understanding the aesthetics of life

to be or not to be? that is
quite the philosophical question,
no? but are we not, as poets,
the writers of our own futures?
too many question marks, i say,
and now I shall attempt to make
statements on the state of mankind:
people enjoy eating (most of them,
i should say - there are those with
out the love of food, as well) and
sleeping, which is something i
might care to do, as well, after
all, i am a person and if people
sleep and eat, i suppose i would
do those things. but living life
does not account for those
who live for other, specialized
forms of entertainment, such as
growing bonsai trees and pruning
them into silly shapes like dragons,
or collecting stamps of dead
hollywood celebrities or retired
navy bomber planes named sarah,
or writing. there has to be some
explanation, some reason behind
the madness, and though i've never
actually seen a dragon-shaped
bonsai tree, i am sure it would be
quite the philosophical experience.