His eyes flickered softly, the light blonde lashes resting for brief periods on his cheeks, before his eyes would move again. I couldn't help but smile at the sight; it was still a new one to me.

Nothing, a couple of months ago, could have prepared me for this. If you'd said to me back then, "Hey Mel, you're going to be moving in with the guy of your dreams in six months" there was no way in hell I would believe you.

Not just because six months isn't that long, but for other reasons as well.

I climbed out of the bed, moving silently through the room, quietly making my way into the kitchen. In here I checked the clock, as I did every night, before switching the kettle on and beginning to make myself a cup of tea.

I barely got to sleep before two these days, for no other reason than I just never seemed tired, so I would kill time by watching Daniel sleep, peacefully unaware of me beside him as he dreamt.

It's amazing when I think back now; think about how I was back then.

A sensible girl who would have always said I'd at least get to know a guy before moving in with him. A girl who was just finishing University and getting ready to go into the wide world of work, desiring a career above all.

At least, that's what my family saw, and my friends, and even my teachers.

But inside, really, I felt alone and lost and scared. There was no one I could turn to and confide my worries in, worries about money, about a job...about love. Because, you see, I had never been in love. Never been loved either. Not by someone who wasn't obliged to love me anyway, like my family or friends. As much as I loved them, it just wasn't the same.

There had been boyfriends, of course, but none had lasted that long, I'd never had that long term, close knit relationship I longed for, the kind of secret desire I kept hidden from my friends.

Then, something very strange happened.

The night before my graduation, I had a very strange dream. In it, I was standing in a cold, stone hallway, doors lining the wall both sides, stretching on further than I could see. I tried opening one door, only to find it was locked. I then tried the next, and the next, both locked. The doors opposite weren't locked, however, but had something jammed up against them on the other side.

So I did the only thing I could.

I moved down the corridor, walking slowly at first, until I realised that it was just too slow. Then I began to run, until the doors either side were just a blur.

Suddenly I was stopped by a force other than my own willpower. Still the end was not in sight, and I felt tired, worn out, exhausted.

A door opened to the side, and I fell to my knees, only to be lifted up by a tall man with light blond hair and sharp green eyes, framed by blond eyelashes.

"It's OK." He whispered. "It's alright Melissa."

Then he whispered one more word in my ear; ICONS.

ICONS was the club near my home town, a place where everybody went to have a kick ass time. It was one of those clubs that attracted a range of people; they served expensive cocktails (White Russian's being my favourite) and cheap beer & spirits. My family took me to the graduation, we stayed near the Uni for the night and as soon as I got home I phoned up my hometown friends, and that night we went to ICONS.

Now, you should properly know, (just so you don't think it's amazingly weird and freaky and so could not happen) I knew the guy from my dream. Well, I'd never spoken to him. But I knew him by sight; nicknamed 'Bombshell' by me and my friends, (yeah childish, I know) he was good looking, and a regular at some of the clubs near my town. But we had never seen him in ICONS.

I had never been one for the kind of 'get drunk, get off' nights, and it surprised my friends, that night, when I disappeared for half an hour, only to be found at one of the tables, kissing the ever so handsome Bombshell (aka Daniel).

It surprised them even more when, after dating him for only five months, Daniel asked me to move into his small flat with him.

I crawl back into bed now, having drunk my coffee, and watch as his eyes flicker open, looking around to rest on me.

He smiles sleepily, reaches out and grabs my hand.

"Alright babe?"

"Hey Hun." I whisper, snuggling down and allowing him to wrap his arms around me. "Nice dreams?"

"The best." He kisses the top of my head. "You were in them."

Curled together we fall asleep, dreaming of each other, because he is everything I ever needed or wanted, everything I had ever dreamed of, I need not dream of anything other than him.