He stared at them in silence, biting his lower lip softly. "But boys don't kiss boys."" He murmured finally, glancing down at his clasped hands. He heard a soft sigh and a moment later Rose had her arms around him, squeezing tightly. "I hope to whoever is listening that I see your mother in a dark ally one day." She muttered bitterly as he dropped his head onto her shoulder and nuzzled her collarbone, blinking back tears.

"Rye it's perfectly acceptable behavior to like members of your sex." Jake's voice came from somewhere on his left, oddly subdued. "Everything you've just told us points to the fact that you have a crush on him." Rye shook his head. "I like girls." He could almost feel Rose hesitating. "Sweetie you've never really liked girls, and all the relationships you had with them ended rather quickly, don't you think?" He shook his head again, lower lip sticking out.

"Just give it a try? He likes you too you know." Rye sat up at this, looking at his two best friends seriously. "But what will people say?" He whispered, twisting the ring on his finger nervously. "Since when do you care?" Jake responded, causing him to sigh in defeat. "Alright, I'll go on the stupid date." Rose gave a wide grin, fingers flying over the buttons on her cell phone. "You'll have fun I swear." Jake said, beaming as well. "Look, you're already smiling!" Rye looked down, tugging on a loose string, but he didn't deny it.

Riseon glanced back, biting his lip. Rose placed her hands on her hips and glared as Jake gave him a thumbs up and a grin. He walked forward slowly, finally stopping beside his destination. "Riseon?" He looked up, nodding. Jace grinned at him, flicking his dark hair from his eyes. "Thank you for this." Rye looked surprised. "For what, going o-out with you?" Jace nodded, his smile turning soft.

"I know how difficult it must be. So thanks." Rye shrugged, ignoring the heat creeping up his neck and looked down. "Well come on. I have something fun planned." Before Rye could react Jace had grabbed his hand and was pulling him away. He had just enough time to shoot a panicked glance back at his friends before he was pulled out of sight.

It was only a ten minute walk to the fairgrounds, but it gave Riseon plenty of time to organize his thoughts. He was nervous, but he couldn't deny that Jace's hand was warm and slightly calloused; it felt good cupping his. He also couldn't deny the boy looked good, wearing a dark green hoodie with the sleeves pushed to the elbows and dark blue jeans. Riseon spared a quick glance at his own venetian red shirt and khakis, giving them a glare.

He jumped as his hand was squeezed slightly. "I think you look amazing." Rye flushed and looked down again, ignoring the amused chuckle from beside him. It wasn't long before he was lost in thought again. He was scared they'd see someone they knew. Terrified about what he would do if they did. He was fairly sure he'd deny everything and he already knew exactly how hurt Jace would be. This thought raised the question: since when did he care if Jace was hurt? "We're here." Said boy murmured quietly, breaking him out of his reverie.

Riseon laughed as he was bumped again, his head flying back to hit the seat. "Got'cha again!" Jace crowed from the other bumper car. "I'll get you for that!" Riseon yelled back. Jace laughed. "Yeah, like you did the other three times?" Riseon steered towards the blue car even as Jace turned it towards him. They sped towards each other, laughing when the power cut off and they skidded harmlessly against one another. Jace hopped out, holding out his hand. Rye didn't hesitate as he allowed himself to be pulled up.

"What's next?" Jace asked as they stumbled away from the cars. "Fun house!" Riseon chirped, already heading that way. "Then food. And then...well, I don't know." Jace laughed, letting Riseon tug him forward. They entered the attraction, immediately laughing as Riseon smacked into a mirror. They felt their way through, throwing teasing comments around and then clinging to each other as they entered the moving room. They were still laughing later as they stood in line for funnel cake and drinks.

They sat at one of the empty benches, listening to the music blaring through nearby speakers and eating quietly. Jace was straddling the bench, looking at Riseon, when he glanced over. "Are you having fun?" He asked quietly. Riseon swallowed his drink and nodded, smiling slightly. "I've never really been to a fair before, so this is fun." Jace nodded, seemingly pleased. "Good. So, now what?" Riseon hummed slightly, looking around. "What about that?" Jace followed his finger and groaned. "Figures you'd pick the scary upside down thing." Rye frowned slightly. "Just promise not to tease me when I scream like a girl?"

Rye nodded and soon enough they were being strapped in. He glanced beside him and laughed. "You'll be fine." Jace whimpered as the rocket started, swinging as it built up momentum. As it neared the top Rye grasped his hand and he opened his eyes long enough to smile in what should be reassuring. "We're gonna die." He muttered petulantly as it reached the top. "No we're not." Rye laughed. It stopped and Rye looked over at the pale Jace. "Open your eyes." He murmured.

Jace cracked an eye open and let out a slight grin. "Your hair is hanging." He said softly. "Yours too." Rye responded, chuckling. Jace let out a groan and his eyes snapped shut as the machine began to tilt forward. Riseon laughed again, patting his hand in comfort. "There there." He called over the wind.

Rye's grin didn't diminish as they weaved unsteadily off the ride. "Stupid idiot," Jace was grumbling, one hand to his head. "You did agree to go on it with me." Riseon felt the need to point out. It got him a weak glare. "Oh I know." He said as Jace leaned against a nearby pole. "We can get you something to drink and go on the ferris wheel." When no reply was forthcoming he huffed. "It's my first time here and I'm going on the ferris wheel!" That got an unsteady chuckle and Jace blearily opened his eyes. "Alright, alright," he grumbled half-heartedly. Rye grinned, putting a hand on his lower back and another in his elbow as he led him to the eating area again. "Stay here," he said as Jace all but sunk into the seat, putting his head on his arms as he did so.

Riseon returned with a slushie and held it out. "Peace offering," he sang, placing it before him. Jace looked up and grinned. "Thanks." Rye waved a hand. "Yeah yeah just drink." Jace chuckled but did as instructed, indicating he was well enough to continue as it was finished. "My hero," he swooned dramatically, leaning against Riseon and batting his eyelashes. Rye flushed and shoved him off. "Shaddup." He mumbled, causing Jace to laugh. "You're right; you're shorter so you should be the damsel in distress. Glad that's cleared up." As Riseon spluttered Jace pointed. "Balloon darts!" He half-shouted, causing a nearby woman to jump in surprise as he took off. Riseon followed at a slower pace.

By the time he arrived Jace had popped several balloons and was waiting for him. "Finally." He said, sweeping his arm out to the faux animals lining the booth. "Choose one." Rye blushed, glancing at the obviously amused booth attendant. "Oh honestly I certainly don't want one. If you must tell people it's for Rose or something. Now, pick." Riseon glared but pointed one out hesitantly, causing Jace to all but beam.

"You can never go wrong with a white wolf." He said mock-seriously. Riseon held the small animal in his hand as they finished their journey to the large ferris wheel. "This won't scare you?" Jace shook his head. "It goes slow," he explained, causing Rye to make a soft sound of acknowledgement. Rye was nervous going up but Jace held his hand carefully, pointing out the various sights and then shaking the bucket, laughing at the shriek from his side.

"I'm glad you had fun." Jace said after they walked back to their cars in silence. Rye nodded, clutching the plush wolf to his side. Jace shook his head, a wry smile on his lips, as he gently pried the toy from the death grip and set it on the car. He took Riseon's hands in his, entwining their fingers together gently. Riseon stared at their clasped hands. "Can we really be together, like this?" He asked softly, not looking up.

Jace brought their hands up and softly kissed his palm. "I want to see you again," he said quietly, lowering their joined hands once more. Riseon nodded, slowly looking up until they were looking at each other. "Ok." He whispered. Jace smiled, placed another kiss on his palm, and stepped back, releasing his hands as he went. "'Till next time," he murmured, walking backwards until he reached his car. With one more soft wave he slipped inside and was gone in the next instant. Riseon tucked his toy beside him as he sat in his own. Slowly he touched his hand, and he smiled. Maybe, boys could kiss boys.

Riseon was willing to find out.