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I did not know what I had done, but whatever it was, it wasn't good. My uncle was intoxicated when he came up the stairs, and as soon as I saw him through my doorway, I leaped to the door, closing it and locking it quickly. He pounded against the door viciously, and I slumped to the floor, hoping the door would hold. That dream shattered as I was suddenly pushed forward when the door came down. I panicked and hurried to hide beneath my bed when my drunk uncle stumbled in, mumbling and swearing under his breath. He took another swig from the bottle that obviously contained an alcoholic beverage. He belched, and I scruched my face in disgust, but moved away from the edge, hoping he wouldn't see me. Ever since my parents had died, it had always been the same. The only person who ever cared about me was my aunt, but she was at the store.

She didn't know about her husband's problems, and my uncle threatened me if I ever told her. He would always go to bed when she came back, and she would always call him lazy. If only she knew.

I was brought back into reality when I heard a sharp thud, and I sneaked past the sheets to find my table down with my uncle ripping everything on it. He noticed me peeking out and bellowed, "There you are, you ungrateful, little brat!" When that was said, he flung his now empty bottle my way, and I moved away. The glass shattered in front of me, and I yelped. The bed rose from above me, lifted by my uncle, and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out of the area. I screamed as my scalp ripped and the glass on the floor punctured my back and bottom.

"Please stop!"

"Why?! You having too much fun?!" He tossed me across the room. He had always been jealous that my aunt cared for me more than him. I sobbed into the wall from the excrutiating pain that had appeared everywhere and moaned. He shook his head. "Oh, that's nothing, darling. This is just the start. I'm tired of this, I'm tired of you... This is the end..." He revealed a kitchen knife from behind him, and I shook my head in protest, pleading, "No, Uncle! Please don't! Please! I've never done anything wrong! Please, Uncle! I'm only ten! No, no, NO!!"

He came closer with the knife, his hand trembling. "You deserve this, you worthless, little pest! It's time for you to reunite yourself with your parents in hell!" I shook my head, flailing my legs forward in hopes of passing through the wall, like a ghost, which I soon will be, from the looks of it. My heart was about to burst, and it seemed as if I would die from a heart attack before he could stab me. He lifted his occupied hand and struck it down, puncturing my chest with the blade. I could only whisper two words.

"You'll... pay..." With that, my eyes rolled inside out as they closed, and to put matters simple, I died.

It was pitch black, and I did not feel the pain. It was gone. All the pain was gone. I felt empty, and I could not feel any part f myself. I wasn't sure where I was. I opened my eyes to find my uncle staring down at me in a crooked smile, no shock or fright as I reopened my eyes. I could feel my limbs and my body once more, and I smiled, thinking I was alive. My uncle lifted himself and began to cut his arms with the bloody weapon, his own blood combined with mine. He cut his face several times, and only now was I aware that he was wearing gloves. How couldn't have I seen this coming before?

I rose into a sitting position, only to find a different knife sticking out of my chest. I screamed and hollered, but my uncle did not turn around. He stabbed himself once in the gun slightly and fell to the ground, moaning. I heard a familiar voice in the house.

"Kyle? Nikki?" I heard her footsteps on the stairs, and I waited for her to enter the room. I heard her scream uncontrollably, bursting into sobs and kneeling by my uncle, who was still groaning. She looked straight at me and choked on a sob. My uncle grabbed her arm. "Petunia, please... help... me..."

She didn't listen. She tugged him off of her and walked over to where I was sitting. I spoke to her, "Oh, Aunt Petunia, I'm so glad you're home. Uncle Kyle tried to kill me!" She just continued to stare at me, past me. I followed her gaze and shrieked. There was a girl, battered and bleeding, laying on the floor with a knife sticking out of her chest, dead. That girl was me.

I looked back at the knife in my chest. It looked older and more ancient. I panicked even more and called to Aunt Petunia, "Aunt Petunia, I'm right here! Look at me, please!"

"She can't hear you," replied a husky voice. I shifted my head to find a cloaked figure next to me with two red orbs for eyes. I sniffled once and widened my eyes. "Who are you?"

"I'm Death, Nikki. You're dead, your uncle killed you. I'm here to help you cross over." I nodded. "Yes, I know I'm dead, but..." I watched my beloved Aunt Petunia cry over my unmoving, unbreathing body. "What if I'm not ready?" Death lifted his cloak up a bit higher, answering, "No one is ready for Death, especially children like you." I inhaled. "I'm not a child. I just have to take care of something." I glanced at my uncle, who was staring at my lifeless body in disgust, his body in obvious pain. The husky voice asked me, "What do you have to do?"

"I have to teach someone something..."

He lowered his hood. "When will you be ready?" I replied, "When I finish my task." The cloaked figure turned its hood to my uncle. He sighed and shook his head. "Revenge never solves anything. You may remain on grounds for exactly one week, no more, no less. After that, you have to cross over. Your parents are waiting for you."

"My parent?" I whispered, in pure disbelief. He nodded once more. "Yes, they are not be happy to know that you have died so soon, but they will want to be with you. Now, they will be unhappy once more to find out they have to wait another week." He paused as he let me take that in. "Understand this, child. On the last day, you will be strongest, and at the last hour, you will have the most power. Be wise, young one. Be wise." With that, he faded away, and I heard sirens in the distance. Aunt Petunia was cradling my uncle now, and my uncle was talking nonsense.

"Oh, Petunia. He got inside the house and grabbed the kitchen knife, threatening our little Nikki. I tried to fight him, but he stabbed her! It was too late, just too late..." he murmured, and Aunt Petunia nodded. What a liar. I would get him back for sure.

My focus came back upon the ancient knife stuck in my chest, and I pulled it out, examining it. The handle was wooden, bright, and quite colorful. Pure irony. Police officers rushed in with loaded guns and stopped at the bloody scene before them. I twirled the knife and saw a reflection of the wall, but no reflection of me. I hardened my grip on the knife, and I had an idea.

He first had to know that I was here.

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