I want you to fall in love with summer

And move somewhere warm where she'll never leave you

I want you to swoon for her explosive purple and deep crimson sunsets

And live for her familiar clear blue days

I want you to waltz in her soft warm rain as if you were holding her close with immeasurable passion

And I want you to let the smell of her fresh mornings, blooming flowers and salty waters playfully lick your nose

I want you to glow with happiness beneath her rays of beautiful golden light

And feel the sweet crisp scent of freshly cut grass softly wake your every sense of pleasure

I want you to not worry when she storms away and leaves you

Because she will always come back

I want your beautiful shining soul to ache with an undying love for her

Because she will never hurt you

I want you to love her because I love you

And I want you to be happy

--Kat C.