A.N.: This has been written for The Limit of Imagination Challenge, which was cancelled. I choose to write for Historical Plot - Retell the story of one of the greatest Beauty of China - the most deadly woman out of the four Xi Shi - but here the catch you have to make her a boy, it yaoi after all. It has to have historical facts in it - you can change her name to a boy's name but that is all.

This has been beta-ed by the amazing diluain.

WARNING: This is GBLT/LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) themed fiction with explicit contents that is NOT appropriate for minors.


Pink rain danced in the air, cherry blossom petals floated, twirled in the light breeze and then fell. Some of them fell on the grass and some became little boats on the river that twisted snake-like through the colourful garden that circled a palace of beauties like a rich carved frame.

Two pale hands dipped into the water and carried it, with three perfect petals floating on the surface, toward a beautiful, doll-like face. Two chocolate-brown, slanted eyes watched the play of the sun against the water, until it leaked out between the fingers and only the petals remained.

Xi Shi sighed. His eyes on the petals, he squashed them between his palms and let their remains drift down onto the warm blanket on which he was sitting sideways. Everything in his life was so fleeting so quickly torn out from his grasp. His time with his family, his time with his master, Fan Li and now… He looked toward the palace, toward the tall windows of King Fuchai's quarters. How long was his time with King Fuchai going to be?

"Xi Shi! Xi Shi! Where are you hiding?" A girl's high-pitched voice broke the silence and tranquillity embracing Xi Shi and his retinue like a good-natured aunt.

If Xi Shi had been alone, he would have hidden like he had done when he was still with Fan Li, and without the escorts. As it was, he had to patiently wait until Zheng Dan spotted them.

"Xi Shi." Zheng Dan started to run, her eyes on Xi Shi, her long, black hair knitted into braids and tails, and the bluish silk of her attire flying behind her.

Xi Shi focused on the golden, embroidered rose buds on the edge of his wide sleeves. He couldn't stand Zheng Dan, couldn't stand the attention with which she was always suffocating him.

Zheng Dan knelt on the blanket, shoved her way through the rank of servants sitting in a protective circle around Xi Shi, and wrapped her arms around his fragile frame, her enthusiasm almost pushing them into the water.

Xi Shi pinched her and pushed against her with his wiry arms. He wanted her off. He hated her touch, hated the way it made him feel. Like he was a thing.

"I have news." Zheng Dan tightened her hold, her voice a whisper in his ear. "I just heard…" She smiled, a smile so out of place on her round, beautiful face. "Wu Zixu has been executed."

The news should have thrilled Xi Shi, should made his heart sing, because the execution of Wu Zixu was a big step toward the goal that Fan Li had set for him. He stiffened and a frown disfigured his cherubic face, but the execution was also his first big sin, a step down the path he still didn't know if he wanted to take.

Zheng Dan put some distance between them, her eyes searching Xi Shi's face. "Are you worried about tonight?" She adjusted Xi Shi's hair ornaments, which she had in her enthusiasm knocked askew then her mouth was at his ear again. "I could try to lure him away from you, but if I can't, even if he rapes you again, I will be there later taking care of you."

Rape? Xi Shi smoothed the folds of red silk on his lap. He was trained to be Fuchai's little pet, he had been made to watch his beloved master fuck boys repeatedly up close, so that he would know, as Fan Li said, the mechanisms of pleasuring somebody; he had been taught to discard the pain. So how could Fuchai rape him?

Yes, Fuchai had taken him the first time almost without preparation, with a lot of pain-- not that pain was anything new for him. He had bled quite a lot afterwards, but that was his first time and he had always been told that the first time hurts quite a lot. Xi Shi suspected that Fuchai felt very guilty because of it, they hadn't had sex since; that was probably a part of the reason, besides Wu Zixu's demands that Fuchai should eliminate Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, that getting rid of Wu Zixu had been a lot easier than Xi Shi had expected.

"I don't need you." Xi Shi slid out from Zheng Dan's arms. He gracefully stood up, careful not to step on his long sleeves or the overcoat of his dress. His combs with ornaments in the shape of flowers that held his long, black hair away from his face tinkled with his movements.

"Xi Shi." Zheng Dan wrapped her arms around Xi Shi's legs. "I just want to take care of you."

He looked down. Her eyes, her eyes were looking up, and he could see the desire in them, the twin of the desire he saw on the faces of the men that sampled him before the big auction, the men that touched, poked, licked, and would have done lot more if they could, and it made him sick, the bile rose in his throat and he felt the need to kick her.


Xi Shi obediently lay face-down on the bed, silently and with his legs spread wide while grease in the shape of buttery cylinder was pushed into him and cold, indifferent fingers stretched him.

King Fuchai had issued the order to prepare him; he probably didn't want a repetition of their previous encounter, and Xi Shi didn't really mind it. To him King Fuchai's action spoke of consideration, and besides, he was used to being handled. After all, his body hadn't been his since the day his parents had sold him to the chief of their village, who had then sold him on the auction. But to his misfortune he hadn't been sold before the Chief and his friends, their clothes smelling like week-old sweat, had thoroughly violated his mouth and touched every inch of his body, only the danger of his price lessening considerably holding them back from penetrating him and physically hurting him.

The fingers withdrew and then a soft, silken sheet was laid over his naked body. He could hear the sound of marching steps coming from outside and by the loudness of those steps he knew that it was King Fuchai. The marching stopped and the door opened.

A tall man carrying a black, polished box under his arm came through the room. His strict gaze zoomed in on Xi Shi's body on the bed and with a wave of his hand he dismissed the girls that knelt on cushions by the door and by the bed.

With small steps the girls rushed out and after the door closed behind them, Fuchai came toward the bed. He grabbed the edge of the sheet that covered Xi Shi and with an elegant swish, the fabric flew through the air and ended on the floor.

"I have a present for you." Fuchai sat on the bed. He put the box beside him and slid his palm over Xi Shi's back and over his soft curve.

Xi Shi looked over his shoulder at the face that might have been handsome if not for the constant frown that decorated it, and then his eyes slid onto the box. He could foresee what was in that box. He raised himself into a sitting position and pulled the box closer. His fingers went over its shiny surface, and then he unhooked a small bolt and opened the box.

Two dead eyes were staring back at him from behind the glass barrier; there in the box was the head of Wu Zixu, Fuchai's best advisor and general. Xi Shi doubted that Fuchai was aware of what that really meant for both of them.

He closed the box and put it on the floor beside the bed. He turned and climbed into Fuchai's lap, knees framing Fuchai's strong thighs, and wrapped his wiry arms around Fuchai's neck. "Thank you."

"You are welcome." Fuchai put his palm on Xi Shi's back, then sliding lower, he dug his fingers into Xi Shi's soft curve. "Now show me how grateful you are." He pushed a finger into Xi Shi.

Xi Shi squirmed a little, the fingers that had stretched him earlier had been a lot smaller. He looked at Fuchai's dark eyes. "What… What would you like me to do?"

"I want my little doll boy to lie on his belly and open his legs wide for me." Fuchai pulled his finger out from Xi Shi.

Xi Shi went down from Fuchai and lay on the bed, he spread his legs.

With a gentle gesture, Fuchai brushed Xi Shi's long tail of black hair to the side and then his warmth was on Xi Shi's back, his hot cock pushing into him, pushing into him, until he was sheltered to the root in him.

Xi Shi fisted the fabric, he took a deep breath, trying to adjust to the intrusion, not that Fuchai let him with the way he withdrew and rammed back into Xi Shi again and again.

Xi Shi tried to be as still and silent as possible, he tried not to whimper because of the pain, but then that cock for the first time hit something and he cried out and his toes curled and it was wonderful. So wonderful. And he wanted that feeling again. He pushed back, he wiggled with his ass and when Fuchai thrust into him, it was there again. And again. And again. He stuffed his mouth with his fist and fabric and pushed against that wonderful, oh , so wonderful thick cock, he wanted it harder, he wanted it deeper and he got everything he wished for.

Fuchai fucked him hard, his fingers on Xi Shi's hip caused bruises, marked that white skin, then Xi Shi's body shook, the muscles clenched around Fuchai and with a groan Fuchai emptied himself into Xi Shi, he branded him, his property.

Xi Shi stared into the carved wall, his breath shallow and rushed. Nobody had ever told him that there could be pleasure in the act for him too. He smiled. The sizzling shivers and a white rain. Oh, god, his body hadn't even calmed down and he already wanted to feel that sensation again.


Xi Shi sat on the colourful pillows in the garden, Fuchai's warm body by his side and Fuchai's hand possessive on his thigh. He reached out, took a cherry from the bowl on the silver tray beside them and popped it into his mouth. For the first time in his life he was happy. He liked Fuchai and sex with him made him happy, very, very happy. Life was good. Or it would be good, he thought, leaning on Fuchai's shoulder and spoiling his rich coiffure, if not for Zheng Dan and her accusing eyes, a constant reminder that his happiness couldn't last.

And the time was so quickly ticking away. Fuchai's authority was weakening, his kingdom crumbling and his era coming to an end. And it was all Xi Shi's fault, his and Zheng Dan's. Xi Shi slid his palm over Fuchai's back, then between Fuchai's side and arm, he wrapped his fingers around Fuchai's hand.

Fuchai looked down at Xi Shi, his eyes smiling -- not his mouth, never his mouth, just his eyes; he pulled Xi Shi onto his lap. His hands found a path through the layers of gold silk to Xi Shi's warm skin, his breath hot against Xi Shi's cheeks.

Xi Shi could feel the fire blooming in the pit of his stomach, he leaned into Fuchai's touch, into that pleasure-giving hand. They were in the secluded part of the garden, away from the prying eyes, away from people, just the two of them and they could indulge themselves like that. Special times, precious moments, it was something that Xi Shi took and gave, knowing what the future would bring, while Fuchai, who might suspect it, was still just a blind man in the darkness.

The silk slid down, piece by piece, and they were skin to skin. Xi Shi had his arms tightly wrapped around Fuchai's neck while the butt plug that was put into him earlier, was pulled out of him and he lowered himself onto Fuchai's cock. He loved that part, the slight burn, the fullness, the way Fuchai's eyes focused on him while he pushed into him. He rubbed his cheeks against Fuchai's, he loved everything.

Fuchai was now sheathed to the root in Xi Shi, and with his hands on Xi Shi's hips he took control of Xi Shi's movement.

Xi Shi put his palms on Fuchai's shoulders, his cheeks flushed, and with the help of those strong hands he rode Fuchai hard, just the way Xi Shi liked, hard and messy and intense. He moaned in hot pleasure every time he pushed down and that wonderful, oh, so wonderful cock hit his sweet spot, until the pleasure was so intense that he thought that he would die from it and he did, with a cry in an explosion of silver stars and white rain. He collapsed onto Fuchai's strong body.

"Always so perfect. Always fitting like a glove," Fuchai's heavy breath caressed the outer shell of Xi Shi's ear. "I can never get enough of you." He rolled them over, he pulled Xi Shi's legs high on his shoulders and then with his fingers wrapped around Xi Shi's erection, he thrust in rapid succession into Xi Shi's twitching body, his strokes hitting Xi Shi's special spot every time, the smacks of flesh against flesh loud in their ears.

And Xi Shi screamed and screamed until his body for the second time clenched around Fuchai's cock like a vise and Fuchai's voice joined Xi Shi's.

For some time the only sounds were their heavy breathing and the calming flow of the river.

Fuchai turned them over, one hand possessively on Xi Shi's hip while with the other he brushed away the hair that stuck to Xi Shi's temples and cheeks.

Xi Shi smiled a tired smile before he pulled himself up. He hissed while Fuchai's spent cock slid out of his body, then he stood up and closed the distance of a few steps that separated him from the water. He squatted down on the wooden dock, dipped his hands into the water and started to clumsily wash himself.

"We can call the servants to help us." Fuchai crouched down beside Xi Shi.

"No, it's alright."

Gracefully as a swan, Fuchai slid down into the water waist-deep. He reached out for Xi Shi. "Come. I will help you get clean."

Xi Shi watched those hands, he carefully descended toward them, but then he slipped on the wet wood and fell into the water. His wildly waving arms were subdued by Fuchai's strong arms as he was pulled out from the water and set down on his feet.

"Can we get out now?" The water ran down over Xi Shi's face, his hair and torso, he looked like a drowned rat and as he looked up there was, for the first time, a smile on Fuchai's face, shining down on him.

"You can't swim?" Fuchai's fingers were brushing long hair away from Xi Shi's face again. "Would you like to learn?"

Xi Shi nodded.


Xi Shi stood by the window, his palms on the cold glass. His gaze was lost in the distance, not really seeing the beauty of the whiteness that covered everything like a blanket. Zheng Dan had ambushed him today before he had been whisked away by Fuchai, and whispered in his ear that she had some news for him. He wasn't looking forward to hearing that news. It probably signified that his time with Fuchai was coming to an end, that he was succeeding in the task that Fan Li had appointed him, that he was going to see his beloved master again. He should have been happy, but he wasn't.

He turned around, his eyes stopped on the sleeping man that lay sprawled on the bed. He stepped toward it, crawled onto the bed and put his head and his palm on Fuchai's chest. He was going to miss him, he was going to miss this. He closed his eyes and snuggled closer.

Xi Shi had almost dozed off when a cold hand touched his shoulder and shook it. He opened his eyes, and there she was, Zheng Dan, the person he would rather not see. He rubbed his eyes and, careful not to wake up Fuchai, he climbed off the bed and followed Zheng Dan through the door that divided his room from hers.

Zheng Dan was already sitting on the big bed in the middle of the room so similar to his, she patted the spot beside her and Xi Shi came closer and sat there, even though he would rather not have.

Zheng Dan wrapped her arm around his waist and leaned with her head on his shoulder.

Xi Shi sighed. How many times had he asked her not to touch him, but she just huffed and ignored his protest, leaving him two options: to violently remove her from his person, or to just let her be for the time being and then get away from her as soon as possible. He always chose the second option. "What did you want to tell me?"

"King Goujian is going to launch an attack in the spring. He is gathering his forces as we speak." Zheng Dan's voice was a soft whisper on Xi Shi's ear. "You have to distract Fuchai from his duties even more."

It was a little disturbing that she was the one in contact with Fan Li, that she was the one giving orders, while Xi Shi was told to keep his mouth shut and look pretty. Not to mention that she often treated him like a clueless, cheap slut, yet before they had come to Fuchai, King Goujian had used her ass for sex, and she had bragged all the while that she was still a virgin. And she had offered herself to Xi Shi, she was still offering herself to him -- actually it would be more accurate to say that she was constantly shoving her hand inside his pants. "I'll try."

Zheng Dan put her free hand on Xi Shi's thigh. "I can show you some techniques you can use."

Xi Shi tensed. "Could you, please, not touch me?"

"Could you stop acting like a prude? I know that you are not." Zheng Dan slid her hand higher. "Sometimes I can hear your screams. You are so needy, you always scream for more. I can give you more than he's giving you and you don't have to pretend with me."

Xi Shi wrinkled his forehead in disgust, he pushed her away and stood up. "I don't want you."

"And you want him? What does he have that I don't?" She grabbed his wrist.

A dick. Xi Shi shook his head. She was so stupid. He tore his hand away from her grasp. "You know what my assignment is."

"So what? I want you to want me."

He rolled his eyes, turned around and went toward his room.

"Come back," her voice was like the hushed hiss of a snake. "Come back or I swear you will be sorry."


Pink rain danced in the air, cherry blossom petals floated, twirled in the light breeze and then fell, giving a pink glow to the metal armour of Goujian's soldiers stationed all around the palace.

They were here. Xi Shi felt the need to cry. He wrapped his arm around Fuchai's waist and hid his face in Fuchai's chest.

"I should have listened to Wu Zixu." Fuchai entangled his fingers into Xi Shi's hair. "I should have killed you the day I got you."

"Yes, you should have." Xi Shi fisted the folds of Fuchai's tunic. "But I'm glad that you didn't."

"My little one." Fuchai pulled on Xi Shi's hair, his grip almost violent as he drew Xi Shi's head away from his chest. "You and Zheng Dan are wolves in sheep's clothing. And even now that I know what you are, what you have caused, I can't keep myself from loving you anyway." He pressed a kiss on Xi Shi's lips, his tongue pushed its way into the wet cave of Xi Shi's mouth, he tasted him, he devoured him. Then he abruptly ended the kiss and shoved Xi Shi down onto the floor.

Xi Shi knelt between Fuchai's widely spread legs and as soon Fuchai pushed the edge of his pants down and his cock sprang free, he knew what Fuchai wanted from him.

Fuchai's hand shot out and he grabbed Xi Shi's hair and pulled his face onto his crotch.

Xi Shi fisted his hand around the root of that cock and took the head in his mouth. He tongued the slit and relaxed his throat, knowing what was coming next.

The hand that still held Xi Shi's hair pulled him closer, the cock's head bumped against Xi Shi's tonsils. Fuchai started to fuck Xi Shi's mouth, pushing deeper and deeper into Xi Shi's throat, making Xi Shi cough and choke around his cock, until he came.

A tart taste filled Xi Shi's mouth and white liquid dripped down Xi Shi's chin.

Fuchai released Xi Shi, let him fall down on his knees, then he took the edge of the silken sheet. He pulled Xi Shi up onto his lap, into his embrace, and with gentle moves almost like caresses he wiped Xi Shi's face clean. "My little doll. Do you love me?"

Xi Shi nodded. Even though it was a lie, it was a lie that Fuchai needed.

Then Fuchai fucked him like it was the last thing he would ever do, and it was, because after, Xi Shi watched as Fuchai knelt on the pillows in the corner of the room, and took a katana that lay before the pillow. His eyes caught the wicked gleam of the blade when Fuchai thrust it into his gut.

Xi Shi sat on the bed, he watched how breath by shallow breath, life left Fuchai's body, while Fuchai's come still dripped down between his thighs.


Xi Shi stood before Zheng Dan, King Goujian and his beloved Fan Li, the floor of the ship rocking beneath his feet. His tongue darted out, licked the blood that ran from a long gash that travelled from the middle of his forehead over the bridge of his nose, to end on his right cheek -- Zheng Dan's farewell gift. His gaze on Zheng Dan, he knew by the way the corner of her lips turned upwards that she was the one behind King Goujian's words and actions, and that inside she was rejoicing over the situation. Knew that she was probably overwhelmed that, because of her, he was standing here on the afterdeck, with his hands tied behind his back and death gazing at him at close proximity. Because King Goujian had said that he was too much of temptation and had to be removed.

Xi Shi looked at Fan Li next. Fan Li was the only person he had ever loved, his only master, and the person who had betrayed him the most. Fan Li had promised to take care of Xi Shi after he completed his assignment, that he would give Xi Shi the freedom to do whatever he wanted, and now Fan Li was going to be his executioner.

And Xi Shi didn't care. He was telling himself that even as tears ran down his cheeks, as Fan Li picked him up, as Fan Li's deep voice caressed his skin: "I'm sorry, Xi Shi, but as I am your master, so is King Goujian mine."

Fan Li pressed a kiss on Xi Shi's temple, the first, the last and the only kiss Xi Shi ever got from him "I'm sorry that it has to end like this, but you are finally going to be free," he whispered. With a swing of his arms, he tossed Xi Shi overboard, down into the quickly running river.

Xi Shi's body hit the surface of the water and gravity pulled him under. There were thousands of tiny bubbles around him as he wildly squirmed to get up to the surface. Even though, in his mind, he had come to terms with his death, his lungs demanded the air and his body was fighting desperately to grant that demand. Suddenly his hands were free and he came to the surface.

And as he floated on the surface of the river, the ship disappearing in the distance, for the first time in his life, he really was free.

The end