A/N: This drabble contains shoujo-ai (girlxgirl). If you are offended by that, please pass on and read the next drabble instead.

"Jasmine! You look so pretty!"

Jasmine Banks smiled at the compliment, slightly growing red.

"Thanks Isabela," Jasmine reclaimed, "But you're cute too, you know!"

"Not as cute as you!" Isabela Ayala exclaimed. If possible, Jasmine's cheeks grew even more red.

"Aaw!" And both girls came into a tight embrace just before the school bell rang.

That's right, Jasmine told herself, sitting on her chair and brushing her long, auburn hair, Keep it in, restrain yourself…

To her surprise, she heard a very familiar song from the group behind her:

" It's her hair and her eyes today

That just simply takes me away… "

"Jasmine? Are you okay?"

Jasmine's hazel eyes were wide open, hearing Isabela's voice.

"Wha-?" Jasmine nodded nonchalantly, "I'm alright… It's nothing,"

Isabela grinned, her deep, black eyes disappearing within her smile.

"I love you, Jasmine!" she said to her friend.

You don't know what those words would mean to me…

"Aaw," Jasmine's heart began melting.

But I can't resist. Because it's you.

"I love you too, Isabela!"

Actually, you don't know the real meaning of all that I say. And never will you know. Because it's better like this, Isabela.

I can keep being unrequited. But I can't risk what we already have.