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Chapter Eight: All Together


The Poison had done what it was suppose to. Once the witch realized that she could no longer use her magic, she tried to threaten Lukio. Then she got so weak that she couldn't walk. Torican and Lukio had finally escaped, but Lukio told Torican about Simetra….

"A girl? We gotta take a girl with us?" asked Torican.

"We owe her." Lukio said.

"But girls whine too much. We'll have to stop every mile." said Torican.

They got to the witch's shop, where Lukio had first met Simetra. He walked in, and then Torican followed. Simetra was at the counter.

"Oh! It's you!" she said, smiling.

"Come on let's go!"

Simetra looked around, confused. "Where?"

"Away! Remember." said Lukio.

"Let's leave her; she's obviously got something wrong inside." Torican whispered.

Simetra suddenly flinched. "I heard that!" she ran up to Torican. "I have nothing wrong with my brain! Now let's go!" Simetra said, bouncing up and down.

"Where's you like …" started Lukio.

"Witch master? Oh she went away, playing Bongilo with the other witches like she always does." they walked out of the city.

Torican looked up, sighing and rolling his eyes at the same time.

Simetra looked at Torican. "So …who's this?" she asked.

Torican looked at her. "I'm Torican." his eyes flashed to blue.

Simetra's eyes revealed that she was surprised. "You're a shapeshifter." she said, finally, as if she just wanted to make sure. "You'll get use to it." said Torican.

"Wow!" Simetra said, clapping her hands. "I've never met a shapeshifter before! This is brilliant! Though you're a pretender!"

"Can't blame that on me, I'm a shapeshifter, a pretender, a hypocrite, whatever you like to call me." Torican sounded sour.

"Oh, I see, you didn't want a girl to come." said Simetra.

"You know, right now I could turn into a dragon and eat you!" said Torican.

"That's kind mean! But you don't mean it!"

That night they camped out in the woods, there was a lake near them, where they fished, well, for some reason, only Lukio fished.

Torican climbed a tree and sat up there looking at the lake.

On the other hand, Simetra sat with Lukio talking with him.

Once the fish was ready at the fire, they gathered. Simetra had gathered a strange weed from the lake and she ate it. She didn't want any fish. Lukio ate a fish, and then noticed that Torican was not eating.

"Why aren't you eating?" he asked.

Torican hugged his legs as he was sitting, he didn't answer.

Simetra said, "He's a shapeshifter, he could turn into one of those fishes in the water. All pretenders are vegetarians." her green eyes looked dull from the fire light, but her silver hair reflected the red color.

"Your hair's weird." commented Lukio.

Simetra smiled. "Thanks! It's silver!"

Torican smiled with a knowing grin.

"What the heck are you stupidly smiling about, pretender?" asked Simetra.

"I know what you are." said Torican. Simetra flashed her head to look at him.

Lukio was confused.

"You're a mermaid." Torican said.

"What the crap are you talking a--?" suddenly Torican grabbed her and pushed her in the water.

She rose up from the water, she was soaked. "How dare you do that to me!" she shouted. Lukio ran over. "What the heck?"

"I dare perfectly fine…how about you?" asked Torican.

"Uugh!" Simetra said, showing her teeth.

Then her mermaid tail flipped up and slashed back down. Water splashed Torican everywhere, and she laughed. Torican sighed.

"Okay, I admit it. I'm a mermaid…," said Simetra. "But how'd you know?" she asked.

"You eat seaweed, you hair is silver and you have a weird personality, and you don't eat fish." said Torican. Simetra grinned. "Yep."

Then she swam back to the rocks, as she got out of the water, her legs where back and her pants were back too.

"How do you do that?" asked Lukio.

"Uhm…I'm half human as well." she said.

"Wonderful…I feel like I'm the weird on here, being fully human." said Lukio. Simetra sat back down at the ire to warm herself.

Torican walked over to a nearby tree and sat there, leaning against it. Lukio walked over and put a couple of scraps of wood into the fire.

"So, where are we going?" asked Simetra. "Oh, uhm…going? Well, I don't…uhm…Well, I'm trying to get back to my home." said Lukio.

"Oh, yeah the enforcement field thingy." said Simetra, smiling. Then Lukio remembered that normal people weren't supposed to know about that…not even mermaids.

"How do you know about that?" asked Lukio.

"I have a cousin that goes there. His name's Bobio."

"Bobio's you cousin?" asked Lukio.

"Yeah, you know him? He's from my father's side, mum's a mermaid, and dad's a human." Simetra smiled, and started eating her seaweed stuff again.

"He was poisoned." said Lukio.

"Oh yeah, I heard about that, interesting."

"I'm trying to find my best friend Skipio."

"Oh? Whose he?" asked Simetra.

"A friend. He goes to the field too."

"Oh cool! So, is Torican going with you too?" she asked.

"No, he …uhm…we were sold, so now we help each other." said Lukio.

After that, they went to sleep. Torican decided to sleep in a tree as a squirrel, but Lukio and Simetra stayed on the ground. They slept and slept until it was late in the morning. They decide not to have breakfast and get on the road again.

Simetra tried not to get bored of herself, but she eventually did; so she asked Torican and Lukio if they knew songs, poems, or anything interesting. Lukio recited:

"A wrinkling man once sat on a tree

One day he fell off and broke his knee

Suddenly as he could see,

He had daughters, braids of three."

"That doesn't make sense." said Simetra.

"Well, you recite that in your mind, if someone's trying to get into your mind." "Okay, now that makes sense." she turned to Torican.

"What about you?" Torican sighed. "They say that one of our kings wrote this because he had no heir. And he got depressed, because he did not even have a wife.

"The throne lay empty, somehow all alone,

No one to take the great inheritance throne.

One shall raise a filthy slave,

And one shall take his certain grave

All evil shall die, at least some day

So most of the dumb criticizers say.

Out of swords of all kinds might,

A sword so great, for the good to fight,

The Graceful detail,

Of death, I shall inhale."

Then the king killed himself. It was a sad day, I have heard, I was young, I couldn't have remembered." "That's sad! I don't want to hear any more of your fishy tales!" said Simetra.

"Okay, suit yourself!" said Torican.

They stopped and bought lunch. Simetra had stolen a great amount of money from her master.

"What?" she said, innocently. "I deserve it. I worked for it." Then they where on the road again, starting a new journey the next day, and restless walking.

The Warriors and Master Qunio had to decided which route to choose from in the morning, they decided to go to Torshaban.

In the evening they got to the city of Torshaban; Master Qunio asked if anyone had seen Lukio. But no one seemed to know anything. Master Qunio was about to forget the whole thing, but then a woman, all in black, with cherry rose lips, said.

"Oh, yeah. A boy with Blue and green eyes, with a robe on. His name was Lukio. Right?" Master Qunio stared. "Where'd he go? Where'd he go?" the teenager looked at him, then blinked.

"Simetra said that he came into her master's store and she helped him poison a witch, on one contention, that she could go with him. She hasn't been seen since."

"When was that?" asked Master Qunio.

"Two days ago, Simetra, Lukio and another strange boy--"

"What did the boy look like?" hoping that the strange boy might be Skipio.

"He had blue and green eyes…he wore--" said the teenager.

"No, the other boy." said Master Qunio.

"Oh, Uhm, well, he had short hair, he had blue eyes and he was very nervous at times." the teenager smiled, then blinked another two times.

"Thank you so much, how will I ever repay you?" he asked. "Take me with you… Simetra is my best friend, but I thought that if I went with her, then we would be spotted too quickly." she said.

"I …don't know. I would have to ask the others…"

That moment Athron walked over to Master Qunio. "She can come, she can help."

"Are you sure? What about Urtha and---"

"It doesn't matter." said Athron then he walked away.

Master Qunio turned back to the girl. "I suppose you can come."

"Yay!" said the girl.

So then, Master Qunio took the girl to their camp outside the city.

They sat by the fire and ate. "So what is your name?" asked Urtha, almost glaring at her. Urtha had been upset when she saw a teenager coming with them.

"I'm Shoshana." she said.

"Oh," said Urtha, then she laid on her mat. Shoshana looked down then grabbed a cup with water in it. She grabbed the water up; the water didn't leak, but went into the form of a ball.

Then she threw it up in the air and it still stayed in a ball. Shoshana caught it and then put the water back into the cup.

"Do you use magic?" asked Master Qunio.

"Naturally, I do. And you're a master from the enforcement field of magic. Is that true?" Athron, who was behind the girl, stared, then looked up at Master Qunio.

"How you do know?" he asked.

"I…" she paused.

"Are you familiar with fish tales?" Shoshana asked.


Athron sighed. "Your one of …them." He said.

Shoshana grin and slightly turned her head to Athron. "Aye."

"A what?" asked Shettab, he look almost interested… Almost.

"A mermaid."

"They aren't real. Your were just using magic." said Urtha.

"What you say is fish scum." said Shoshana. "Where is the nearest lake? So that I can prove it to you."

"They won't believe you." said Athron. "And why not?" asked Shoshana.

"They never do." said Master Qunio.

"Oh." said Shoshana. Then laid down on the ground, and closed her eyes. Athron sighed, and then laid on his mat. Master Qunio looked at the fire and stared at the constantly moving flames.

When they had woken up from the dead cold night, they got on horses.

Since they only had five horses, Shoshana rode with Athron. She was so excited because she had never been on a horse before.

They rode into the next city, they rarely stopped because Master Qunio was so motivated that they would find Lukio soon, and Shoshana and Athron believed him; However Urtha, Dorja and Shettab disagreed, they knew that if they didn't find the heir Athie's cousin, Lord Raynor, who was heartless and cruel, would take over.

However, Urtha tried to keep her sanity.

When they were in the city called Waque, all of the Warriors went to other areas, basically for the previsions they needed, and to look for Lukio.

Shoshana was by herself when she spotted them. She ran towards Simetra. Simetra did not notice her.

Lukio looked behind him, and saw Shoshana; he tapped Simetra on the shoulder and pointed, then the strange boy, turned around.

Simetra run towards Shoshana and they hugged. "I can't believe you here!" said Simetra, as Lukio and the strange boy walked towards them. Shoshana smiled. "Oh, this must be Lukio."

"Uhm…Hi." said Lukio, obviously not knowing what to say.

"And whose this?" asked Shoshana.

Torican's eyes flashed to a black purple …which was scary.

"That's Torican, he's a pretender!" said Simetra, almost jumping up and down.

"Oh! Yeah! I almost forgot! Lukio, Master Qunio is searching for you!" said Shoshana.

"What?" asked Lukio.

"Here, I'll find the Warriors and Master Qunio!" said Shoshana, and then Simetra, Torican and Lukio followed Shoshana.

It took over an hour for Shoshana to find all four of the Warriors and Master Qunio. They got out of the city quickly, and when they had…

"Lukio! What the heck were you thinking when you forced Ess'io to do that ridiculous spell!" shouted Master Qunio.

"I…I wanted to find Skipio!" said Lukio.

"Well, guess what! We're all searching for Skipio now!" said Master Qunio.

"All of us? Even the warriors? I thought they were searching for an heir." said Lukio.

"Exactly. Skipio is the heir." said Master Qunio. Awestruck and dumbfounded Lukio stood. Simetra laughed her head off.

"You're so cute when you're dumbfounded!" she said, and then Shoshana laughed with her. Lukio almost blushed, but he refused to embarrass himself again.

Torican shrugged, bored.

"Who's this?" asked Urtha, accusingly.

"Oh, this is Torican…he's a shapeshifter." said Lukio.

"Lukio," said Master Qunio seriously. "Shapeshifters aren't real."

"Oh," said Torican. "But they are." his eyes flashing to green.

Master Qunio stared.

Torican grinned.

"Prove it." said Master Qunio.

Torican bit his lip, "All right, if you really need proof." he turned into a squirrel, a beaver, a horse, a bear and then he turned into Master Qunio's form.

"Is that enough?" Torican said. Master Qunio's eyes were wide.

"Yes. Suddenly I believe that all of our theories about Shapeshifters are wrong." he said. "Good." said Torican turning into his boy shape. "So," said Lukio.

"Skipio's the heir. The heir to the throne?"

"Yes." said Athron.

"So where is Skipio right now?" he asked.

"We thought you might know."

Lukio bit his lip. "No." he said.

Simetra walked up to Lukio. "But we'll find him! That is for sure!

Shoshana smiled. "Yeah! Now that we are all kinda together, and we've found Lukio and Simetra, and a weird Shapeshifter dude… We're unbeatable!" everyone stared.

Shoshana had a black stare, her eyes shifting back at forth.

"Right?" she said, smiling and shrugging her shoulders.