Like coal dust,
I've left a coat of grime
over your eyes.
You'll never be free of me,
my dirt has seeped into pores.
I am under your skin and
creeping into your brain.

Keep trying to think
yourself out of believing me.
I'm in your blood,
And no matter what,
you'll always believe me
just the smallest little bit.

That's all I'll ever need
to break you, to bend you over
and rape you.

To make you as monochromatic
as the world you're seeing now.

You don't stand a chance.
You've never stood a chance.

The idea of getting
rid of me should
make you choke and hack
'til you turn blue from a
laughter that melts into sobs.

Because you know
I'm right.
You know that I might as well
be your God.

You get it now.
I'm the only one who
Everyone else can tell
you how "special" or "Great"
you are, but you'll always know the truth.

You're not special.
You're not great.
You're not anything.