A storm had started up in the night and a strong wind banged against everyone's window sometimes causing the person in the particular room to wake up abruptly. Everyone thought it was just one of those freak storms that sometimes may happen but in the middle of a blistering hot summer and right after the hottest day of the season. Something big was going on and it wasn't the normal thing that happens around Fallen River Valley.

Most of the inhabitants of Fallen River Valley could get to sleep that night but only a few could not sleep one of them was Kayo a 16 year old boy who lived in the Plains district of the Fallen River Valley along with his parents and younger sister, Kara.

Kayo is a very mysterious young man who puts on an air of not liking anyone and gets annoyed most of the time because the girls at Plain district art school seemed to be attracted to him. No body seems to leave him alone not even his parents but he doesn't care. Kayo has straight shoulder length brown hair, deep brown eyes and fair skin. Most of the time Kayo wears a white button up shirt, blue jeans and black 'Globe' brand skate shoes but when he's in bed he wears black shorts along with a blue short sleeved T-Shirt.

On the particular night of the storm Kayo couldn't get to sleep so he stared out his bedroom window from the wooden chair he was sitting on and watched the rain pour down on the tiles of the small courtyard that was outside his room. The rain drops hit the tiles hard causing splashes of water when hitting the tiles or causing ripples in the puddles of water that was spaced around the courtyard evenly like as if someone placed them there.

The rain didn't cease until midnight but something even stranger happened after the rain had ceased. A bright light descended down from the sky, slowly gliding down into the courtyard in front of Kayo's very eyes. He watched with anticipation, waiting eagerly until the bright light ebbed away to nothing. The courtyard returned to darkness but Kayo saw the silhouette of a person fall to ground making a loud thud. He was worried for whoever was out there but he guessed that someone else would help that person.

Moments passed slowly but no one went outside to help whoever fell to the ground before. Kayo lit a lamp and walked to where he had thrown his slippers hours ago and slipped his feet into them, glad of the warmth they gave. He then tiptoed over to the sliding door that leads into the courtyard, holding the lamp in front of him to see what was ahead. After a couple of steps he saw who or I should say what had fallen over.

It was a young man probably the same age as him but there was something strange about this man. It wasn't the wavy neck length black hair that was strange nor his eyes which were a bright blue; it was the grey wings that seemed to be attached to his back. The man had on a pair of faded blue jeans and socks. Kayo stood still, watching the man's chest move up and down as he breathed. Kayo noticed the man's muscular arms and noticed the defined abbs. Kayo couldn't keep his eyes of the man for one second and soon noticed that he felt somewhat attracted to the guy. He knew that he couldn't leave the man outside where it was cold and more likely for him to get cold especially as the man had on pants and socks so he decided to take action.

Kayo dropped the lamp onto the ground to free his hands before lifting the man gently from the ground. Kayo was surprised at how light the man was but there was no time to figure out the man's weight. Kayo hurried inside making sure that he didn't wake up either the part naked man he was carrying or his family and laid the man on his own bed. As Kayo laid the man on his bed he noticed that the man looked rather calm and peaceful.

'This has been a somewhat eventful night' Kayo thought to himself before sitting back down on the chair.

He slowly went to sleep after that having dreams of an angel being sent out of heaven by God.

Kayo woke up at seven in the morning due to the uncomfortable position he had slept in. He slowly got up from the chair and stretched tiredly before looking around his bedroom. Kayo realised that the man from last night was gone so he guessed that it was all a dream caused by both the rain and how he had fallen asleep on the chair in his bedroom instead of on his bed.

Kayo walked slowly over to his wardrobe and got out his jeans and shirt which he was going to get his mum to iron when she woke up. He laid them on his chair before going out into the courtyard which still had small puddles of rain water in places. Kayo then saw the lamp he had used in the night to see who had fallen onto the ground and realised that it must not have been a dream after all. It must have really happened. Kayo rushed back into his bedroom, slamming the door to the courtyard behind him forgetting that people were sleeping still.

Kayo paced, backwards and forwards in his room having a mental breakdown.

'How can that guy be real, for goodness sake he has bloody wings,' Kayo thought franticly.

Kayo sat at the edge of his bed with his hands on top of his head hoping that if he does that everything would return to normal, no strange man with wings and no freak storm. That didn't work though because after two minutes of staying in that position he heard a loud clattering noise as someone was making breakfast, it was too early for his parents to be up because it was a weekend and his sister would be watching the tellie anyway.

Kayo slowly stood up looking around cautiously before tiptoeing silently to the door that lead to the lounge room. He placed his ear against the door, listening to what was happening in the other room. Someone was singing in a loud voice but the particular song that they were singing was not a song that Kayo has heard before.

"Our God is an awesome God he reins from Heaven above with wisdom power and love our God is an awesome God," Someone sang at the top of their voice.

Kayo guessed that whoever was in there would be preoccupied with singing so he slowly opened the door, making sure that it didn't creak and quickly ran behind the lounge so no one can see him. Kayo wasn't aware that the person in that room had heard his hurried footsteps and now knew where he was. Kayo looked around the corner of the lounge to see who was in his house but there was no one there.

'That's strange,' Kayo thought to himself before letting out a sigh of relief.

Kayo hid back behind the lounge and relaxed for a little bit until someone touched him lightly on the shoulder. Kayo turned around quickly and saw the same man from last night except he was wearing a white T-shirt with a logo on it and his wings had disappeared.

"Thanks for bringing me inside last night otherwise I would of caught a cold," the man thanked Kayo.

Kayo stared blankly at the man, shaking a little bit from fear.

"I'm Mitsuko and you are?" The man smiled as he said this.

"I-I am Kayo," Kayo stuttered nervously, looking up at Mitsuko.

Mitsuko squatted so as to be at the same height as Kayo who was still on the ground. Kayo scrambled backwards trying to keep away from Mitsuko who was now smiling at him but Mitsuko moved forward so as to stay near Kayo. Soon Kayo was up against the wall, tears welled up in his eyes and soon came rolling down his cheeks. Mitsuko's bright blue eyes stared into Kayo's deep brown eyes and Mitsuko noticed the fear in them.

"Get away from me you monster," Kayo sobbed, "I'm not ready to die."

Mitsuko tried to get closer to Kayo but when he got within kicking distance of Kayo he started kicking Mitsuko.

"I'm not here to tell you that you are going to die," Mitsuko said softly as he stood up.

"Then why are you here?" Kayo asked loudly.

Mitsuko looked away from Kayo's face before letting out a sigh, he didn't want to tell Kayo the reason why he was there but if he wanted that boy to trust him he'll have to tell him the truth. Mitsuko turned his face to look at Kayo who was still sitting on the ground.

"I was sent out of Heaven by God," Mitsuko sighed sadly. "He sent me to hell because I wasn't good enough for heaven but the Devil wouldn't allow me into hell because I wasn't bad enough for hell. I couldn't stay in heaven and I couldn't go to hell so now I am what have called a fallen angel. I don't belong to Heaven or hell so I have to stay on Earth because that is the only world between Heaven and hell. I can't really remember why I was sent out of Heaven, maybe because I wasn't watching over my human or something like that."

Kayo stood up slowly, gawking at Mitsuko as the wings from that night appeared again on his back. The light of the sun that flooded the room with light glistened on Mitsuko's grey wings giving them a brilliant sheen. Kayo moved closer to Mitsuko so he could get a better look at the huge pair of wings but dared not to touch the delicate feathers that were on the pair of large wings. Mitsuko noticed Kayo eyeing his wings so he spread them out more.

"You can touch my wings if you want," Mitsuko smiled at Kayo.

Kayo came closer to Mitsuko, reaching out his right arm to touch one of the wings. The feathers on that wing were very soft and felt kind of like the down of a duckling. Kayo looked up at Mitsuko but this time there was no fear in his eyes, there was only happiness. Mitsuko was glad that Kayo was no longer scared of him but then he too felt a strange attraction towards this 16 year old boy.

'Is this love that I feel towards Kayo,' Mitsuko thought before letting his wings disappear.

Kayo walked back to the lounge and sat down, staring at the floor for some time. It was a lot for Kayo to take in but at least Mitsuko wasn't there to tell Kayo that he was going to die. In his head he could imagine millions of ways that Mitsuko could kill him, each gruesome in some way.