A/N: Not my best. Wrote this while listening to "Doctor" by Cute Is What We Aim For.

Cherry cough drop addict
(throat in need of a little TLC)
getting paid for
delicate lessons in
aristotramp etiquette.
And keep your ankles crossed
even when standing
and blow cool semantics
shallow-faced at a crowd
Can't get your pants off
can't part periwinkle lips
except to gloss shards of
twilight fossils.
But I'll give you kittens, girl,
sticky-note the face of your front door
on the same day that you'll awake
to find your lawn done up in the
smoky-melting silver of duck tape.

Takes an emergency to make you come outside
won't tolerate someone enough to make them the
love of your life;
a shallow approach
to a faltering ghost
and a glowering post
in praline design that says
"failure is your chance to be a bitch."