Made: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time: 6:24p.m


I guess it's not for me,

Cause I can't make you see

Just what I need to say

Cause you're pushing me away.

Can't you see my eyes—

Or how I want to die?

Maybe you don't care.

Life just isn't fair.

You said you were my friend.

I thought friends were 'till the end.

Thoughts too swirled to think.

Can't make memories of you a blank.

You push yourself in still,

All against my will.

I try to sleep again

Try to get over you again;

But it won't work.

Because you're not a jerk.

You're still nice,

Though touch like ice,

And I want you here

Before I shed another tear.

I wear that smile.

Blood drawn for miles.

Put on a fake display

Just to hear you say

Something--anything to me

Which will be the key

To make me worse today

Cause the thoughts can't go away.

You're not hateful,

You're not spiteful,

You're not a bitch,

Just ignorant.

I know you know that

No matter what

Through all the matters listed above,

I still feel for you nothing but love.