I reached for the knife, knowing I am strong enough. I am willing to end this. I feel the blade's vicious teeth and stare at the clean, silver blade. The handle a deep black. I press the teeth to my wrist and press hard. Sliding the teeth across my wrist as I watch the remaining of my blood pour out like a waterfall. I smile knowing this is the end. No more pain. No more hatred. No more anger. I collapse to the floor.

I faintly hear running. "No, Mikayla! No Mikayla! Wake up honey, please wake up!" I hear screaming and shouting, but I feel nothing as my body seeps into numbness. I recognize the voice as my father's.

"What did we do wrong?" I hear my mother's crying voice. "My little girl..." Her voice fades as I sink into blackness. The blackness of death.

In my life, I have been used, mistreated, and forgotten. Can it finally be over? Yes, because I have the power. What I didn't know was what would come after.