"Hello?" Lucky picked up the phone and flipped on the night side light. The clock said four fifty-two am.

"Lucetta, it's your mother."

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"I won't be on the plane in two days."


"Well first off, weather isn't very good. There is a bad storm moving through and flights are cancelled until it blows over and secondly….I met someone…."

Lucky smiled. "Soooo."

"He's a nice man. He's actually from River City…what are the chances of that?"

Lucky tried not to laugh. When she had booked the trip for her mother, she had purposely asked the travel agent how many other seniors were taking the same package. There had been a few men from the area going that were widowers as well.

"Well, we've decided to stay another 2 weeks anyway."

"That's wonderful."

"I dare not stay any longer; I'd miss my first grandchild."

"That will put you right around my due date."

"Did they move it again?" she asked.

"June 27th now. They Estimate that Dylan is already 7lbs right now."

"Well try and hold off until then. I should have never agreed to 6 weeks."

"It's fine mom."

She heard a sigh from her mother. "I love you and take care."

"I love you too." She almost told her that she had gotten the divorce papers the day before. She had stared at the papers and couldn't believe that they were actually going to go through with it. She had been even more surprised when it stated that she was to be given joint custody of Dakota. She really didn't deserve it, Dakota wasn't her daughter and she hadn't been a very good mom anyway.

She got out of bed, slowly. Walking was very difficult now. She hated that she waddled everywhere like a duck. She was so happy that school was out now for her. Tom had taken over her three classes for the last 2 weeks, one of which was a week of exams. She came down the stairs and had to stop every few. A Pain had started in her back and she felt panic rise in her. It was too early for that. After a few minutes she started to climb down the stairs again and the pain returned.

She sat down on the landing, unable to take the next 4 stairs to the bottom.


Walker knocked loudly for the third time on Lucky's door. It was nearly Eight AM and she was usually up by now. Her car was still in the driveway. He really hoped that she wasn't avoiding him because of the delivery of the papers yesterday.

Frustrated and worried, he fished out the spare key from the flowerpot beside the stoop and unlocked the door.

"Lucky?" he called out. The house was quiet except the jingle of dog tags.

"Here." She called weakly. He followed her voice to the bathroom off the kitchen. She was sitting on the floor with her head against the wall. She was the palest he had ever seen her. Sadie was laying between her legs, her head on Lucky's stomach and whining.

He bent down in front of her. "What's wrong?"

"I think he's coming." She said.

"What? It's too early."

"Only 2 weeks…"

"Still…. We've got to get you to the hospital."

"No." she said.

"Lucky I'm not taking any chances." He scooped her up in his arms. She passed out against his shoulder. He didn't even lock the door; he knew that Sadie would bark at anybody she didn't know.

Lucky was still passed out when he got her to the hospital.

He walked up the nurse's station.

"Sir?" one asked.

"My wife, I think she's in labour." He said

She looked at Lucky's sweaty face and waved over one other nurse to help her. The second nurse brought over a wheelchair and Walker placed her in it.

"What's her name?" the first nurse and pulled out a clipboard.

"Lucetta Coulson." It had been the first time he had said her full name and he tried not to smile. He liked that she had taken his name after all.

"When is her due date?"

"June 27th."

"Oh… a bit early…"

"Yeah. She passed out before I could ask her more information."

"You weren't with her when the labour started?"

"No, we're separated right now…"

The nurse gave a half smile and nodded. "Okay, we'll ask her when she wakes up. Sometimes when the pain is too intense it causes fainting."

He followed the nurses who were wheeling Lucky toward a room.


Lucky woke to a cool cloth on her forehead. She opened her eyes and saw that Walker was the one placing it there.


"Shhh, it's okay."

"The baby…"

"Still coming."

She relaxed back again the pillows. A few minutes later a doctor came into the room.

"Everything seems to be going okay; baby's heart beat is strong. I think he'll be fine, even though its two weeks early."

"They kept moving the date." Lucky said.

"Because he's a bigger baby no doubt." The doctor smile. "I assume you'll want the drugs?"

Lucky nodded. The doctor smiled just as another contraction started. She reached for Walker's hand and squeezed. He couldn't help but kiss her cheek.

When it was over Walker let go of Lucky's hand. "Where is your mom? Isn't she supposed to be back by now?"

"Bad weather delayed her flight."

"How long have you been having contractions?"

"Since 5 this morning."

"Why didn't you call me?"

She turned and looked at him. "I figured you wouldn't want to talk to me, with the papers coming yesterday and all."

He frowned. "Lucky, no matter what happens between us, I still care about you. I would never want you to be sick and if you need help you can always ask."

Just at that moment Lucky yelped in pain again. The nurse was in the room instantly.

"How far apart was that?" she asked.

"About 3 minutes." Walker said.

"I think it may be time." She smiled and left to get the doctor.

"We're going to have a baby." Lucky said as the contraction died down.

He smiled. "I know."


"Okay Lucetta, one more push okay?" the doctor said.

"I can't." Lucky cried.

"Yes you can." Walker said. "I'm here." He was dressed in a blue gown and cap. One hand was holding her knee the other her hand.

"No….I'm too tired…."

"Lucky, just one more and it's done." The doctor encouraged.

"We've been through so much Lucky and now you are going to give me the greatest gift."

"I can't." Tears were running down her face.

"Lucky….I love you." Walker said, unsure exactly why those particular words had come out. She looked at him and a smile appeared on her tired face.

It faded instantly though as she struggled with one last push. The sounds of a newborn's cries were heard.

Lucky looked up at Walker who was beaming, he looked down at her.

"Did you really mean it?"

"With my whole heart Lucky. I don't know why it took me this long to fully realize it. I'm so in love with you and with our child." He bent down and kissed her. Butterflies took flight in Lucky's stomach.

The nurse came over with the baby. "Here you go Mommy." She put him in her arms.

"He's beautiful" Walker said.

"Hi there Dylan Walker, I'm your mommy and this is your daddy." She put her finger in his tiny hand and he grasped it.


Walker pulled his truck into his driveway. Moments later the door opened and a blonde sprite came running down the steps to greet him, but instead of jumping into his arms as she had the year before, she only hugged him.

"Dylan said his first word today." Dakota said.

"Did he?" Walker smirked. The last 3 months of his life had been wonderful. Having his whole family together.

"I'm serious. I know he's still really young but I swear he said my name."

"What did it sound like?"

"Well maybe it didn't sound exactly like my name…." she looked at him disappointed.

Walker played with her hair. Dakota had kept getting it cut short. It was still strange to see that his little girl was growing up.

"Mom has been cooking all day, she said it's some sort of anniversary today."

Walker smirked. It was the anniversary of when they had announced to Sandy and her husband that they were engaged. He thanked God everyday that Lucky had been so impulsive. He followed Dakota into the house. Lucky appeared in the archway into the kitchen. 3 month old Dylan was in a carrier on her chest.

He took the steps wider than normal to pull them both into his arms.

"I love you Lucky." He whispered.

She laughed before kissing him on the lips. "I know and I can never imagining hearing you say it too much." She pulled back, smiled before she entered the kitchen to finish cooking.

Walker couldn't help but smile after her. He was indeed "Lucky" to have his family and he must be to have a woman named Lucky.