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this is a monologue that i've written for my drama class!

i really hope that you like it, it's not set in modern times, but rather, in the 1700's or sometime when they hung ppl as an execution.

thoughts, "spoken", actions

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This is it. This is the day that I'm going to die. This is the day that I'll finally let him notice me. I'll finally earn his thanks. But by the end of this, I won't even be here for him to thank.

Does he know? That I purposely took the blame? I wasn't framed, I chose this path. I'm hoping that he'll finally realize all that I've been doing for him this whole time.

Does he know that I confessed? That I came and said that I did it. That I killed her? It was so obviously him. He was in the barn when she died. And it's not like I'm really strong enough to strangle her!

But will her know, will he know as I am dangling up there that I have died for him? Will he even be here to see me? Is he here? Scans crowd. There he is. I see him. But does he see me? Softly "Do you see me?" no, of course not. No one sees me. No one understands.

I'm going to die here, and no one will know. No one will know I saved his life.

I'm up next. I'm going to die in a few minutes, without anybody knowing how I feel. What a waste. What a waste of a life! It's a good thing that I'm dying. It's a good thing, it's a good thing, it's a good thing.

Now it's me. I'm coming up, and I'm going to die. This is it. This is the end. Looks at him. "I love you." There! I said it! Even if I didn't hear, I finally said it. And now I'm going to die.

They'll cut the rope soon. But just smile at him, hope he'll know.

Here it comes! 3, 2,……1.


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