A/N: This is just the first of a few of my thoughts and rants on several random topics. If I have made any mistakes please bring them to my attention. Hope you get something out of reading this. So here it is.


We can't stop change and it is normally for the better, so we deal. I can't change the past. I don't live for the future; I hope that it is brighter. But we live in the now, so we should enjoy every moment of it.

I firmly believe that things change no matter how hard we try to stop it. Instead of wasting our energy resisting it we should open our minds and embrace the change. Even though it may seem that the change may have been for the worst we don't know until we try. Change is always happening, all around us, the days are growing shorter and colder; the leaves are turning shades of red and brown and falling to the ground.

We cannot stop change, it is as uncontrollable as the sea, as fresh as the early morning dew, as moving as the winds, change we cannot stop, but we can influence it. We must make a choice, we must stand up against what we know is wrong; we must not remain in this doomed cycle forever we need change.

We must do our part to ensure that the future is brighter; hope will not make it by itself. We must stand strong and we must choose our destiny. For too long we have left the change to certain groups too afraid to take it in to our own hands. Yet we must not be afraid for what is a life spent in fear? We must live for the joy, the rush, the excitement, we must take control now. Embrace change, accept it but never doubt it, for change is all around.