"I can't believe her, calling me the slut!" I say.

"No kidding. She's the one who's got a new boyfriend every week." Jamie answers.

Natalia Moreno had been my enemy since the second grade when she cut my hair with her safety scissors. Now as a junior, she still is just as immature. Yesterday she started a rumor about me slutting around with Steven Summers. Eck. Steven is the class pervert and has been into me since grade school, trying whenever he had the chance, to take a peak up my skirt.

Natalia, her brother, Mateo, and I make up what is pretty much the only minority at Lake Valley High. As a prestigious high school in the country it's not a surprise. We are the three Mexicans in a sea of white kids. Natalia and Mateo are twins and both, unfortunately gorgeous. Each has pin straight black hair, Natalia's to her shoulders, and Mateo's barely to his eyebrows. They also both have a nice shade of dark green eyes. Mateo is not only gorgeous but he is also nothing like his sister. While she is loud and bitchy he is quiet and mysterious. Dating him has never been an option though. Getting close to him would be too much like getting close to Natalia.

I guess I would consider myself popular, like Natalia, although we run in different groups. Natalia, and her cronies, are considered the sluts, which is funny since she accused me of messing around with Steven. My friends and I, wear a bit less makeup, are a bit less snotty, and a lot less slutty.

Jamie and I are on the way to the Moreno's house at the moment actually. Its one in the morning and we've got the toilet paper and the eggs.

Jamie and I have been friends longer than Natalia and I have been enemies. I have a tight knit group of friends but Jamie is definitely my best friend.

As we arrive my heart beat starts to quicken. I'm not a goody good but I'm not exactly the rebel either. One thought of Natalia though brings my senses back. I can't wait to egg her car.

Half an hour later things are looking good. Natalia's car looks disgusting and all the trees are effectively covered with toilet paper. Then the yard lights turn on and Natalia steps out of the house.

"What the hell?! Who freaking egged my car?" she shriekes. And then she starts chasing me.

I know, I know I should have no problem getting away from her. I play soccer and she's never had to run for anything a day in her life. But soccer season is over and Natalia is a surprisingly fast runner. Jamie took off for her car a moment ago but I can't go to the car because Natalia is on my tail. Now in the back yard my breath is starting to get ragged. I'm heading towards the pool an idea forming in my head. Wouldn't it be great if I could catch Natalia off guard and shove her into the pool?

The thought of Natalia drenched with her makeup running and her perfect hair plastered to her face almost makes me laugh. I turn back and look at her. A little longer now and then I'll turn and push her. I turn back around and knock into someone.


We both fall into the pool. I stay under for a few seconds cursing at myself. "Yeah, you wont get caught now, Tatiana." I think sarcastically. When I come up I come face to face with Mateo.

"Tatiana Morales! I'm going to kill you!" I widen my eyes at Mateo silently begging for help.

Suddenly he kisses me. I have never thought about kissing Mateo. Besides being the brother of the devil he also has had the same girlfriend since the beginning of sophomore year. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know he's doing it to shut up his sister but I'm having trouble thinking. As mentioned before I am not a slut but I have kissed a few guys and none of them were near as good as Mateo is.

"Mateo! What the hell!"

He keeps kissing me until Natalia makes her final shriek and stomps away.

"Thanks." I say, trying to catch my breath.

"No problem." He says.

Although Natalia is gone he doesn't pull away. His arms are around my waist keeping me afloat and his face is only inches from mine. Tentatively he leans forward and catches my lips again. He slides his tongue into my mouth and I fight back a moan. Suddenly he pulls back. I'm guessing he's remembering his girlfriend, Marissa. He gets out of the pool quickly.

"Uh, I'll see you Monday." He says already retreating to his house.

I hold onto the side of the pool for a moment. Too many emotions are running through my head, confusion, hurt, surprise, and happiness. Why would he kiss me? Twice! He has a girlfriend. Why did I like it? A lot! He is taken. I get out of the pool. My t-shirt clings to my skin and my jeans feel like ten pound weights. As I head towards Jamie's car my shoes squeak and water oozes out of them.

So I probably shouldn't be starting a new story but I couldn't help it. Anyway this may turn out to just be a one shot but I think I might also turn it into a story so tell me if you think it has potential. Thanks :)