie founds out more about Krad past life.

4. Minnie meets a new guy.

1. Minnie and Krad see each other again.