Chapter Five


Ayako watched the boy wave from where she sat on the bus. She couldn't believe her luck. She hadn't been in this city a week and already she'd found one. Her eyes flickered to the street sign as the bus pasted and memorized the name. She pulled a cell out of her purse and typed Danny's name along with the street she'd met him at and the street she'd just memorized.

She didn't return it to her purse, but immediately scrolled down her list of contacts. Selecting 'Tsusimuto, Sagin' and brought the phone to her ear.

"Moshi, Moshi,"

"Sagen, it's me." Ayako said, speaking in her native language.

"How's the search going?" he sounded a little distracted.

He better not be playing Final Fantasy. They really didn't have enough money to be spending on it useless things. "I've found one."

"What? Really? Who?"

She'd certainly gotten his attention. "A black boy. He lives near the city. I met him at a bus stop. I think we're the first to spot him."

"We better move fast then." Sagin started to crunch on something; the sound of his smacking made Ayako cringe.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

There was a pause before he answered. "Eating chips…" Another crunch, his voice sounded distant again.

"You didn't buy that game did you?" she didn't try and mask the disapproval in her voice.

There was a brief pause. "It's as much my money as it is yours."

"I'm not wasting it on useless games. Everything I buy is something that will help us." She kept her voice low too avoid being stared at, but her tone was far from casual.

"What about all those new outfits? What's that going to do to help? You think that will attract a Keeper?"

"I needed new cloths--"

Sagin cut her off. "Yeah, your two suit cases weren't enough?"

"We need to blend in with American culture."

"And that's exactly what I'm doing." Sagin retorted.

"That game was made in Japan, stupid." Some people were stating to eye her oddly. She shifted and faced the window.

"It has English dub. See, I'm learning the language."

Ayako closed her eyes and bit off a retort. "Never mind, just get things ready."

"I will."

"Now!" She hissed and snapped her phone shut. She glanced around. A man stared at her for a second, but his eyes flickered away. He turned his attention to the window. Other than he, no one else paid her much attention.

Ayako relaxed into her seat, elbow resting on the window ledge, hand pressed against her cheek. She gazed out, planning her next move. How to tell him?