Mental states, clarity, confusion, love, life, living, explosion!
These echoes pound the beats of my imminent self-implosion
I'm serrated edge, I'm tiger, killing,
Lash out from savannah

As the breeze topples the tall grass in blows
Her inky feline skin brazenly knows-
Is this the world awaiting changing?
Uniting people, all in one nation?

This wilderness, it purrs, it prowls,
Like centipede's squish-squash howls
Break beneath my foot, again
And find shelter written in a pen
There is no partner, no, no double
Just tension, builds, then grows to trouble

Baby you haven't seen vacation
A sober look at our location
Plotted 'neath a sea of stars
We are so empty, filled with scars

My heart, it wants to be released
Onto another soul who's pleased
In the past,
But there is no one
Who gave as much as my emotion

Feel, I know, the feltering swell
Insanity's companion, just two in the well
Drop a bucket, I don't mind
I don't find, I don't blind
Elucidations of the world
Encompass me, make me unfurled

This tragedy is now softspoken
As writhing lungs, collapsing, choking
Still the future is unknown
What waits us out there all alone?
A partner, comrade, or another
Selfless, useless, echo brother

Written: 2/4/09
A/N: Written while dissociated. Just keep that in mind lol.