Project Weirdo

Damien Anders is probably the weirdest person I know. There are rumors about him. Things like he does black magic and has twelve kids in Russia. But besides that, he just looks weird. He covers himself completely from neck to foot with baggy black clothes. He doesn't wear a lot of chains or any makeup be he's definitely into the black. Everything. His pants, his shirt, his jacket, his shoes, all black. His sole chain is around his neck and falls just below the collarbone. He wears three silver rings, each stacked on the middle finger of his right hand. There were rumors about his clothes, too. He has a bunch of hideous scars from all the street fights he's been in or he has obscene tattoos for when he strips at the club. For some reason, those don't seem right. Maybe its something about the way his black hair hangs in his eyes or the steely edge they give you when they look at you.

I turn my head quickly and run a hand through my hair. He just caught me staring. Why is my heart beating so fast? Am I scared? Surprised? What?

I glance back at him. He was getting up from his desk with his work in his hands. Back to openly staring. He had an elegant movement to him. What were the possibilities that he had taken ballet? Not very good.


I was brought out of my wanderings by Caroline. She's been my best friend since forever ago so she can usually tell when my mind is occupied.

"What are you staring at?" she asked quietly

"Nothing. Just thinking." I lied…technically. Partially.

"You sure? I didn't think the Louisiana Purchase was so thought provoking." she joked. I looked down at my worksheets. It wasn't though provoking at all. I knew what she was getting at…I just didn't want to admit it. She egged me on despite my silence.

"Faye…usually when you stare like that…at a guy…" She left it open for me to fill in the blank. Still, I just stared at her.

"We'll talk later." She said, patting my hand.

I turned back around. With final realization, I put my head down on the desk. Oh my God…I've been checking out the weirdo.