Person: 9.30pm, November 26 2008, Café Leopold: A backpacker hangout behind Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Two men arrived and started firing machine guns at the crowd. Panic panged through the crowd. Everyone ducked! Terror. Terror. Terror.

Lo Hwei Yen: (Gun pointing towards head) Get the Singapore Government to tell the Mumbai authorities to refrain from storming the hotel - or she would lose her life. That was what they wanted me to convey. What can I do? I just told my husband. Well, of course, I told him in a very peaceful voice. I didn't want him to worry. I didn't want to know that I don't want to be here anymore. I'm sorry that I'm here. I'm sorry that I'm making you worry. I'm sorry that I'm a hostage. I apologise sincerely. Deep down from my heart. And dear friends and family. If I don't make it out of here, I love you all. That's all I can do. I am just a hostage. What can I do? Years of law didn't teach me what to do in case I was held a hostage. Years of law didn't teach me how to react. I don't know whether I should be calm or scream in terror. I don't know. I just sat there in the hotel, waiting for the authorities to react. But they were just freaking indecisive. And I was just there telling myself that the longer they take, my chances of survival decreases exponentially. And then I called my husband. And I told him: Please tell them to hurry up. And then, I became one of the twenty four in Oberoi Trident Hotel. (Shoots herself. Bang. Goes to prayer position to symbolise the family members praying for her)

Person: It took ten hours for the National Security Guards to reach the terrorists. Ten hours! (Someone starts counting to ten in the background) Technically, they should only take thirty minutes to do so. Why? Why did they move so slowly? Were they not prepared? Or were they just inefficient? By taking this long, they managed to let the terrorists infiltrate the city and plant themselves at every single turn and corner. You'll never who a terrorist is. They all look the same. They wear civilian clothes. Terrorist: Noun: A person who uses terror to get what he wants. Terror: Noun: An intense state of fear. They know this place better than you do. That's why they succeeded.

(Concurrent with Media) Azam Amir Kasab: I wasn't the one who gathered the information. Come on. Azam Amir Kasab doesn't lower himself to this level. I have people who will give me information. Willingly. Locals. Locals provided help. They provided shelter. They showed us around. They gave us information. We just posed as Malaysian students and we rented rooms in Nariman house. Local civilians were helpful. They will help out in whatever ways they can.

(Concurrent with Azam Amir Kasab) Media: The media has reported that the hotel staffs were the ones who saved the lives of many hostages trapped in the hotel. This shows the importance of civilians when it comes to defending our country. They can be a great form of buffer as the armed forces are deployed to their various positions. Civilians have to, therefore, be alert and calm in the event of wars or enemy attacks and help out in whatever ways they can.

Terrorist: I didn't choose terrorist. I was made a terrorist. Not by the other terrorists but by you. You government authorities. You bastards. You refuse to give us what we want. What can we do? Turn to other authorities? Grovel and beg? All we want is to make a point. Make a stand. Through forums? Through strikes? Dream on. You think you'll listen? You'll never listen. You'll simply say, "Wait a moment. Let me pass this message to the higher authorities. Because we are in highly bureaucratic structure. I can't do anything. I can't be efficient. I can't meet your needs." Bullshit. Those are just excuses. Excuses to lead an easier life. Fine. Since you refuse to listen to us, I guess we'll just show you what we want. I guess we just have to use terror.

Indian: What will you defend? Your loved ones? Your property? Your surrounding? Your life? Would you defend someone whom you do not know? Would you defend the small thin little boy walking down the street? Would you? I won't you know. Why would I defend someone whom I do not know? I know this is selfish but I don't care. It's a Man eat Man world. What do you want me to do? Pick up that rifle and shoot down someone just so you can survive? Risk my life just so you can survive? (Points to himself and then to audience) It's a joke! It's hilarious! I mean. What's with this concept of defending your country? It's just total bull crap in my own opinion. I'm not going to defend my mother. I'm not going to defend my father. I'm not going to defend anyone but myself. And you ask me what will I defend. And I'll tell you. I'll defend my life. I'll run. I read a report recently. The Indian government has an annual budget of $3 billion for the safety of over 1 billion people while the USA's FBI has an annual budget of $7.1billion for securing the lives of 300 million people. And I ask myself again. What will you defend? I don't know? What will the government defend? If they are not willing to splurge on defence, what makes you think I will jeopardise my life. Bull crap. Bull crap. Patriotism: is it even a word? You think I really feel patriotic for my country? You think so? You think the OH, I LOVE MY COUNTRY SO MUCH. I AM SO PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN. INDIA, I WILL LAY MY LIFE FOR YOU! is true? Cow shit. I don't give a damn. When the terrorists come, I will run for my life. Far away. Out of this dreaded country. I will run to somewhere safe. And now, I ask you one last time: What will you defend?