Time Staying:

I don't believe
We'll ever achieve
The ability of travel,
Through time and space
So please don't chase
Something as silly as that.

We can't travel into
The future cause there's
nothing there to visit.
It hasn't happened yet!

Technically "future" is just
A thought, just a word,
Not a physical place to go to,
To be in,
Cause after all,
If you wait until
The "future",
It just becomes the present!

It's supposed to be!
"The past is history,
The future is a mystery,
And the present is a gift."
So true, so true.

If you want to go to the past,
Forget about it!
By going to the past,
That nullifies a future, thus,
There was never a time machine
In the future to
Get you to the past!

Even if you did manage
To get back then,
There wouldn't be a future yet
to return to.

So, if you really really
Want to time travel,
Just sit there for five minutes
and before you know it,
You'll be five minutes in the future!