we are stars
there's not enough space in space for us to be where we want, what we want. i want you and she wants you and you want her and sometimes him and i never want him who knows what he wants who wants me? there is all the wrong kind of distance in between—

i am here, you are there: trying to explain the concept of distance "we ought to get rid of distance anyway," distance should be only for getting away— and these distances don't follow the rule, the distance i want, the space i want, i am creating space around myself like i am inside myself, all space and no place to go.

all i want is to leave (i'm feeling trapped) oh my god, oh my god, i say, i've got to go i've g-g-got to got to get out of here todaynowrightnow i stutterslipsay if i had a car, oh, get in the car and GO i've got no passenger anyway not like i needed one, me & the stereo, we do just fine in the dark at 9:13 the absolute power in leaving, the getting, the getting out.

motto: motion no direction, that's my manifest, my manifest-oh.

i am a star
c-c-colliding in myself.