You were flower petals and I crushed you, because I loved you and you were MINE,
and I guess I could have told you to to hate me and saved myself the time,
but I guess I held on too tight and now you are still perfect but ruined in my mind.

I hate the way you feel. I hate the way I hate the way you feel.

And I acted like the lion, but I've only ever been the lamb,
and in between all that there's no room for love to ever exist,
but I guess I proved myself wrong,
because I was so confident but now its clear that I am nothing.

What am I to you now? I regret it all.

And when I tried to talk to you, you didn't answer the call,
like I was calling to tell you something you really didn't want to hear,
but I was going to say that no one knows,
because I left it up to you, there's no outside influence,
that's never been me before.

I'm going to drive until the city is just a dot on the horizon.
Please say you'll forget me, but never forgive,
please say you'll remember that I ruined this.