Mya pulled out of her parking space, and into the waiting line.

"So, what did that senior say to upset you? Who was it?" Lilly asked her friend.

Mya huffed. "Ugh! I can't remember his name. But he's always the one hanging around Danny."

Lilly smiled. "Ooh! Austin Sky! That's Danny's best friend. So what happened?"

"Oh, just my normal clumsiness." Mya stated sarcastically. Lilly laughed as Mya explained her story.

Snorting with laughter Lilly gasped, "He called you screamer? As in – well you know?"

Mya laughed. She had to admit it was funny. "Yep."

"Well, I'm not surprised. He's kind of a pervert." Lilly said, wrinkling her nose lightly.

"Hey, some perverted guys are hot." Mya laughed. "Admit it!" Mya added as she saw a tiny smile tug on Lilly's lips.

"Okay." Her smile turning into a full grin. "You're right." Both girls laughed.

"You know were not right in the head, right?" Mya asked between her laughter.

"Of course. But who wants to be normal?" The girls glanced at each other and burst into hysterics, as Mya pulled onto the main road.

Mya parked her car in front of Lilly's house and they both climbed out into the warm spring weather. When they entered Lilly's mom, Sara yelled,

"Lilly? Is that you?"

"Yeah,mom. It's me and Mya!" Lilly replied as she threw her backpack onto the floor next to the door. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound coming from the living room.

"Uhh. What was that?" Mya asked Lilly nervously. Her sisters did have a knack for being wild and uncontrollable.

"I don't know. Lets look." So the two girls crept down the hall towards the living room. As they reached the entrance they stuck their heads around and peered at the comotion.

Lilly has three sisters. One older sister, Lexi, who is 20 and away at college. Her two younger sisters are the twins, Lana and Lane.

"What are they doing?" Mya asked curiously. Both blonde girls were standing on chairs hanging buckets above every doorway. Lana climbed off her chair and tucked pre-blown whoopie cushions under the cushions of every seat in the living room.

"What are you two doing?" Lilly asked her sisters.

"Preparing for our 12th birthday sleepover party." Lana and Lane said at the same time.

"I hate it when you do that!" Lilly shouted.

"Uhh, what's with the buckets?" Mya asked nervously pointing to the hanging buckets.

"Nothing!" They hissed together.

"Okaaay? Well were just going to go to my room and...well...never mind." Lilly said. Lilly never understood her younger sisters and was always fearful of some new prank they were going to pull on her. Lilly turned on her heal and pulled Mya along with her towards the kitchen.

"Hey, Lorraine!" Mya smiled as she sat at the kitchen island across from Lilly's mother.

"Hello, Mya. How are you?" The blond women asked as Lilly went to the fridge for a drink, pulling out two cokes.

"Pretty good." Lilly handed Mya a coke and opened her own. "Could be better but I'm not gonna complain." Lilly snorted into her coke can. Mya sneered at her best friend and sighed. "I'm trying not to complain."

"You keep that up." Lorraine smiled at Mya.

Lilly took a seat next to Mya. "Mom can I go to a basketball game at school tonight then stay the night at Mya's?"

"As long its okay with Mya's dad." Lorraine answered as she scribbled an answer on her crossword.

"Yeah it's fine. He won't care, he actually has to work late tonight." Mya confirmed.

"That's fine. Just keep your phone on you, Lil. Do you need any money?"

"I will and yes please." Lorraine moved to her wallet. "Were going up to my room to get all my stuff." And both girls shuffled off their chairs and up the stairs to Lilly's room.

Mya flopped down on Lilly's bed as Lilly moved around her room gathering her overnight things.

"So, what time does the game start?" Mya asked as she flipped through an issue of Seventeen Magazine.

"Umm. Six o'clock, I think." Lilly replied as she threw clothes in a bag.

"Well, it's only," Mya checked the alarm clock on the bedside table. "four we still have a couple of hours...What do you want to do?" Mya asked.

"I dunno...hmm? I'll text Danny and see what he's doing." Lilly said brightly, as she took her cell phone out of her pocket.