Author's Note: This is my experiment. I've always wanted to give my mind a chance to play on its own playground. So I'm going to see how well this goes. I'll probably end up revising the junk out of this later.

"What is your name?" The voice was soft and comforting, as if speaking to a child.

"My name is Rita." The voice was calm but indifferent. The woman who used the voice had wavy red locks that stopped at the nape of her neck. Her eyes were a deep hazel and freckles had conquered her face.

"Hello Rita, do you know who I am?" asked the first voice.

Rita looked at the woman asking her questions and then looked at her own hands, thoughtful. "You're Linda, my therapist. I've been seeing you for three years now."

Linda nodded and smiled, jotting something down on the clipboard she held in her lap. Linda and Rita were sitting across from each other on comfortable blue chairs. The room was peacefully silent save for the exchanges made by the two, and the pit-patter of the rain outdoors. Linda looked at what she wrote on the clipboard and made a small nod. Suddenly, Rita coughed three times, each cough more violent than the next. Linda looked up calmly as if it were an every day thing and asked, "What is your name?"

"My name is Travis, ma'am. May I ask your name?"

"Why yes, Travis. My name is Linda Kal, do you remember me?" Linda inquired.

"I'm afraid not, ma'am. I tend to remember most everything... please forgive me, but your name escapes my memory. Perhaps I just need a bit more time to remember," Travis offered, his feminine lips smiling.

"Don't trouble yourself, dear. Why don't you tell me what you did yesterday?" Linda asked warmly.

"Yesterday? I'm afraid I didn't do much of anything yesterday, ma'am," answered Travis, scratching his head and looking out the window.

"Why was that?"

"Anna was busy baking a cake for her brother's birthday party and later Ryan played basketball with him," explained the boy in a woman's body.

"Didn't you want to do something special with your brother for his birthday?" Linda looked up at Travis and jotted more notes down on her clipboard.

"I've never felt a true connection with my brother. He regards me as though I had two heads. It's not that I don't love him, ma'am, but I was just never too good at sports anyway," Travis ended his sentence and Linda wrote more things down.

"Two heads? Why does he view you that way?" Linda asked using an innocent, soothing tone.

Travis' brow furrowed for a second but that emotion was quickly hidden. "Ma'am, the others tell me you know perfectly well why he regards me as such. But I don't mind telling you again, on the count of we all forget some things. I'm a multiple."

Linda noted the quick show of emotion she saw upon Travis' face and asked him another question, "What is a multiple, Travis?"

"I ain't Travis," said a coarse voice.

Linda was shocked. The change was so quick this time, and without any warning. Nevertheless, she asked calmly, "I apologize. Who are you?"

"It ain't nonya business knowin' who I be." The voice that now inhabited the body made it do a sequence of exaggerated hand motions. The voice was notably masculine.

"Tell me what my business is."

"Hell if I know, woman. It sure ain't interrogatin' me."

"You respond in anger, where does it come from?" Linda asked sweetly, unabated by his brash comments.

"I ain't angry, you ain't seen me angry. This is chillin'"

"You're 'chillin''?" Linda asked awkwardly, used to the nice "ing" sound.

"Not no more. Time to bounce." The figure who now inhabited the woman's body made it get out of the chair smoothly and strut out the door, one hand in a pocket and the other one dancing in the air.

Linda shook her head and finished jotting down her notes. The door to her office creaked open and a portly woman with curly brown hair walked in looking concerned. The woman came over to Linda and asked quietly, "How was she today?"

Linda looked up and sighed. "We're gaining progress with many of her alters, but I'm afraid I met a new one today. He refuses to tell me his name. Nora is continuing to make more, I'm afraid. But no need to worry, ma'am, we're making great progress with the majority of your daughter's alters, I'm sure we'll be ready to integrate with in the next year or so."

The woman nodded. "Why does she keep making more? I don't understand."

"Each alter has a reason to exist, and while I don't know why this new one appeared, we can discern that in her mind, he was necessary. All we can do is try to help, Florence."