The Reaper's Heart


A long, long time ago, on a mountain ruled by Time
Lived a Woman, fair and radiant, but not of Flesh or Mind,
But rather of the Heart was She, and Her Heart belonged to Him --
The Lord of Death, the Ferryman, The Reaper grey and grim.

Now Death was quite intrigued by Her for Others treated Him
With Hate and Fear and Apathy -- all Negative akin --
But The Woman gave to Him a gift that none did grant before --
She gave to Him Her Love; She gave Him Love, and more.


Her Time of Death did come and go, and yet, She still remained
Untouched by Passing Time for out of Its domain She'd strayed.
But Time did not release Its hold completely over Her,
And as the years grew long and dim, a toll It did confer

Upon Her; though Her Flesh and Mind and Soul would not decay,
Her Heart alone of all of these was held under Time's sway,
And as the years grew longer still, She gave of it to Him --
But He had no heart with which to give back what He'd take in.


And thus, The Woman's Heart did pass on because it was alone,
And thus, The Reaper gained a Heart at cost of His Beloved's own.
The Reaper wanders now the world in search of those who die in pain;
A second chance He grants them to make their peace ere He comes again.

AN: Reposting this, though only the poem as it can stand alone. The story itself is drifting along in story limbo...