Sadistic Princess

I will slaughter you, Prince Charming
I'll kill your noble steed
I'll cut off all your golden locks
Then stab 'til you can't breathe

I'll take your finest sword
And grasp it by the hilt
I'll slide that blade right down your chest
And grin with mocking guilt

You see, my dear
It's not my fault
I really just can't trust you

My love, my prince
You are too dear
I hope this won't disgust you

But I watched you from the tallest tower
You two hidden in vines
So now its time to end your days
Accept that you are mine!

Gotta love them sadistic princesses! So in this one, I'm trying to portray this sadistic Rapunzel-like girl, who suspects her prince of cheating on her. So she kills him, her justification being that this way, he won't be able to betray her.....hope you enjoyed! This one wasn't meant to be much of a deep poetic sort of piece, more of just a screaming princess, haha.